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Hiei didn't expect anything for his birthday. And he really didn't expect to become the proud owner of a bitter genie who's a little too interested in Hiei's love life. Kurama/Hiei. Gaara/OC

AU Yu Yu Hakusho fic with a few Naruto characters and one of two OC's.

Warnings: This fic will have mostly yaoi in it, so you have been warned! That means boys being in romantic relationships with one another, for those of you not up on the fic speak. Hiei also has a bad mouth in this, so be prepared.

Pairings: This will be Kurama/Hiei, not Hiei/Shio, so don't start flaming me for pairing Hiei with an OC, because it's not happening. Shio will be his normal flirtatious self, but no romance will develope.

Additional stuff: I was watching Aladdin a few days ago and I got the first spark of inspiration I've had in almost a month, so I am going to go with it. I need something new to work on anyway. Chapter 13 of Homicidal Urges is almost finished, but I'm short on motivation right now, so it might be a week or two.


Hiei stared dully at the cracked plaster on the ceiling above his bed. It looked like another another chip was close to falling off. Eventually the ceiling would completely fall in. Wouldn't that be peachy. Just another thing to add to a crappy day.

He really should have tried to go back to sleep, but his alarm would go off in a few minutes. There was no point.

So Hiei continued staring at the ceiling until the irriating beep of his alarm forced him to leave the relative warmth of his bed. He hissed as his bare feet touched the cold floor. For not the first time, he wished he could turn the heat up to a tolerable level. But that would cost more than his meager income would allow.

He stumbled into the bathroom and rubbed his arms against the chill. The bathroom was more like a closet, with only a toilet and a tiny shower crammed together. One wall had a rather large hole in it and Hiei had stolen a roll of duct tape from school so that he could keep the insulation from spilling onto the floor.

He was going to take a hot shower and he didn't care if it raised the water bill. His toes were freezing. He turned the knob and put his hand under the faucet. Instead of a rush of water, the pipes were silent and no liquid spilled out.

"What the hell?" He turned the other knob as well but nothing happened. Realization dawned when the toilet flushed and refused to refill.

"They shut off my fucking water!" Great, just great. The moron who owned the building had probably used Hiei's payment to buy drugs. It wasn't the first time this had happened. Although Takahata generally used the small amount of rent he got from Hiei to buy drugs. He must have bought a larger amount this time.

"Fucking prick!" Hiei growled as he tugged on his school uniform. Takahata would pay for this. He didn't care if the old man was the only person who would rent out an apartment to a fifteen year old and not ask any questions. Hiei had a hard enough getting enough to eat, he didn't want to pay for water a second time.

He pulled on his shoes and grabbed his bag on his way out. Damn, he had really wanted that shower.

"Takahata! Wake up, you bastard!" Hiei pounded on the door for a few minutes before his patience ran out and he pulled a small pocket knife. The lock on the door was incredibly simple and Hiei had opened it a dozen times with random objects.

"Where the hell are you!" He pushed the door open and glanced around the room. As expected, Takahata was passed out on the floor with a few bags of drugs scattered around him.

"Wake up, moron." Hiei kicked the mans leg with his foot and watery grey eyes opened to look at him.

"Hiei?" He stared blankly at the angry boy.

"I gave you money for the fucking water bill!" Hiei shouted. "So where is the damn water?!"

"I got a deal..." Takahata muttered. "Needed the cash."

"You're pathetic," Hiei snapped. He picked up Takahata's discarded wallet and pulled a twenty out of it.

"Just for that, you're paying for my food this week!" He growled as he shoved it in his pocket.

"Water...Need a glass..." Takahata mumbled.

"Pay the fucking bill and get it yourself!" Hiei yelled over his shoulder as he slammed the door shut.

He stepped out into the morning air and shivered. His thin jacket was too light for this weather, but he couldn't afford a new one.

The aparment Hiei lived in was a tiny two story that would have been considered small for a house even without being divided into two parts. Hiei's apartment had one room, a tiny closet, and a bathroom. The floor was covered by a thin grey carpet that had a few suspicious stains in one corner and several burned spots, courtesty of the previous tenant who was an avid drug user and a pyromaniac. Hiei was surprised that the building hadn't been burnt down ages ago.

"Hey! What's up, shorty?" A hand came down on his head and Hiei sighed. Urameshi.

"Hi, Yuusuke." Easily over a head taller than Hiei, Yuusuke was still a rather slight person. Regardless of his small body, Yuusuke Urameshi was easily the most feared high schooler in their school, not to mention other schools. It probably had to do with his unique abilirt to beat the crap out of people twice his size.

For some reason, he had immediately taken a shine to Hiei and had not only declared Hiei to be a friend, but he actually acted like one. He always shared his lunch whenever he stole some from the nerds.

Yuusuke's girlfriend or babysitter or whatever the hell she was, Keiko Ukimura, stared at Hiei with a look that clearly said she disapproved. He guessed that she thought he was a bad influence on her precious Yuusuke. Yeah right, Yuusuke was the one who taught him how to properly shoplift.

"I was just walking along, minding my own business," Yuusuke said as he threw an arm around Hiei's thin shoulders and walked with him. "When a little bird told me that today was a certain someone's birthday!"

Hiei stopped short and Yuusuke almost pulled him over when he kept walking.

"How did you know?" He asked. Yuusuke shrugged.

"I have my ways. So, does the birthday boy want to skip school and go do something fun for a change?"

"Yuusuke!" Keiko snapped shrilly. Hiei shook his head.

"I've got a test in calculus today. I can't skip." Yuusuke sighed.

"I still don't know why you're in all those damn advanced classes! I know you're smart and everything, but isn't it too much work? You work too much without school!" Yuusuke was right. Hiei did work too much. After he got home from school, he went to work at a small restaurant that payed him almost nothing and only let him work part-time because he was a minor. And then he roamed around town trying to find ways to earn extra money to pay for food.

"C'mon man! Mom gave me fifty bucks this morning so I'm treating you to a hot lunch!" On cue, Hiei's stomach growled loudly.

"Food?" He asked hopefully.

"Real food. Not stolen lunch!" Hiei's mouth watered at the thought. The last thing he'd eaten had been a candy that Yuusuke had stolen yesterday on the way to school.

"Fuck calculus. You're feeding me!" Before Keiko could reach out and grab Yuusuke's ear, the two boys turned and broke into a run in the opposite direction of the school. Her angry yells echoed behind them, but neither boy slowed down.


"You really need to eat more," Yuusuke commented as he watched Hiei devour his second order of pancakes.

"I would if I could," Hiei said as he finished the last bite and leaned back in his chair, full for the first time in a long time.

"You've got food for the rest of the week?" Yuusuke asked in a serious tone that was rather unlike him.

"Takahata's paying for it," Hiei replied. "The prick spent the money for the water bill on drugs."

"Mom did that a few times," Yuusuke said thoughtfully. "I had to shake up six different people to get enough money to pay for it."

"Such a hero." Yuusuke grinned and pulled his bag onto his lap.

"I almost forgot. I got you something."

"You got me a present?" A dark eyebrow rose. "Are you going to randomly pull out a cake as well?"

"Nah. You hate cake." Yuusuke pulled a paper bag out and set it on the table.

"Alcohol?" Hiei asked hopefully.

"You wish. Sorry I didn't wrap it, but we don't have any wrapping paper."

"Cheapskate." Hiei grinned and reached into the bag. Whatever was in there was cold and metal. He grasped the handle and pulled it out.

"...You got me a tea kettle?" He asked in confusion.

"It's a lamp!" Yuusuke corrected smugly. "It's supposed to grant wishes or something. Anyway, it's made of real silver, so I don't think that antiques guy knew what he had."

"Let me guess, rub it and a chick in harem pants pops out and grants me a wish?" Hiei asked as he put it in his bag. Strange or not, it wasn't everyday he recieved a real present.

"That would be nice. You could ask for a blowjob."

"I'll be sure to do that if someone in harem pants happens to be in this teapot."

"It's a lamp!"


"I should have stayed outside," Hiei snapped to the empty room as he shut the door with his foot. "It's wamer out there!" His apartment was frigid. He wondered if Takahata had paid the electric company. He flipped a switch and the lights came on. Will wonders never cease, there was light.

"A hot cup of tea would be nice." He dropped his bag and it hit the floor with a loud clunk.

"Oh yeah. I forgot." He reached in and pulled out the teapot, or lamp, or whatever Yuusuke said it was.

"So, Mr. Wish Granting Teapot. Do you come with instructions?" He asked. It didn't answer.

"At least he didn't buy me another porn magazine." Hiei smirked. Yuusuke might have been a bit of a moron, but his heart was in the right place, so Hiei couldn't really hold it against him for trying. It was the only realy present that Hiei had recieved in almost ten years.

"Just rub the lamp and out pops the genie!" He said in a fake happy voice. He brought up one hand and rubbed the metal surface vigorously. As expected, nothing happened. No fireworks, no sparks, no smoke. How disappointing.

"A defective magic lamp. How sad." He dropped it on his bed and went into the tiny bathroom. Would it be too much to ask for some hot water? He turned the handle. Apparently it was. The water was still cut off.

"I wish the damn water company would turn my water back on!" He yelled and turned to kick the wall. But he was stopped when water began pouring out of the faucet.

"What the hell?" Judging from the steam, it was hot water.

"Holy fuck, they turned the water back on! Yes!" Hiei wasted no time in stripping down and stepping under the falling water. He shivered when it hit his cool skin. This was pure heaven. After a few minutes, he could actually feel his toes again.


"Damn, that felt so good." Hiei wrapped a towel around his waist and stepped out of the shower. For some reason, there was still hot water left, which was weird because it usually ran out after about ten minutes. So Hiei had taken an extra long shower just to enjoy the warmth.

"That stupid teapot was good luck," He commented as he stepped out of the bathroom.

And almost dropped his towel in shock.

"What the hell?!"

There was a man standing next to his bed. And he was probably one of the most beautiful men Hiei had ever seem, save one. He looked to be barely any taller than Hiei, with a frame that was equally slender . Intense dark eyes stood out against luminous pale skin. Silvery white hair hung in a silver sheet to his waist.

And he was wearing dark red harem pants that were transparent enough for Hiei to see what was probably a the thong that usually went with such an outfit. He even had the little shoes with the curl at the ends.

There was a guy in harem pants in his room.

"Who the fuck are you?!" Hiei looked around for anything that could used as a weapon. His sword was under the bed, behind the stranger. The man had yet to make any threatening moves. In fact, he had yet to move at all. He was watching Hiei with a rather unnerving stare.

"Greetings, master." The man bowed slightly. "I am here to grant your desire."

Hiei seriously could not think of anything to say. Words had failed him. Silence reigned for several minutes before the man spoke again with a deep voice that sent shivers up Hiei's spine.

"Whatever you wish master, I shall fulfill."

"Who the fuck are you?" The man seemed rather surprised by Hiei's question.

"I am yours." He replied simply.

"Are you a prostitute?" Hiei demanded.


"A crossdresser who likes to break into people's homes?"


"Then what the fuck are you?!" Hiei was starting to panic. The man was obviously crazy and had some crazy reason for being in his apartment.

"I am your genie."



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