A/N: So yeah, it's been done before, it's been done again, but my muse has been sitting here trying to make me write this for like 2 weeks. So yeah, it'll be a few chapters. It'll be fluffy, I promise.


Kagome stared at the computer screen left on the results page of a search engine. Try as she may, she just was unable to find herself able to concentrate on her university application, and even the random internet surfing did nothing to aide her wandering mind. She just sighed and allowed her head to fall into her arms, her black hair blanketing out around her as she bit her lip.

Kagome looked up at Inuyasha who stood taller then her. Around her neck hung the completed Sacred Jewel that Inuyasha was unable to help but look at. It had been what tore the world apart, but brought him and Kagome together.

And now he knew that it was completed, he would never be able to see Kagome again. The gods were cruel to him, and it seemed they always were. Though he had been looking forward to the day where they destroyed Naraku, he knew he dreaded the day when he would have to shoo Kagome away forever. Having the Sacred Jewel in the Feudal Era for even a short period of time was just too dangerous, and he knew deep down that Kagome needed to return to her time, to her life and family.

There were no words said, but Kagome flung herself into his arms, crying as hard as she ever had before. In fact, she was pretty sure she was crying harder now then when her father had died. Inuyasha had no idea what his body was doing, since the next thing he knew, his arms were around her and tears escaped from his eyes. Amazing how a journey could change a heart, even of a cold and bitter half demon such as himself.

Kagome opened her eyes and lifted her head, finding the computer screen staring at her with the search engine results page open and her university application on the corner of her desk. After blinking a few times she realized that tears had been pouring out of them again. A few years later, and she still was unable to think about the feudal era without crying. She looked over her shoulder to the cork board above her bed where the Sacred Jewel hung. Mindlessly, she stood up and walked over to the jewel, and within a moment it rested on her chest, the same place it hung when she last saw him.

A sudden heavy rustling in the tree by her window caused her to quickly turn towards the window and push it up in one quick motion. "Hello?" She asked, peeking her head out the window, looking at the tree tops and the buildings, expecting Inuyasha to appear before she remembered that there was no way for him to jump through the Bone Eater's Well anymore at least. Her heart sank deep into her chest and she sat back at her computer. She found herself doing a search in the search engine on Inuyasha's name. When nothing appeared but some random websites she just laughed at herself. She was lonely, there was no stopping it and no easing it.

A knock at the door caused Kagome to look over her shoulder and call out for whoever was wanting her to come in. Her mother walked in and for a moment forgot what she was going to say as she saw her daughter with tear stained cheeks and the Sacred Jewel around her neck. "Oh Kagome…"

Kagome brushed her cheeks quickly. "I'm okay Mom," she quickly said. "Really. I'm okay!"

Her mother just gave her that motherly smile that basically said she knew better, but would spare her only daughter by not pressing the issue. "Oh Kagome, I was going to ask you if you'd come to the store with me so I could pick up our groceries for a few days. And then we could get some ice cream." She finished the last part with a sing-songy quality in her voice that made Kagome smile.

"Sounds great! Would be a great distraction from my application!" Kagome jumped to her feet and quickly threw on a sweater over her blouse.

"Yes, speaking of which Kagome, how is it coming?"

"Just a little bit more and I'll be all set. And then I just need to pick up my transcript tomorrow from school and we can send it in!"

"That's wonderful," her mother replied with a smile that always comforted her daughter, and they were both well aware of it.

A couple hours later, once all the groceries were in the house, mother and daughter enjoyed their ice cream sundaes under the Great Tree. It was bittersweet for Kagome, and she had made it a point to spend as little time under there as possible since it hurt so much. But for that exact reason, her mother made it a point for them to sit under the tree and talk, her mother bringing up the point that she had been ignoring the tree.

"Mom… I just don't know…" Kagome sighed, staring at the ice cream that was only slowly melting in its cup. "Just knowing that I'm never going to see him again…"

"I'm sorry," her mother replied looking at the starlit sky. "I was the same way after your father died…" Kagome looked at her mother, their eyes filled with pity for themselves and each other.

"Is it hard Mom?"

Her mother sighed. "I won't sugar coat it Kagome, it's been very difficult. But having you and Sota that was created from your father and I is a huge help. And time will aide if you allow it to. But you are a bright young girl, about to become a woman soon. And I'm sure in University you'll meet a nice smart guy who will sweep you off your feet-"

"But I could never forget about Inuyasha…" Kagome interrupted with a sorrow filled voice.

"And you never will," her mother replied. "And none of us will either. In fact, it's what you felt for Inuyasha that will help you love again, and love your children, and push you forward Kagome."

Kagome smiled and rested her head on her mother's shoulder. "Thanks Mom…"

"Anytime dear. Now finish your ice cream and let's get that application done. And no more tears for the day."

"Right!" Kagome replied with a smile before she dug back into her ice cream. Her mother sat beneath the tree as she watched her oldest child run inside their family home, passed down through the generations.

"Oh my love of mine," she whispered to the tree. "I wish you could see them now…"

There was some rustling in the tree, which caused her to turn and look at it, expecting to see a bird or a squirrel, but instead saw nothing. She figured that it had just been an animal that had already been there jumping away, so she cleaned up the area and walked inside to put Sota to bed and convince Jii-chan to calm himself for the night so he would not over exert himself when it came time for the sun to rise.