Time passes as it does for every living being that traverses the Earth. Seasons change, the sun shines, and the moon continues its traditional lunar cycle, which Kagome found herself still noting, despite how long it had been since it mattered when the new moon would appear… or rather not appear in the night sky.

But the Great Tree saw it all. Its sturdy trunk saw Kagome dance around with Sota when the acceptance letter from her choice University arrived in the mail, allowing her to finish her senior year in stride. Its branches waved through the wind and rain as Kagome sat by her window late at night wondering what would be awaiting for her at the next phase of her life. And she soon was beginning to find comfort in the Great Tree once more. She would spend more time sitting beneath it, reading whatever book she had recently borrowed from the library, finding that the tree had a mystical power that few would believe. And other times she would climb over the fence so she would be sitting with the back of her head on the trunk of the tree crying as she told it her fears and anxieties. And then she would laugh to herself slightly upon the realization that the Great Tree had seen and been through much more then something simple like a first semester in University.

But as time always does, it continues on, and Kagome made it through her first semester at University. It was much more difficult then she thought it would be, but she had the benefit of not bouncing back and forth from her time to the Feudal Era. She kept in touch with her friends from high school, and made friends with her new classmates. Towards the end of her first semester, she even met a boy.

He was a boy from a few towns away who was living in the dormitories. They shared their Biology class and lab together, and she blushed when he approached her and asked if she'd honor him by letting him sit next to her. She managed out an "of course" without sounding too much like a bumbling idiot, and she was pleasantly surprised when he did not reach for her butt as Miroku always found a way to. For a while, she referred to him in her own mind as Miroku, since she was too frazzled at their introduction to be able to remember his name. But a role calls later she learned his name to be Reizo Hishido, and he was more charming then Miroku ever could be. Every time he talked to her, she found herself completely entranced and reminded of the day beneath the Great Tree when her mother told her that she would find a sweet guy at the University.

But even though little things he did would remind her of her friends and times in the Feudal Era, when it came to one event, she could do nothing but focus on the present times…

Kagome sighed as her backpack fell with a heavy thud onto the floor next to the small table in common room where she had plans to meet with Reizo to study for their final exams for the third time that week. She knew that finals were a big deal, but still, was it necessary to study so much in one week for the same class? What about her other classes? And it really did not make much sense to her since he was smarter then her and usually corrected her. Did he think that she was stupid and would not be able to pass the exam? And suddenly she found herself enraged as if she had just gotten into a fight with Inuyasha.

But moments later she felt a touch on her shoulder that caused her to jump and look over her shoulder. To her surprise, instead of seeing a white-haired half demon in a red garb, she saw her brown haired class mate dressed in his school uniform with one hand behind his back and a smile. "Oh, I'm sorry Kagome. I didn't mean to surprise you."

"Oh, no problem Reizo," she replied with a smile. "I'm just so stressed out. I'm worried about first semester finals."

And instead of a snide remark about how unnecessary school was, her reply was a soft, "I know. It's getting to me too." And this was enough to make Kagome smile. "Oh, for you." Reizo revealed his left hand and offered a rose to Kagome. "I… I was hoping that you'd go out on a date with me tonight…"

Kagome blushed. She could not believe what was happening right in front of her. A boy, a really cute one at that, was asking her out? And he was not really creepy or perverted or aggressive and stubborn? Her eyes widened and all she could do was stutter out, "instead of studying?"

"Well," Reizo blushed slightly. "I… If you want to study it can wait I guess."

Kagome jumped to her feet in excitement. "No! No!" Reizo frowned as she said no. "No! I mean! Yes! I mean… I'll go out with you!"

Reizo laughed as Kagome took the rose. "Come on then. Grab your bag and let's go."

Time continues on, and the next semester began for Kagome with new close friends and a boyfriend that her mother told her she meshed perfectly with. Summer went by, and it was a nice reprise to catch up with friends and spend more time with Reizo. And the Great Tree witnessed it all.

And the story continues halfway through her third semester at the University.

"Kagome, isn't it funny that you're in the new book in Literature class?"

"Huh?" Kagome asked looking over to her friend as they walked through campus together. "What are you talking about Ai?"

"You haven't started reading yet, have you?" Ai asked with a smile.

"Well, I was going to start last night, but Reizo came by and surprised me…"

"Oh Kagome, what a surprise." The girls had a laugh together. "Oh get those stars out of yours eyes girl."

"Haha, sorry. So what do you mean I'm in it?"

"Oh, just teasing. There's a character named Kagome who has black hair… and I guess she kind of reminds me of you."

"Well, I'll have to make sure I start it tonight."

"Right! And Reizo's not allowed to bother you until you get what needs to be read for tomorrow!"

"Buuut Aiiii…" Kagome whined.

The girls laughed again and Ai said her farewell. Intrigued, Kagome made her way for the library and instead of going online and wasting time, she decided to climb into one of the quiet cubby holes the library offered in its far corner and open the book.

Just on the first page, she could not believe what she was reading.

And there before the white haired half demon stuck to the tree from a blessed arrow was a sweet young girl with black hair that shimmered as the wind rustled it. She was the maiden who released the bond on the one called Inuyasha. It was her, a girl named Kagome, and him who traveled across all of Japan on a journey to find the shards of the Sacred Jewel, that she stupidly broke, and would save Japan of a terrible demon named Naraku.

Kagome's eyes widened as she stared at the words in front of her. No doubt this story was about her an Inuyasha… but… who wrote it? She quickly flipped the book to its spine, but found no author name on it. Quickly, Kagome began thumbing through the pages to try to find who wrote it. But after a few seconds, she found no name that would show who wrote the story. Maybe it was Sango, or Miroku. Kaede could have done it too… Or did she go back in time again to write it…?

Well, the only thing she could do was settle in and read. Maybe that would give her the answer she was looking for.

Kagome skipped her next two classes unintentionally. She was too immersed in the book of her time in the Feudal Era. It was perfect, down to nearly every detail in the fights that Inuyasha and she had had, and how Sango was strong but aching from the destruction of her village.

She ignored her cell phone and continued to read the book. It was to the point and short enough that she was able to fly through it over the course of the day. It helped a little she knew the entire story.

But by the end, she was in tears. She was shaking as she read the passages of her and Inuyasha that moved her heart.

"Turn around you stupid girl," she read aloud, and heard his voice in tune with hers.

Kagome stopped. "Great… now I'm even hearing his voice…"

"You could at least acknowledge me Kagome." Kagome stared at the blank space straight in front of her. "Or did you already forget about me?"

Kagome peeked over the edge of the cubby and looked at the floor. She'd recognize those eyes anywhere.