Summary: This is a story about Elladan, Elrohir and rather young Legolas. Another tale of friendship,bravery and self-sacrifice.

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Tested friendship

Early dawn was settling upon Imladris. Bright sun was reaching with it's rays teasingly to the beautiful green valley gently kissing the tops of the trees. Warm air was filling with the aroma of waking flowers and with the sounds of morning birds.

Lord Elrond watched three young elves with a soft loving smile. His twin sons were busy collecting rations for their trip while cute blond elfling was standing in the middle of the yard surrounded by three travelling packs and a pile of weapons. Young prince of Mirkwood was rarely aloud to come anywhere without a small army as an escort so he had almost died with joy hearing this news.

Elrond couldn't help worrying about the three of them. He knew it would be only two-days trip and they wouldn't go far from the valley. But if to be completely truthful, troubles seemed to find his twins even at home. And with the curious bolt of energy named Legolas as a companion... Well, there indeed was a reason for worry. Off course he knew that his sons were trained as warriors and had been engaged in few battles before. Legolas was still a child in the eyes of elves but he was very good with his bow. After all with a help of Valar and little luck they may come back in one piece.

"Bye, Ada!" Elladan and Elrohir called in unison, waving their hands.

"Navaer, Lord Elrond!" Legolas shouted happily, almost invisible under the big pack at his shoulders.

"May the Valar watch over you." Elrond murmured shacking his head.

He watched them disappearing from the sight with a sweet concern, which only a father can feel. Then he entered the library knowing far too well that he would have little rest in this two days.


Even elves who were very close to nature could not predict such a fast change of the weather. Hot sunny morning turned into cold windy day. Heavy gray clouds swallowed the sun leaving only few dull rays to illuminate the earth. And the colour of the sky was turning dark steel promising a storm. Elladan and Elrohir seriously considered the idea of turning back. They were concerned about Legolas. Despite the wide-spread opinion of their recklessness twins were feeling responsible for their younger friend.

But before they found an opportunity to speak with Legolas, it became obvious that they would not be able to come back to Imladris in time.

First heavy raindrops fell to the ground accompanied with approaching peals of thunder.

"We need a shelter." Elladan eyed the darkening sky with growing concern.

Elrohir nodded already scanning the area for any possible shelters.

"Here is a cave." Legolas called some distance away. "It's large enough for all of us."

The twins came near investigating the slowly soaking ground around the cave's mouth. They found no prints or other tracks that could indicate this place as a lair of some animal.

"Good job, Legolas." Elrohir smiled to his young friend when they all got inside the small cave.

"Thanks." He said looking out of their shelter. "I like the rain." He added in a whisper.

"Oh, please tell me what kind of weather you don't like, kid!" Elladan laughed in amazement.

Legolas only grinned in return never turning his look away from the fascinating and terrifying sight of the raging storm. The rain now looked like a massive wall that stood tall from the ground up to the sky. Sparkles of lightning were tearing dark clouds in random directions closely followed by the deafening thunder. The whole world seemed to be rocked by the mighty unknown war.

Elladan had quickly made small fire while Elrohir gathered few light herbs for the tea. When the water boiled twins each took a cup of the hot aromatic tea handing the third one to Legolas.

"Hey, kid." Elrohir called withdrawing Legolas attention from the storm. "Want a story?"

Legolas smiled wrapping himself into blanket. He took a small seep of the tea preparing for the story.


The storm went on for the rest of the day and for most part of the night. Legolas fell asleep lulled by the repeating noises from outside the cave and warmness of the tea. Elladan and Elrohir remain awake for a few more hours. Finally deciding that no one was going to attack them during this fierce storm they wrapped the blankets around themselves and went to sleep as well.

All three of them woke up with the first rays of sun. Legolas peered from the cave shivering in the moist chilly wind of early dawn. The ground around the cave was a mass of soil and water.

"If only my father could see this." Legolas giggled jumping from one considerably dry spot to another.

"Oh no!" Both twins exclaimed imagining the king's wrath at the look of his young son soaked with dirt.

"Maybe we should find some stream and throw him there to clean?" Elrohir suggested to his twin thoughtfully.

They came near the cliff looking down at the battered forest. Few trees were laying being wrenched out by the mighty hand of a storm.

"Be careful." Elladan warned pulling Legolas away from the cliff's edge. "The soil is wet and can slide down any minute."

"He's right, kid." Elrohir told smiling reassuringly at the prince. "Let's keep on going."

As he said that, the elf turned to follow his brother, but never made it.

Roaring sound caught all three elves off guard. Before fully understanding what was really happening Elrohir felt like falling backward into nothingness. And that he did. With a yelp he fell off the cliff alone with the large amount of the soil and small rocks. His body hit the ground leaving him gasping for breath. Pure instincts ordered his body to roll as far away from the still falling ground as possible and then Elrohir knew no more, his consciousness been swept away by the strong pain.

Elladan pushed Legolas away from the cliff hoping it would be far enough for the young prince to remain unharmed. He waited for the landslide to slow down feeling like his heart was being torn by the blood-thirsty warg. 'Elrohir was alive... Elrohir was alive...' He continued to repeat in his mind clenching to this thought like to the lifesaver.

The minute the soil stopped moving Elladan rushed down. He was half aware of Legolas moving swiftly behind him. Muffled cry of pain from the prince stooped Elladan. But Legolas shook his head and stubbornly pointed down massaging his leg.

Finally they stood near the huge pile of soil, rocks and different debris. The whole descent took only few minutes but for two elves they seemed to be a few eternities. Elladan scanned the area holding his breath. He almost cried with joy and sorrow noticing his brother's unmoving form laying under the large tree half buried under the mass of earth.

"Elrohir!" He shouted running toward unconscious elf. With the help of Legolas he was able to dig his twin out. "Come on, brother, wake up!"

He gently put the strand of dirty hair away his brother's pale face. Elladan started to examine Elrohir's injuries never aware of Legolas absence.

Slightly limping the prince went back to take their packs knowing that Elladan will need herbs and bandages. Legolas was quiet, lost in his own sorrow. He could not help the guilt settling in his heart. If not for him the twins would not be on this blasted trip! Ignoring the pain in his leg he continued down swaying under the burden of all three packs. They were not too heavy for him but made his way uncomfortable.

Kneeling down near Elladan Legolas looked at the still unconscious elf.

"How... How is he?" Legolas asked finally finding his voice.

"Few broken ribs, he's badly bruised and..." Elladan looked at Legolas, his eyes full of tears. "He hurt his back. We can't move him."

Legolas stared in shock at his friend. They couldn't move Elrohir but they need to help him.

"You should go back to Imladris." Legolas finally said. "If we can't move him, we need to get help."

"I can't leave you too here." Elladan shook his head stubbornly.

"But you must! You know this woods and you are unharmed. If you don't, how can we help Elrohir?"

"Valar, you are right..." Elladan closed his eyes in despair. "Fine. Find two branches. We need to immobilize him. I'll tend to his other injuries.

Legolas found needed items fast. He sat near the brothers cutting small branches of two big ones.

Finishing his work Elladan looked at Legolas. "Now let me see your leg."

"It's nothing serious. We have no time." Legolas protested.

But Elladan only glanced at him probing his leg for breaks. He found none but judging by the violent winces and hisses of pain, the leg was badly bruised.

Inadvertently Elladan stood up. Casting one last glance toward his brother and friend, he turned and swiftly ran home praying to all the Valar for watching over the two elves.

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