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Anime Quote of the Day: "On behalf of the Moon, you will be free
again." -Queen Serenity after the destruction of the Moon Kingdom,
Sailor Moon.
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Sailor Moon Past Loves
by Fushigi Kismet

The beginning of "Moonlight Densetsu" starts playing.

A painting of the Moon Kingdom appears. The camera pans away from it
and we see Minako, Rei, Makoto, Ami, Usagi, and Mamoru looking at it
in a store window. Yumeno Yumemi comes out and invites them in.
They walk in and are instantly surrounded by dozens of paintings of
the Moon Kingdom. Usagi sighs as she sees one of Queen Serenity.
Mamoru puts an arm around her and holds her close. She leans on his
shoulder, looks up at him while he is looking down at her and they
Japanese) and pans away until it is centered and surrounded by
flashing colors.

"Gomen ne sunao ja nakute,"

A young fourteen-year old Queen Serenity walks into the midst of a
crowd, carrying two heavy wooden buckets filled with water. Her face
is smeared with dirt and her clothes are plain. She looks up in
surprise at a handsome young man who helps her.

"Yume no naka nara ieru,"

Queen Serenity wakes up in the middle of the night, tears trailing
down her cheeks.

"Shikou Kairo wa shotto sunzen,"

Queen Serenity stares at her husband (the handsome young man from
before) as he laughs insanely on his throne. She turns away. Her
gaze is downcast.

"Ima sugu aitai yo."

Luna and Artemis (as kittens) run up to Queen Serenity and say
something simultaneously. She smiles.

"Nakitaku naru you-na Moonlight,"

Queen Serenity is alone in her gardens as she stares up at the full
moon. She offers a prayer.

"Denwa mo dekinai Midnight."

She begins to glow in the moonlight, then turns around to face the
camera. She is smiling and her crescent moon glows.

"Datte junjou dou shiyou?"

Cut to a scene of Queen Serenity blinking in surprise as the two
kittens toss her a vial of some liquid.

"Haato wa mangekyou."

Cut to a scene of the full moon in the sky. The view spirals around
it and then to the ground where we see a beautiful silver palace. It
is *not* the one in Crystal Tokyo.

"Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare,"

Queen Serenity sprouts her fairy wings and rises into the sky in a
burst of sparkling lights and others rise with her. We see their
shadowy forms and some of their profiles look remarkably like those
of the eight Sailor Senshi of the future.

"Nandomo meguri-au,"

A bright white light explodes, then fades and the Moon Palace is
there. Cut to the young Sailor Senshi staring at baby Princess
Serenity, in Queen Serenity's arms, as she looks at them and giggles.

"Seiza no mataki kazoe uranau koi yukue."

The stars sparkle in the sky as Queen Serenity looks at them and
sighs. The Earth hangs in front of her as she stands on her balcony.
She turns away as Princess Serenity (now a toddler) runs in and hugs
her mother's legs, obviously having had a bad dream. Queen Serenity
bends down and hugs her. She smiles.

"Onaji kuni ni umareta no Mirakuru Romansu."

Prince Endymion, around six years old, sits bolt upright in bed and
stares out his window (which is on the left side of the screen) at
the full moon. The camera shifts to focus on a red rose in a vase on
his table. The rose glows and sends out a scarlet light which fills
the screen. It fades to show Princess Serenity, still a toddler,
sitting bolt upright in bed and staring out *her* window (which is on
the right side of the screen) at Earth.

"Mo ichido futari de Weekend,"

Usagi and Mamoru sit on a blanket spread out in the park and eat a
picnic lunch. Usagi is holding a pie in her left hand as she bends
to pick up her fork. Mamoru turns to say something to her as she
straightens up with a happy cry, her fork in her hand. He gets, you
guessed it, a cream pie in the face. Usagi and Mamoru look at each
other, (he's just eyes staring out of cream) then start laughing.

"Kami-sama kanaeta Happy-end."

Usagi uses a napkin to tenderly wipe the last bit of pie off of
Mamoru's face and she smiles cutely at him. He catches her hand and
smiles at her and they kiss.

"Genzai kako mirai mo,"

Flash images really fast of toddler Princess Serenity in the past,
teenage Usagi in the present, and Neo-Queen Serenity in the future on
the screen.

"Anata ni kubittake."

Flash images really fast of six-year old Prince Endymion in the past,
Mamoru in the present, and King Endymion in the future on the screen.

"Deatta toki no natsukashii,"

Three-year old Princess Serenity and six-year old Prince Endymion
walk into each other in the royal rose gardens on Earth and bump
heads. They start to yell at each other, then quickly apologize and

"Manazashi wasurenai,"

The stars sparkle in the heavens again. Cut to a split screen of
three-year old Princess Serenity (on the left side of the screen) and
six-year old Prince Endymion (on the right side of the screen)
sitting up in bed and staring out of their windows. (Since it's a
split screen, there are no windows and it looks like they're staring
at each other.)

"Ikusenman no hoshi kara anata o mitsukerareru,"

Three-year old Princess Serenity plays with her older Sailor Senshi on
the moon. Six-year old Prince Endymion plays with his older Guardians
on Earth.

"Guuzen mo chansu ni kaeru ikikata ga suki yo."

Mamoru, Usagi, Rei, Minako, Makoto, and Ami walk through the park
together, laughing and talking. Usagi, who isn't looking because
she's talking to Mamoru, accidentally walks into Rei where she has
stopped to smell some flowers. Rei gets up, self-righteous and
annoyed and starts to yell at Usagi, who looks like she's about to
cry, but then Minako, who's talking to Makoto and Ami and also isn't
looking, walks into Usagi. Minako's sudden stop causes Makoto and Ami
to trip and fall onto her while she's falling on Usagi, who's falling
on Rei. They all land with a crash on the ground. Mamoru's the only
one who's left standing and he gets a *huge* sweat drop. Everyone
gets to their feet, start to yell, stop, then start laughing.

"Fushigi-na kiseki Kurosu-shite nandomo meguri-au,"

Little Princess Serenity and little Prince Endymion stare out their
windows some more. Cut to a scene of a rose spiraling in a beam of
moonlight. There is the flap of a black cape at the edge of the pool
of moonlight on the right side of the screen, the rest is hidden in
shadows. On the left side of the screen a tiara flashes right before
that person turns away into the shadows.

"Seiza no matataki kazoe uranau koi no yukue."

Another scene of the full moon and the earth. They spiral around
each other, before coming to a stop. Superimpose a picture of
Princess Serenity over the moon and Prince Endymion over the earth.
They're looking at each other while holding hands and smiling. Pan
away to show the other planets of the solar system in alignment.

"Onaji juni ni umareta no Mirakuru Romansu."

Queen Serenity smiles at the camera, before fading into the
background with Luna and Artemis as kittens taking her place. They
also fade out and the shadowy Senshi-like images seen before appear
and fade out.

"Shinjite-iru no,"

Queen Serenity appears smiling, little Princess Serenity at her feet
waving. Little Prince Endymion appears next to her and they hold
hands. All of the other Senshi as kids (Except Pluto who is still an
adult) show up to the side of the trio and look cute.

"Mirakura Romansu."

The kittens appear and everyone poses for the camera and freezes in



Many people forget that before Sailor Moon was ever an
adventure, tragedy, fairy tale, or anything else for that matter, it
was first and foremost a love story. A love story that spanned
centuries and became legend. This is a portrayal of the events that
led up to the beginning of that legend. There is no one who says that
this is really what happened, will happen, or could happen. There is
also no one who says that it isn't. And so begins the start of a
legend, forever enduring.

*In the beginning*

In the beginning and once upon a time, and all that sort of thing,
there lived a King and his Queen. He was a very famous King, having
performed many famous exploits before becoming King and was known to
his people as a Hero. She was less famous, having been a simple
commoner, but there were things about her that were more talked about
than any of the King's exploits. Her beauty for one, and her magic
for another. This Queen was no ordinary Queen, for she was Serenity,
Queen of Earth, and last of the Great Sorceresses of the Moon.

Serenity sighed as she glided gracefully down the hallway. This
was the last time. She turned a corner and stared at the mess in
front of her. Pots and pans lay strewn about, food was littered
everywhere, boxes and barrels full of dried food had been tipped over
and looked into and left spilt on the floor. Flour covered
everything. The two kittens lay in a heap in the midst of the
disaster area. They were coated nose to tail by a fine layer of
flour. A nervous looking woman stood by, wringing her hands.
She rushed forward, and curtsied awkwardly. "Oh, m'Queen, I'm
quite sorry for sending for you for such a little thing as this,
but - Oh, lookit what they've done to m'kitchen!" The woman burst
into tears and Serenity sighed again. This is definitely the last
She walked over to where the cats were napping. One of their tails
twitched. Serenity knelt down and poked at the kittens none to
gently. "Wake up! Hey, wake up, you two!"
One of the kittens rolled over onto his back and snored. The truly
white one, Serenity decided.
Serenity stood up and dusted off her hands, then shouted, "By
*order* of your *Queen*, GET UP NOW!!!"
Startled and frightened, the kittens leapt to their feet.
Trembling, they looked up into the face of their Queen, who had, by
now, calmed down considerably.
The cleaner of the two kittens took two trembling steps forward.
"Y-your Majesty, um . . . w-we d-didn't mean to . . ."
Serenity looked severely down at the kitten, "So, since this is the
fourth time this week, every other time was just an accident as well,
I assume?"
The kitten meekly stepped back and bowed her head, sneaking behind
the other one, whom she pushed forward. He looked up at Serenity in
fright and tried to explain himself. "Uh, er, um, y-you see, Your
Highness, we're j-just k-k-k-kittens, a-and we don't know any b-better
. . ."
Serenity looked down at them, "Save it. I've heard enough excuses
from you two to last me a lifetime! As royal cats and ambassadors of
Mau, you should know better."
At the mention of "royal cats and ambassadors of Mau" the two cats
straightened up and lifted their heads proudly, almost defiantly. The
crescent moons on their foreheads shone.
The Queen did not miss this and inwardly she smiled, while
outwardly she frowned. "Do not mistake me, you two may be very
important dignitaries, but I am afraid that I cannot allow you to
continue disrupting Palace life. Unless you wish me to send for each
of your parents and have them take you home, and send two *older*,
more *mature* cats in your place, I suggest you shape up."
"Yes, ma'am," they replied weakly, the defiance gone from their
"Now," she said, "you, Luna, Guardian Cat of the Royal Family, and
Advisory to the Queen, I expect you to spend more time on your lessons
and less time on playing. Is that understood?"
"Yes, Your Majesty."
"And you, Artemis, Guardian Cat of the Royal Guard, and Advisory to
the Queen, I expect you to spend more time on your training and less
time on playing. Is that understood?"
"But Your Highness, I'm just a cute kitten!" He meowed cutely.
Luna looked at him in disbelief.
Serenity sighed. Geez, he was cute, but this was the last time.
Putting iron in her voice, she repeated, "Artemis, is that
"Yes, Your Highness."
"Good, now help the cook clean up and get to work. Oh, and if I
hear any more about you misbehaving and making a mess, I will send for
your parents."
She turned and walked out of the mess, the cook thanking her
profusely on the way out. The Queen sighed again. I'm growing tired
of lecturing kittens. The full moon will be up tomorrow night, I will
consult the moon then as to what I should do about . . . She shook
her head. She wouldn't think of it now. Thinking about it hurt.

Behind her, the two kittens were staring at the enormous mess.
"Oh great," Luna said gazing at the flour-covered room, "we'll be
grown up before we clean this place up."
She turned to Artemis where he lay dozing on the floor. "And it's
all *your fault*, lazybones!" She smacked him with her paw and he
sprang to his feet, shouting, "LUNA! That hurt!"
"Good!" she said, chasing him around the kitchen. "I'm GLAD!"

Behind her, Queen Serenity heard something crash and she sighed.

*Later that day*

"SERENITY!!!!" came the loud, bellowing voice again.
"I'm coming!" she cried, rushing down the hallway, pausing only to
gather her skirts up again. The people she passed bowed respectfully
in her wake but she had no time to respond. The people shook their
heads knowingly. The poor Queen had been summoned by her husband.
Serenity arrived at the throne room, slightly out of breath. "Yes,
Sire?" she said respectfully. "You summoned me?"
The King sneered at her. "Of course I did! Where were you?"
"I was out in the gardens."
"Well, you shouldn't have been. You should have been in here
attending to me. I have something to tell you." He smirked.
"Something you'll want to hear."
"You know that I've been worried about an heir?"
"Yes," Serenity whispered, frightened. He couldn't have found a
new wife, could he? If he had, then Serenity knew that she would be
executed immediately. Not now, she thought to herself. He can't
do anything now. Not when I'm going to have his child. She felt
the life within her stir. His daughter. My daughter.
The King continued talking. "Well, you don't need to worry
anymore, my dear." He laughed madly. "I have found the answer to all
of my problems. Eternal life," he whispered. His eyes blazed oddly.
"What?" Serenity asked, stunned.
"I have learned a great secret. There is a rare liquid, know as
the Elixir of Eternal Life, that will grant immortality to whomever
partakes of it. That will be us." He gestured to her. "I will have
no need of an heir. I will live forever with you at my side. I will
rule all of Earth!" He laughed again and began muttering to himself.
"Then no one can oppose me. Not those brutish barbarians from over
the mountains, or those seafaring villains. All the kingdoms of the
world will fall to me, one by one, and I will rule the world!" He
turned to his royal couriers. "Send forth the message for my armies
to seek out this most precious vial of liquid and bring it to me,
their King!"
"Yes, Sire." The couriers nodded and ran off.
Serenity left, unnoticed. She went to her royal chambers and
locked herself in. Then, with her back to the door, she slid to the
ground and began sobbing. "He has taken leave of his senses. He is
mad! So mad . . . What will I do now? He has no need of an heir.
Oh, daughter, daughter, I am so sorry for what he has become. Power
has corrupted him. He is a tyrant now. I had not wanted to believe
it, but the people fear him. I fear him. Oh, sacred moon, give me
guidance! How can I stop him? He cannot be allowed to rule forever."
Men are weak, Serenity thought dully. Power turns their heads.
They take leave of their senses and care not how others suffer, as
long as they can be in control. But he's not in control! Women are
stronger, no matter what men say. Women can stick to their
principles. Well, most of the time. I wish I could make him see
reason. "I wish . . . I wish I could stop him from hurting more
Two blurs leapt down from the top of the queen's bed. "Never fear,
Your Majesty," they said in unison.
Queen Serenity looked up through her tears. The images were
blurry, but the two crescent moon signs flashed golden and she knew
them at once. "Luna. Artemis."
"Your Highness," they replied. "The time has come when you have
need of us. As your cat advisors, we must inform you that drastic
measures must be taken to insure that the King does not gain
possession of the Elixir of Eternal Life. It is for the good of the
kingdom as well as yourself."
"I know. You're right. But I don't have to like it. I-I still
love him, despite the monster that he's become."
Luna cocked her head and looked at the Queen. "The King is
unstable. Soon, if nothing is done, the country will collapse."
Artemis jumped up a little and placed his front paws on the Queen's
knees. "Your safety is also at risk. The King may decide that with
eternal life, you are expendable. We must also make the safety of the
Princess a priority."
Queen Serenity looked wide-eyed at her two feline advisors. "How
did you know?"
Luna and Artemis exchanged a self-satisfied look. Luna replied for
the both of them. "We're cats. We're allowed to have *some*

*Late that night*

Serenity rested a hand on the door of the royal bedchamber as she
looked back at bed that she shared with her husband. He was still
asleep. Good.
She slipped out of the room, lithe and quick in the darkness. She
stealthily clung to the shadows, searching for support, for comfort,
but all she found was the cold impartialness of the still quiet. She
shivered in the night and wrapped her arms around herself. She
hurried on.
She made no sound as her bare feet ran on the cold, hard marble of
the tiled floor, of the long, wide, pillared hallway, but they heard
her. Two pairs of eyes gleamed in the darkness as they followed her.
Moonlight shimmered on her hair as Serenity paused for a breath in
the rose garden, feeling more secure outside of the palace walls.
"You shouldn't exert yourself so," a voice whispered in the darkness.
Serenity had stiffened at the sound of the voice, but forced herself
to relax as the lithe dark form leapt from the darkness into the patch
of moonlight.
"Luna," Serenity said in a reprimanding tone, "you mustn't frighten
me so."
Luna looked back up at her Queen and said nothing, but her eyes
glinted in the moonlight. Artemis padded up behind Luna on silent cat
feet and settled himself down next to her.
Serenity turned away from them to look up at the nearly full moon.
"Luna, Artemis, what did you wish to speak with me about?" she asked
Artemis looked at Luna for permission then began speaking. "Your
Majesty, we have received word that the Elixir has been found and will
arrive at court tomorrow."
Startled, Serenity turned from her contemplation of the moon to
stare at the two cats. "How do you know this?"
Luna replied. "We may be kittens, but we are still your advisors.
It is our job to know."
"So the Elixir is arriving. What do you want me to do?"
"You must prevent the king from drinking it."
"At all costs."
"I can't kill him!"
"No, of course not," Luna reassured her, hastily. "But you must at
least delay him. For a week, a day even. The rest will be up to us."
"What are you planning to do with the Elixir? Destroy it?"
"We can't destroy it. It's a magical fluid. The only way it will
cease to exist is if someone drinks it."
"But who?"
Luna looked at her firmly.
"No! I don't want to be immortal! I just want to live a normal
"Then you should never have married the king."
"He was kind before. A hero. Just let him drink it. I couldn't
bear to live alone forever anyway."
"You're not alone. There's the princess. Majesty," Luna pleaded,
"you can't let your husband drink the Elixir. Being immortal, he
would be able to conquer the world, eventually. Think of how many
people he'd hurt. Think of all the people that he's hurting right
Serenity closed her eyes and tried to block out the image of that
family who had been brought in that morning. The family that had
lacked the money to pay the taxes and had been evicted. She thought
of the husband and wife, dressed in clothes worn down to ribbons so
they could save money for food for the children, clothes, shoes . . .
But after the taxes, they hadn't had enough money to feed themselves.
Serenity remembered the look in the man's eyes as he was led off to
the dungeons. He should have been angry. His eyes should have
smoldered with contempt for them, but they hadn't. His eyes had been
older than his years, bitter, broken, and despairing. There had been
a desperate appeal in his eyes to her. She had told the guards
leading him off to stop, let him go, but the King had rounded on her,
furious, and order the guards to take him away. The woman and the
five, scraggly children had screamed and cried, and begged for mercy,
but the King had simply smiled. He then had ordered the guards to put
them to work on the chain gangs. They too had been led off and
Serenity had been helpless to stop them. The image, horrific though
it was, might not have stuck with her quite so forcefully if the
youngest child, the small emaciated girl with eyes too big for her
face, and a crippled leg had not turned to look back at Serenity. Her
eyes, grey pools of suffering and pain had looked bravely into
Serenity's own. Then the child had wiped her eyes with a dirty sleeve
and hugging a shapeless stuffed toy to her, had turned away and
hobbled off holding her weeping mother's hand.
Serenity blinked and found tears in her own eyes, which she didn't
bother to hide. "All right, Luna," she whispered in defeat, "we'll do
this your way."
"You won't have to be alone," Luna said in a quiet voice. "You can
take your Court."
"They can be trusted!" Artemis piped up.
Serenity smiled. "You're good friends. Both of you. But where
will we go to escape my husband?"
Luna turned to stare into the sky and Artemis did as well.
Serenity followed their gaze. "The moon?!" she asked incredulously.

"There is a legend," Luna said carefully, "that one day a kingdom,
ruled by a Queen of the Moon, will rise up and become the perfect
utopia. This kingdom shall last for over a thousand years, into
eternity, or so I was told." She looked at Serenity. "Perhaps, my
Queen, that time has come."
"Perhaps it has."

*The next morning*

The Elixir came as Luna and Artemis had said it would. Serenity
convinced her husband to wait to drink it and hold a lavish
celebration before he left mortal life behind forever.
Pleased, he had agreed with her suggestion and had locked the precious
vial of liquid away in his private treasure room. He had then
dismissed her so that she could find something appropriate to wear.
Serenity had left, but not to change. She had sent for her Court,
which consisted of her ladies in waiting. They arrived and anxiously
awaited whatever she had to say. As she was about to begin, eight
swirling shapes, eight swirling masses of energy took shape around
Serenity recognized them all. "Pluto," she said, acknowledging the
Pluto walked up to Serenity. "It is Setsuna here. Serenity, you
can not do this. It will alter the flow of time."
"And who is to say that this is not as it should be?"
"No one should be immortal!"
"You are."
"And that is why, I know." Setsuna said this quietly and her eyes
and Serenity's eyes locked. I am alone.
I know.
It is not an easy existence.
No, it is not. But from among us, you were chosen as Pluto's
sorceress. It is an honor.
It is a curse. Please Serenity, reconsider. I would drink it,
as I am immortal.
That's the whole point. You are already immortal, the Elixir
would not allow you to drink it. Someone must drink it as I cannot
let my husband have it. You know that as well as I. And I would not
wish the blessing and curse of immortality upon anyone else.
But you are, Serenity. Your unborn child.
Serenity's startled silver eyes met Setsuna's solemn red ones. I
did not think of that.
What will I do?
If you must have immortality, Serenity, then share it. The
burden will both be lighter and heavier then.
Yes, it will. Thank you, Setsuna.
For what?
For understanding.
I understand only too well, Serenity. But perhaps the future you
create will be brighter than what would have been. I will hope for
that, but there will be a great tragedy.
I understand.
I hope you do. I truly hope you do. Setsuna turned, her staff
in her hand and disappeared.
The other figures of the eight remained and they walked up to
Serenity with firm, implacable expressions.
The Sorceress of Mars intoned, "Queen Serenity, last of the
Sorceresses of the White Moon, you seek immortality, do you not?"
"I do." The ladies-in-waiting rustled their dresses nervously
before the Sorceress of Jupiter shot them a look which silenced them.
"So you seek to live past the number of years that have been
granted you?" Sorceress Mercury asked.
"No," Serenity replied. "I seek to prevent the Elixir of Eternal
Life from falling into my husband's hands.
"So you would drink of it?" Sorceress Venus asked curiously.
"And you wouldn't share!" Mars broke in.
Serenity looked at her incredulously. "WHAT?"
Everyone, including the ladies-in-waiting turned to look at
Sorceress Mars. She blushed bright red and mumbled something that no
one could hear.
"Where would you go to escape the King's wrath?" Sorceress Neptune
asked to get everyone's attention back on the matter at hand.
"I would journey to the moon."
"That's impossible!" Sorceress Mars snapped.
Everyone stared at her again. "Well, maybe not, but it is *really*
difficult," she murmured.
"Difficulty is not the issue," Sorceress Uranus said.
Sorceress Jupiter nodded. "Agreed." She turned to Serenity.
"What were you planning to do on the moon?"
Luna spoke up then and everyone directed their attention to the
cat. "Surely, you are familiar with the legend? A millennium of
peace for all the planets, a utopian society ruled over by the Queen
of the Moon?"
Jupiter nodded. "I know of what you speak and I find no fault with
it. Peace would be a welcome change." She turned her attention back
to Serenity. "Queen Serenity, Sorceress Moon, we have come to beg a
boon of you."
"A boon?"
"We would that you relinquish some of the fabled fluid so that we
too may enjoy your extreme longevity!" Sorceress Venus piped up.
"Um," Serenity began, flustered. What was she to say to her fellow
sorceresses? Sorry, but I don't think there's enough?
Sorceress Uranus shot Sorceress Venus a venomous look, then turned
to Serenity. "It is a magic liquid. A drop is enough."
Serenity looked at her. "How can I trust you? Any of you?
Immortality isn't something to be taken lightly."
"No," Sorceress Neptune spoke up. "It isn't. But Serenity, you
won't be alone and neither will we. We will swear - all of us - by
the planets that provide us with power that we will not misuse the
gift of immortality."
"To put your mind at ease, Serenity, we will vow our allegiance to
you, and our children shall vow their allegiance to your child."
Sorceress Mercury smiled. "Come, Serenity, you shall have control
over the moon and we our planets and they shall be in harmony. Then
this Silver Millennium that you speak of shall be accomplished."
Queen Serenity shot Luna an angry look. Did everyone know of her
unborn child? Luna shrugged as best a cat could and did not meet her
Queen's eyes. Serenity looked at the eight sorceress in front of her
and her ladies-in-waiting cowering in the back of the room. "All
right," she said, giving in. Then she looked at them all sharply,
especially Mars. "Bring your followers and apprentices if you would,
and your husbands if you must. Bring them, and quickly, and when it
is time that we make our escape from this world, you shall know it by
the signal that I will send forth. Be ready."
They nodded in understanding. Queen Serenity stopped them before
they could turn to leave. "If you will vow to follow me, into a
bright and happy future - a peaceful future for all - then I will
grant you this immortality that you seek. But as for my child, your
children shall be her playmates, her friends, her guardians, and also
. . . her Senshi. This do you swear also, on behalf of your unborn
They nodded again, and then each knelt before her and gave her
their vow, on behalf of them and theirs, to follow Serenity into a
peaceful future. Then they left, and Serenity turned to her ladies-
in-waiting. "Will you come?" she asked.
They nodded, silent, and Serenity sent them out to collect their
family, their things, and she swore them to secrecy so that the king
should no naught of this. When they left, even Luna, and she was
alone, Serenity sank back onto her bed, and she wept. She wept for a
long, long time, for the love that she was leaving behind. The love
that had once bloomed had wilted and faded until it was no more than a
few brittle petals in her hand, with a hint of the scent and sweetness
that they had once had.
A thought crossed Serenity's mind as she rubbed at her red-rimmed
eyes when she had finished weeping for her lost love after she had
finished plotting out her betrayal of him, and it was this: Men are
weak . . . but so are women.

It was late that night, after all the feasting and toasts drunk to
the king's immortality that Serenity had decided to take a walk. By
herself, in the gardens. She loved the gardens, the solitude and
peace of mind she found there, and she knew that she would miss them.
As she bent to sniff a rose, she felt a presence behind her, and
without rising she knew who it was. "Hello, Setsuna," she said calmly
as she inhaled the fragrance of the rose appreciatively. "What brings
you here?"
Setsuna's voice answered her in the blue-darkness of the evening.
"So they begged a boon of you. Fools, to wish for immortality."
Serenity straightened but did not turn. "Then you must think me
more of a fool, Setsuna, for granting them their request."
"No," came the response and Serenity was surprised, though she did
not let it show. "No, I do not think you a fool. Out of all of
*them* you are the only one that escapes that title."
Serenity sighed and felt the heaviness of the mantle of
responsibility she carried settle more firmly about her shoulders,
weighing her down. "Setsuna," she said, her voice gentle. "Why did
you come?"
There was the faintest sound of movement from behind her and
Serenity knew that Setsuna was shifting her grip on her staff. "I
came, Serenity, to say that I too will serve you. And I will watch
over your unborn child."
Serenity gasped and pressed her hands firmly against her mouth so
that the sound would not escape, but she knew that Setsuna knew. "You
would vow your allegiance to me?" she asked carefully.
"No, Serenity," and Setsuna's voice was chiding, "you know that I
would not. I come - and you know that this is hard for me to say -
with an offer of friendship, for we will both live for a very, very
long time, and among all of the others, you are the only one that I do
not think of as a fool."
"Why me?"
"Because you alone do not wish for immortality, but choose to take
it, so as to spare others the burden. That is not a wise thing to do,
but it shows compassion. Perhaps you alone have compassion enough to
befriend one such as me."
"Give yourself more credit, Setsuna. You could have more friends."
"But I choose not to."
"I know. And for that reason, I am honored by your offer, Setsuna,
and I accept. I will be your friend." She began to turn around to
face Setsuna but she said "Stop" in a tone that brooked no argument.
"What is the matter?" Serenity asked, calmly.
"You mustn't turn around, Serenity. You know the game we play. If
anyone asks, you have not seen me, at least not here."
"And I have not," Serenity replied. "One rarely sees you, Setsuna.
The Sorceress Pluto is quite elusive."
Setsuna let out a chuckle as she twirled her Time Staff. "And I
intend to remain that way." Then she was gone.
Serenity smiled at that then turned around. Instantly the smile
faded from her lips and from her eyes as she viewed the scene before
her. Artemis and Luna were leaping desperately trying to stay ahead
of the angry group of guards who were chasing them while waving
torches and spears.
The two kittens leapt over a rake lying in the garden, and the
guard in front missed grabbing them by inches. He didn't manage to
avoid the rake however, and fell, sprawling, his torch bouncing to the
ground and catching the ornamental bushes on fire. The others
immediately following him fell on top of him while those further back
ran screaming from the fire.
Meanwhile the two cats were merely yards away from Serenity. She
could see that Luna was carrying a vial of something in her mouth.
The cat hurriedly sent her a thought. Queen Serenity, catch! She
tossed it to Serenity while the Queen simply blinked in surprise. At
the last instant she jerked herself into motion and caught the vial of
priceless elixir.
"Drink it!" Luna cried, her voice barely carrying of the roaring
flames that had engulfed the bushes and flowers and were heading for
where Serenity stood.
No, Serenity thought to herself. The others . . . the others
aren't here. I promised to send them a signal! But even if I do, my
husband and more guards will arrive any instant! Nevertheless, she
gathered the power within herself and it coalesced, then exploded in a
bright golden beam that flared from the crescent moon on her forehead
into the sky. They'll never get here, she thought wearily.
Perhaps, I will be alone.
Suddenly, they were there. The Sorceresses and their families and
Courts. Before Serenity could even ask "how?" Setsuna turned to her
and said in a rush, "Sorceress Pluto, Guardian of Time, at your
service. Now hurry, Serenity. Time grows short!"
Serenity uncorked the vial with a pop and bringing it to her lips
thought to herself, Only a drop, Serenity. No more. However, it
was then that her husband arrived on the scene and she found herself
swallowing more than she had intended. She stared at the vial in
horror, Still enough, her mind quickly surmised and she passed the
liquid to Sorceress Mars who took it eagerly and downed her drop. She
then passed it to Sorceress Mercury and so on until the nearly empty
vial was back in Serenity's hands.
Sweat ran down her face from the heat that the flames all around
them were giving off. Her husband and his guards could not get past
the wall of fire between them and the Sorceresses. Serenity stared at
him with blank eyes as though she had never seen him before. The
roaring of the flames covered whatever he was shouting at her, but no
doubt it was nothing more than a long string of obscenities. The
world fazed in and out and patterns of lights played themselves out in
front of her eyes. I drank too much of it! What will it do to me?
She shook her head to try and clear her mind and focus her vision.
Her eyes fell on Luna and Artemis and impulsively she beckoned them
forward. They scampered up to her and she poured the last two drops
of the liquid into their mouths. Then she rose unsteadily and tossed
the glass vial into the fire where it exploded.
She smiled at her husband, feeling faint and then the bubbly, light
feeling inside of her spread to her back. She heard a gasp from
behind her and looked over her shoulder only to see transparent,
gossamer, fairy wings on her back. She giggled. Well, of course I
have wings. Why not?
The exuberant feeling within her faded and she stared clear-eyed,
through the flames at her husband. Her eyes met his and he glared
back at her accusingly, hatred, anger, and fear in his eyes, and also
sadness. Serenity felt a wave of love rush over her. Oh, my love,
my love, I am sorry. Perhaps, you might've been the man you were
again if I had given you time. No, what's gone is gone and what's
done is done. There's no time for regrets. But, I hope you know that
I do truly love you, and I always will, no matter how long I may
Tears ran down her face unheeded and she let out a broken sob.
Then Setsuna touched her gently on her shoulder and said, "My Queen,
we can't stay anymore. The fire is too out of control. It will
engulf us in an instant. We must leave."
Serenity nodded, silent. Her first tear trailed down the side of
her face, then hung there, glittering. It sparkled, then sudden it
shot forth a white-silver light about itself and when the light
vanished, a crystal glowed in Serenity's hands. "What is this?" she
asked, incredulous.
"It is your tear. Your first tear was pure elixir and reacting to
the strength of your desire, it turned into a crystal. This crystal
will react to whatever is in your heart. All of your love, grief,
hate, anger-anything-has been incorporated into that crystal. And
only you can fully harness the power in your heart through that stone.
But hurry, my Queen, we *must* leave!" Setsuna urged her as the fire
was burning closer and the King's guards seemed ready to strike.
Serenity nodded, more determinedly this time, and by the strength
of her will, the crystal rose into the air in front of her and sent
out a blinding flash of silver-white light. Sparkling lights twinkled
about them. Then they were rising through the air, all of the
Sorceresses and those they had brought with them, and the two cats as
well. Serenity spread her wings and rainbow colors shimmered over
them. Then when they were all in the sky, there was another flash of
light and they were gone.

They reappeared on the moon. Serenity fell to her knees and the
crystal dropped from the air in front of her. Luna ran up to her and
nuzzled her, worried.
"Are we really on the moon?" Sorceress Mars asked.
Sorceress Mercury looked around and after seeing the Earth hanging
in the brilliant night sky, she said, "I would have to say yes."
Sorceress Mars made a face. "It isn't much to look at, now is it?"
"Maybe not," Sorceress Jupiter replied, shrugging. "Hey, wait a
minute, how come we can breathe up here? There's no air!"
Sorceress Venus made choking noises, clutching her throat
dramatically and Sorceress Mars looked on in alarm. "We're all going
to die up here!"
"Don't be ridiculous!" Serenity snapped, harsher than she meant to.
Her tone softened. "There is air up here. I came prepared."
The other Sorceresses understood at once. She had sucked some air
from the site that they had so suddenly departed and by forming a
magic barrier had surrounded them with it.
"It will not last for long," Sorceress Neptune observed wryly.
"Then we must do something about that," replied Sorceress Uranus,
rolling up her sleeves.
Sorceress Neptune shot her friend an exasperated look, then
throwing her hands in the air, said, "Oh, all right!"
The sorceresses, and Serenity who had shakily risen to her feet,
joined hands and formed a circle while the other people nervously
stood out of the way. They chanted and their brightly colored auras
rose about them, and then a burst of power hurtled out from them in
all directions and wrapped the entire planet. Flowers and grass grew
beneath the feet of the people, air filled the air, and the bleak
barrenness of the moon was transformed.
"I guess we have to start building someplace to live," Serenity
said calmly.
The sorceresses all got sweat drops and groaned.

In due time - 283 years that is - the Moon Palace and its grounds
were *almost* finished. Of course, credit must be given where it is
due, so all of the palaces of all of the planets of the Solar System
were almost done as well. *Ahem,* anyway, during that time, a great
many things transpired, not the least of which was the birth of the
princess Serenity.
The birth of the princess should have been time for rejoicing,
instead it was one of the saddest days of Serenity's life. The other
sorceresses had convinced her that until they had children, to fulfill
their oath and protect the princess, she would have to be frozen in
moonbeams, so that when she was allowed to live again, her guardians
would be old enough to protect her.
And so, with tears nearly blinding her, Serenity had acquiesced to
their demands and had frozen her baby daughter in moonbeams. Luna and
Artemis had followed soon after, as they had requested to be kept in
sleep until the time came when they could see the full glory of the
kingdom and of the princess.
Eventually, the other sorceresses did give birth to their
daughters - for it had been agreed that women were stronger and more
able to protect the princess, as only daughters of sorceresses
displayed any power - and froze them all in turn, waiting until the
next sorceress's daughter would be born.
So the years passed, and the kingdoms grew, as did the populace.
So too, did Serenity's grief grow. Each night, Serenity would weep,
knowing that she would never see her husband again and it would be a
long time until she saw her daughter smiling and laughing.
When five of the sorceresses had given birth, save Mars, who could
not, and had instead adopted a foundling child who was born of a line
of Power, Pluto who had never sworn an oath, and Saturn who
obstinately refused to have children for another eighty-three years,
Serenity decided that enough was enough and their children were freed
from the moonbeams, each on the day of their birth. They were then
raised by their parents, until such a time as they came into their
It came as a shock, when a year later, Sorceress Saturn gave birth
to a daughter. Sorceress Saturn, a tall, striking woman with her
ivory skin, vivid purple eyes, and long dark hair was out of all of
them, the least eager to honor her oath, and she did not take to
children well. Still, she had sworn an oath and so she presented her
child to the court.
Baby Saturn, or Hotaru, as her mother had named her, was an odd
infant. Her wide eyes were too old for a child, and too innocent for
an adult. She was sweet and scary at the same instant and her birth
foretold that this indeed was the strongest guardian born. Luna had
once told Serenity of things called "star seeds" and Serenity was
forced to conclude that hers must be very strong indeed.
Staring into her eyes, Serenity knew that if ever this child's full
power were released upon the world, there would be *no* world.
Knowing this, she issued a decree. "Guardian Saturn's power shall
only be awakened when the three Talismans of Power are brought
together, and that will signal the end of the world."
She then produced the three talismans of the sorceresses and gave
each to a guardian. The mirror to Neptune, the sword to Uranus, and
the garnet orb to Pluto, who appeared to receive it. To each she
whispered a message. "You are the farthest planets from this world,
you are the most distant, and to each of you, who should never meet
till the end of the world, or some other time that may be ordained, I
give you a powerful magical talisman. For each of you, pure-hearted
souls, the talismans shall become a part of, until the time comes for
the holy grail to appear and give its power to the Messiah or the
Anti-Messiah, to prevent the coming of the end, or to ensure it. From
this day forth, your duty is not to protect the princess, but to
protect the Silver Millennium from threats from outside, and in doing
so, protect the princess in this manner. And so, from this day
onward, you will be known as the Outer Senshi, and the other four as
the Inner, as you protect the princess from things outside the kingdom
and they protect her from things inside."
The two little girls and Pluto took the talisman given to them, and
departed, with only Pluto lingering for an instant to say, looking at
Saturn, "Is she . . . ?"
When Serenity nodded assent, Sorceress Pluto turned away. "A heavy
burden to bear." She vanished through a portal.
Turning to look at the child, who was being carried off by her
mother, Serenity whispered to the now empty throne room, "It is

Thus it came to be that three years after the rebirth of the Outer
and Inner Senshi, and two after the birth of Saturn that Serenity
could bear to wait no more, and made plans to awaken her daughter from
her slumber.
Her first act in preparation for this was the awakening of her
advisors, Luna and Artemis.

Luna cracked open an eye and yawned. "Is it morning already, my
Serenity smiled back at her. "Yes, two hundred and eighty three
years after you fell asleep."
Luna's eyes snapped wide open, a look of disbelief on her face.
"T-two h-hundred eighty three YEARS?!!"
She looked over at Artemis who was still asleep and murmuring, "No
Ma, I wanna sleep in some more. Just another five minutes."
She poked him with a paw, "Idiot! You - we've been asleep for
Artemis rolled over, still mumbling, "Okay, wake me up in another
twenty years. I'm having a terrific dream about me and Luna . . ."
Luna rolled her eyes then looked up at her Queen. "My Queen, I
have a favor to ask."
"Yes, Luna? What is it?"
Luna got a mischievous expression in her eyes. "Have you any water
you could spare?"
Queen Serenity's expression was rather puzzled. "Water? What
"Oh, preferably something ice-cold. A bucketful should do quite
Serenity was smiling now. "I'm sure it can be arranged, Luna."
She turned to a page. "Fetch a bucket of cold water, will you?"
"Yes, Your Majesty," the boy said with a twinkle in his eye.

*Ten minutes later*

"YEEOOWWW!!!!" Then, "LUUNAAA!!!"

Serenity smiled as the soaking wet Artemis chased Luna all over the
courtyard of the castle, both yelling insults at each other the entire
time, and startling people walking through. It was good to have
things back to being the way they should be.

*Later that day*

Queen Serenity and Luna slowly walked down the hallway together.
It was still hard for her to believe that so much time had gone by.
Has it been nearly 300 hundred years, already? I cannot believe it
to be so. And yet, it must be for today my daughter will awaken. Oh
Serenity, how I long to hold in my arms, my daughter, my baby.
Luna looked up at her Queen who had a rather absorbed look on her
face, as though she was thinking of something far, far away. "My
Queen?" she asked.
"Hmm?" Serenity asked, not really paying attention.
"My Queen, what has transpired since last we saw each other?"
Serenity snapped back from her musings and smiled at Luna. "That
would take a *very* looong time to go over. Let's just say that our
Silver Millennium seems to have come about." She sighed blissfully.
"It was very hard work and took a long, long time, but all of the
Sorceresses now have a kingdom on each of their planets. Of course,
they are all part of the Silver Millennium and our Moon Kingdom is in
charge, but the Sorceresses - as you knew them - seem quite content
with this arrangement.
"Oh, Luna, one word of advice, you must refer to the Sorceresses as
Queens and use all of their titles. They are very picky about that."
"Yes, Your Majesty."
Serenity hid a smile. "Don't be stuffy, Luna. I didn't mean me!"
"Of course not, Your Majesty. By the way, did you ever get a
guardian from Saturn?"
"Oh yes, Luna," Serenity said, gravely. "We did indeed. She is
quite powerful and will be quite destructive."
"Umm," Luna tried to change the subject. "What did you find out
about that fancy crystal of yours?"
Serenity brightened and settled into her lecturing tone. (She
acquired it from Sorceress Mercury, natch.) "I am linked to this
crystal through my fairy form. It is Queen Mercury's belief that if I
ever die, the crystal will form another sort of link with me and keep
some part of me alive. A spirit, I should say."
"Yes, well, Your Highness, I don't think you should worry about
that. You did drink the elixir after all."
"We all drank the elixir, Luna, but Setsuna informed me yesterday
that we are not living a form of true immortality as is the case with
her." Though even she admitted that she can be killed. She is still
*truly* mortal, and I think that's what keeps her going. "The elixir
will keep us alive for a thousand years, or more perhaps, but we can
be killed and eventually the fluid will lose its potency."
She turned to smile at Luna reassuringly. "But not for a long,
long time. Oh, let's not talk about endings! My mother told me that
there was no such thing and I am inclined to believe her. Let's talk
about a happier subject. How goes the building of the East Wing?"
"Slow." Luna made a face. "Very, very slow." In fact, the cat
hadn't seen so much as a centimeter of progress since she had started
overlooking the building of the last wing of the palace.
"Is it really taking that long?" Serenity asked, disappointed. She
had wanted the building to be done before the princess was awakened.
"I haven't seen a single person lift so much as a hammer."
Queen Serenity burst into laughter. Luna gazed at her Queen
apprehensively. "What's the matter, Your Highness?"
Serenity calmed herself, then turned to Luna, her voice still
filled with barely suppressed laughter. "Oh, Luna, don't be silly,
the East Wing is being built by magic, as has everything else around
Luna shot her an incredulous look. "You mean all this-?"
"Is built by magic." Serenity nodded.
Luna blushed a deep red, (well, as deep as cats can blush) and
muttering, "I'd better go check on construction," she ran off.
Serenity looked after her and let her laughter out. Oh Luna,
silly cat, it's good having you around again.

The Princess Serenity blinked open her eyes. She was in her
mother's loving arms. Faces - all these faces - staring at her.
Princess Mars was closest, with the rest of the Inner Senshi gathered
about, and the Outer Senshi a little further off. The two cats were
perched on Princess Venus and Princess Mercury's shoulders. All of
the Senshi were young, three years of age, and Saturn was barely two.
"Princess-" Sailor Venus breathed, no longer a princess but a
"Serenity," Sailor Mercury finished for her.
Sailor Jupiter smiled at the infant. "We're your Guardians."
Sailor Mars smiled, "Yeah, always."
Princess Serenity looked at them all and smiling, she began to
giggle, and the Inner Senshi giggled with her. The Outer Senshi just
smiled a little.
"I'm Princess Minako, Sailor Venus!" the little blonde chirruped
happily. "Leader of your Senshi!"
"I'm Princess Makoto, Sailor Jupiter!" the taller brunette said
proudly. "I'm your personal bodyguard."
"I'm Princess Ami, Sailor Mercury." The blue-haired girl smiled.
"I'm your tutor, I guess. Everyone says I'm smart."
"I'm Princess Rei, Sailor Mars!" the dark-haired girl declared.
"I'll be your best friend, okay? 'Cause I know we're gonna like each
The other girls glared at her. Rei got a sweatdrop and quickly
said, "I'm sure we'll all be good friends."
The tallest child there, short-haired blonde, stepped up to the
princess. "I'm Princess Haruka, Sailor Uranus. I carry a talisman
for you, and I'll protect your kingdom."
An aqua-haired girl stepped to her side. "I'm Princess Michiru,
Sailor Neptune. I too carry a talisman for you, and I'll protect your
There was a swirl of purple light and Sorceress Pluto appeared.
"I'm Setsuna," she whispered into the baby's ear, where no one else
could hear, "Sailor Pluto. I carry a talisman, too. But as for
protecting your kingdom, well, I'll protect you, little one, my future
Queen." She stepped back, bowed to Queen Serenity, and vanished.
A little girl, barely able to talk yet toddled up to the Princess.
"Princess Hotaru of Saturn. I am the Senshi who must not awaken. I
bring the era of silence, but you bring the era of life and light."
Anti-Messiah and Messiah stared into each other's eyes, then
slowly, they both smiled sunnily.
Luna looked at the little dark-haired girl and shuddered. A child
so sweet, and yet so deadly. Everyone's right, those aren't the eyes
of a child. And how did she manage so many words? She's only two!
Hotaru turned to look at Luna and reached out a hand. "Nice
Luna purred uneasily. Senshi who must never awaken, your fate is
a tragic one.
Princess Serenity giggled again, and everyone's attention returned
to her. Artemis had gotten up to the Queen's shoulders and was
letting the baby reach up and stroke his silky fur as he purred.
Rogue, Luna thought, irritated. Getting everyone's attention
like that. And I bet you're just loving the attention, too.
Oh, I am, I am. Artemis smiled and purred loudly as he read what
Luna was thinking from the way she was glaring at him. I am,

Queen Serenity smiled at her daughter. I've missed you. I'm glad
you're back. I've missed you so, my daughter.
Princess Serenity smiled up at her mother and the funny white
kitty. She giggled.

*Three years later*

Princess Serenity bolted upright in bed, breathing heavily, her
sheets tangled about her. Her golden hair hung in a tangled mass
about her shoulders. Irritated, she pulled it away from where it
clung around her neck and straightened out her sheets, pulling them
around her as she gazed about in the utter darkness of the room.
Getting up, with her blanket wrapped around her and trailing along
the ground, she walked over to her balcony. Her thin lace curtains
fluttered transparent in the breeze and through them, Serenity could
see the glittering light of the stars. She stepped through the
curtains onto the balcony. From there she could see all of the stars
twinkling in the heavens and the blue-green Earth hung comfortingly in
front of her. As she stood there, ignoring the sharp bite of the
wind, she calmed and she thought about her dream.
The dream. It was always the same.
She was alone in the endless darkness, dark as pitch, dark as
death. Of the dark itself, she was not afraid. What she feared were
the things that lurked in the dark. Hideous things with no form or
face that she could look upon, only eyes, glinting red in the
darkness, and the long bony hands that they reached out to claw her
with, pulling her, tearing at her hair and face and eyes, so that all
she could do was raise her arms to try and shield her face. But that
left her with no way to defend herself against the things that lurked
in the dark. She would pray, pray for a shield to protect her from
the things in the dark. Sobbing, she would scream, and then . . . he
would come.

Prince Endymion bolted upright in bed, breathing heavily, his
sheets tangled about him. His dark black hair was tousled. He ran a
hand through it, unconsciously trying to comb it neater. He gazed
about in the utter darkness of his room, unseeing in the thick gloom.
Getting up, he shoved aside the tangled mess of sheets and walked
over to his balcony. His curtains blew in the wind, but he passed
through them, still unseeing, his eyes replaying the events of his
dream. On his balcony, he could see the starry heavens, the stars
bright pinpoints marking the patterns of the constellations that he
knew by heart. The full moon hung, a silvery-white sphere of light in
the sky. Seeing it, his heartbeat slowed and his breathing became
more regular. He ignored the icy chill in the air and thought about
his dream.
The dream. It was always the same.
He would be alone in the darkness, utterly alone, save for the
voices that whispered in his ears. Nasty voices, promising power and
threatening pain. Feeling the scalding hot stink of their breath in
his ears, he would run in the darkness, the all encompassing darkness,
all the while feeling their breath on his face. He cried in torment
as the icy darkness of nothing whispered ugly lies, "You have sold
your soul" and running he would stumble in the dark. Then he would
pray, pray for a light to see by, a light to run by so that he would
escape these invisible tormentors of his soul. Falling, he would cry
out, and then . . . she would come.

Serenity drew in a deep breath.
Endymion drew in a deep breath.
Then together their dreams merged, becoming one in the expanse of
that unending darkness, that soul-stealing night.

She felt them clawing at her, their fingertips sharp as knives.
He felt them whispering in his ears, their voices menacing in their
snarling animal voices.
And then the hands were gone and she looked up.
And then the voices were gone and he looked up.
And their eyes met across the expanse of that terrifying darkness,
blue into blue.
My savior, Serenity thought, gazing at the boy who stood, like a
shield against the darkness.
My light, Endymion thought, gazing at the girl who stood, glowing
with a silver light, forcing the darkness away.
Blue gazed into blue, two sets of eyes shining with inner light in
the darkness of the depths of their souls. And slowly, ever so
slowly, they began to walk towards one another.
And then they were facing each other after what seemed like both a
moment and an eternity.
Serenity spoke regally, the words still dignified as ever in the
child's voice. "My thanks, my prince."
Endymion replied with as much nobility in his tone, despite his
age. "My thanks, my princess."
And blue gazed into blue as their thoughts echoed in the stillness
of the darkness that seemed less massive and ominous than it had a
moment before.
You were the shield that protected me.
You were the light that showed me my path.
Their hands met as she took his in hers and hers in his. Holding
each other's hands they were joined, linked unto infinity, a circle of
strength unto themselves, keeping out that which lurked in the night
of their souls.
But then, the darkness would come again, pulling them away from
each other and each would cry out in pain as they parted, flesh ripped
from flesh, soul ripped from soul.
I will find you again, my prince!
And I you, my princess!
Then each was alone in the darkness again, but each clung
desperately to a promise made.

Serenity stared at the earth. I will find you, wherever you are.
Endymion stared at the moon. Somehow, we'll be together, and then
we'll not be parted again.
Then each turned and returned to bed, and to the endless dreams and
the memory of an unbreakable promise.

"Come along, Serenity!" her mother called, a bit impatiently.
"We're going to be late!"
Serenity skipped up to her mother, her little blonde ponytails
bouncing. You're like a bunny, the Queen thought fondly.
"Are we really going to Earth, Mommy? Really?"
"Yes, bunny," her mother said absently "We are."
"What?" Serenity asked snapping back to the present and staring at
her daughter in concern. "What's wrong, sweetie?"
"You did it AGAIN!"
"What? What did I do?"
"You called me THAT again."
"I did? Oh, I'm sorry, Sere. I didn't mean to." Oops,
Serenity thought guiltily, I've been thinking aloud again.
Princess Serenity glared at her mother. She hated that. She hated
it *a lot.* Her mother had the most annoying tendency to call her
"bunny" of all things, all the time! I am not a bunny. I am not a
bunny. I am not a bunny. She had had a hard enough time getting
Rei-chan to stop calling her that, the first time she had heard it.
Sheesh! I am NOT a bunny.
Serenity broke into a smile at last. "I forgive you," she said.
They were going to Earth, beautiful, beautiful Earth, and she'd have a
chance to find the boy in her dreams. That alone couldn't make her
stay angry. But just to be on the safe side- "Just this once," she
Her mother smiled. "Okay, bu - I mean, Sere."
The princess let out an exasperated sigh, then grabbing her
mother's hand, she said, "Let's go, Mommy."
The Queen nodded hurriedly. "QUEEN TELEPORT!" They vanished.

Back on the moon, Princess Rei sulked. "It isn't fair."
"What's the matter, Rei-chan?" Sailor Venus bounced up.
"It's not fair that Sere gets to go without us. We're her best
friends! And we're supposed to protect her!"
Venus frowned. "They're just going to dull old Earth. Nothing's
going to happen. 'Sides, we've gotta keep training. So anyway-"
Venus got a sneaky look on her face as she whacked Rei on the arm (but
not hard). "YOU'RE IT!!"
Rei scrunched up her face and glared at the fleeing Venus. Then
she quickly transformed into Sailor Mars and yelled, "I'M GONNA GET
She chased her all around the training yard, fire spurting from her
fingertips, as Venus laughed and dodged, yelling encouragement and
insults. "C'mon you can do better than THAT!"
Her laughter rang throughout the palace, as the other Inner Senshi
joined the game.

Queen Serenity left her daughter in the Royal Gardens with a
warning not to wander off, before she entered the forbidding archway
that led into the Earth Palace itself.
Princess Serenity, staring at all of the beautiful flowers,
promptly disregarded her mother's command and wandered down one of the
paths. I'm worried about Mommy. She was upset. Then her interest
in the flowers got the better of her. "They're SO pretty." She
looked at the roses to the left of her and smiled, walking down the

Prince Endymion, bored as usual, stifled a yawn and stared at the
roses to his right with a bored expression on his face. Ugh, I'm so
bored. I can't believe I'm stuck here, while Jade, Neph, Zoi, and
Kunz are out on that dumb old training mission that was too dangerous
for me. Huh, yeah right. I don't even have any lessons today, well,
except for history, but that was canceled, since Sim-sensei had to
attend his brother's wedding. I can't believe it. A free day, and I
don't have anyone to spar with. The only one around is Lady Beryl,
but I can't fight with a *girl.* Ugh! He brushed a hand along the
miniature sword at his side, his bored expression becoming slightly
agitated, then even more bored.

Serenity looked at the flowers. Oh, they're pretty!
Endymion stared at the flowers. Bored, bored, bored, BORED!

Since neither was looking at where they were going, it should be
perfectly obvious that they collided.

"OW!" Endymion yelled, rubbing his sore head.
"Ouch," Serenity said, painfully.
"WHY DIDN'T YOU WATCH WHERE YOU WERE GOING?!!!" they both shouted.
A bird squawked in fright and flew off.
The two children glared at each other.
Then they burst into laughter. When their laughing had slowed,
they both apologized and smiled at each other.

Princess Serenity stared curiously at the older boy. "What's your
"I'm Endy," he said smiling. "Who're you?"
"I'm Sere." She giggled. "Do you live here?"
"Uh-huh. In the big palace."
"Oh. I live in a palace too, 'cept it's up there." She pointed
towards the sky.
"Up where?" Endy asked, confused.
"On the moon, silly. Where else?"
"You live way up there? Wow. Are you an angel?"
She giggled again. "No, but I wish I had wings so I could fly."
She spun around and fell down, laughing.
Endy laughed too. "Well, I'll tell you what, Sere."
"You can be my guardian angel, 'kay?"
"'Kay. An' you can be mine, right?"
"It's a deal." Sere got to her feet and stuck out her hand.
Endy took it and shook it. "Deal."
"Double deal," Sere said.
"Triple deal," Endy countered, not to be outdone.
"Uh, uh, quadruple deal."
"Well, er, qu-qu-quin-"
"Quintuplet deal!" they shouted together and laughed.
Then Sere turned serious all of a sudden. "We're friends, right
"'Course we are. We promised to protect each other."

"Won't you just consider an alliance?" Serenity asked, desperate.
"No." King Gaian glared at her. "No, I will not."
Queen Terra made a placating gesture with her hands. She turned to
Serenity with a rather flustered smile, her delicate features
conveying her regret. "I'm sorry, my dear, but you know how it is. I
am afraid that the people would never accept the idea. There are
still some people who believe that it would be better were *we* not in
power. We have only the people's interests at heart, as I am sure
that you do. But I do not think that the people would take kindly to
an alliance with the Lunar Kingdom."
"Moon Kingdom," Serenity corrected absently as she silently thought
to herself what she was sure both the King and Queen were thinking,
And no one would ever trust the woman that stole her husband's
greatest treasure in her own greed and fled her kingdom, letting it
fall into chaos behind her. And never looking back. She looked up
into Terra's concerned gray eyes, shouting in her mind, But it isn't
true! I didn't leave because I didn't love him or because of my own
selfishness! It was for the good of the kingdom! Her treacherous
mind supplied the hideous thought, The kingdom that is now dead.

It was dead, dead and turned to dust beneath her fingertips.
Others ruled there now; it had been absorbed into another kingdom, but
the ruins of her castle, of her capital, they remained, their glory
forgotten. She had gone there - walked among the garden paths that
she had once so loved, and wandered through the empty halls thick with
dust and the weight of the long, long years - and everything,
*everything* crumbled beneath her light and loving touch. She had
left, staring at the ruins with empty eyes, willing the tears to come,
but they had not. That is, they had not until little Serenity had
skipped up to her holding a wilted rose, dead and decaying like
everything else, and had asked innocently, "Mommy, isn't it pretty?"
Then Serenity had fallen to her knees with a wail of anguish, great
sobs shaking her shoulders, tears flowing from her eyes and dripping
to make wet spots in the ancient dust that settled about her. Little
Serenity had dropped the flower and awkwardly put her arms around her
mother, making soothing noises though she was obviously confused.
When she had cried as much as she had been able, her daughter had
asked her, very quietly, "Mommy, are you all right?"
Looking up into her daughter's worried eyes, Serenity had stroked
her face and whispered, "Yes. I'm all right." And seeing her
daughter, she was. Together they had walked away from the ruins of
the past, into the brighter future.

Queen Terra's next comment brought Serenity back to the present.
"-and with the destruction of Cathis by Morganite, and the burning of
"Excuse me," Queen Serenity interrupted. "Did you say Morganite?"
Queen Terra paused. "Why, yes. Morganite the spellcaster. But no
need to worry, she was executed for her crimes two years ago. The
villagers all said that she was a witch. Well, when there was a
village, I mean . . ."
Serenity shut her eyes. So, Morganite is dead. And without an
heir, last I heard. There will be no more Sorceresses of Earth. I
suppose her method of preserving her youth got her what she deserved
in the end. Terra obviously knows nothing of the Planetary
Sorceresses. All to the good, I suppose.
"Why does it matter to you?" King Gaian asked, narrowing his eyes
and leaning forward.
Serenity opened her eyes. Oh, so *he* knows. Well, no matter.
"Honestly, darling, that's beside the point, isn't it?" Queen Terra
interjected. "She's dead."
"Hmmph, well, I still don't like it," he muttered under his breath.
Queen Terra turned back to Serenity with an apologetic smile.
"Well, back to the subject at hand. After the destruction of Cathis
by Morganite two years ago and the burning of Bendol after her death,
the people are quite apprehensive and are trying to avoid any new
tragedies as best they can. What with war with Cathal only years away
at the most - they're such an aggressive country - I'm afraid they
would think this alliance too much of a risk."
"I see," said Serenity, calmly, and she did see, but she didn't
like it.
"But can't we work out *some* kind of an-"
"I'm sorry but that is impossible at this time," Terra said quite
firmly, but not unkindly.
"The negotiations are at an end," King Gaian said quite gruffly.
"I'll have someone escort you out."
"Then I'm banished?" she asked, her mind refusing to work properly.
"We're all banished from the world of our birth? We cannot even set a
foot on the soil?" Her eyes pleaded with them for some other
solution, some other way.
"I'm sorry, but until the people of Earth can learn to accept you,
I'm afraid that's the way it'll have to be. I can't speak for the
other kingdoms, but I believe that their answers will be the same. I
am truly sorry." And looking into King Gaian's eyes, she knew that he
was. Nodding briskly and getting a hold of herself, she stood, and
gathering her skirts, she swept out of the room, a servant holding
open the door for her and guiding her out.
In the room that she had just left, King Gaian turned to regard his
Queen. "I hope we did the right thing."
She placed a gentle hand on his arm. "I was for the best, darling,
though I do feel for that woman and her people." She turned to gaze
out the doorway that Serenity had just left through and thought
silently, her eyes brimming with tears, I'm sorry, Serenity. I'm
sorry it had to be this way.

"Sere, we're leaving," Queen Serenity said, taking her daughter's
hand. I told you not to run off!
The princess looked up at her mother pleadingly. "Aw, Mommy, can't
we stay just a little longer?"
"We have to leave, Sere."
"But I was just talking to my new friend. His name is Endy."
"I'm Prince Endy," the boy said politely. "You must be Queen
"Yes. I am."
"Will Sere come back to visit?" Endymion asked, hopefully. She was
a lot of fun.
Queen Serenity gazed on the boy sadly. "I'm sorry, my Prince, but
Sere shall not see you again. We have been banished from this world
and your father was not inclined to negotiations. Farewell." She
took her daughter by the hand and in a flash of light, they were gone.
Endymion stared sadly after. "G'bye, Sere."

The next day the King and Queen were found dead and Crown Prince
Endymion, heir to the throne, was devastated. All thought of the day
before vanished from his mind and so too did the image of the little
girl with the strange hairstyle that he had befriended.
His advisors cried out against the Moon Kingdom, inferring that
they had caused the death of his parents. Hardening his heart,
Endymion was inclined to agree. So with a sinking heart, Endymion was
forced to believe that the kind woman had come only to commit
treachery and kill his parents, and that any alliance between the
Earth and the Moon could never be. Thus, it came about that the
decree banishing all members of the Silver Millennium from setting
foot on Earth was passed, with the punishment of death as a result,
and a war between the worlds.
Anger was the only thing that Endymion felt towards the Moon and
its people. When he dreamt at night, the shining light that was the
girl was swallowed by the darkness, and he lost his way. Endymion
knew himself to blame, though he did not know why. So he swore to
himself that if ever their paths crossed in life, he would protect her
from the darkness as he had failed to do before, and this time he
would not fail . . .

In the shadows, an auburn-haired little girl smiled at the havoc
she had caused as a tiny voice whispered into the darkness, Berr-
ryllllll . . .

Back on the Moon, though she hated herself for doing it, Queen
Serenity blocked away the princess's memories of Earth. It's better
if you don't remember. Then you won't miss it, as I do. It won't do
you any harm.
So it was that Princess Serenity had no memory whatsoever of the
boy she had befriended, and when the dreams came again, she did not
recognize the mysterious boy that came to save her, as the one she had
met. But still the promise remained, the unbreakable vow, "I will
find you . . ."

To be continued . . .

A brief musical intro is played involving a keyboard, xylophone
(maybe), soft drums, guitar, and harp.

A full white moon on a black background fades into existence.

"My heart says to me,"

Queen Serenity stares at the earth from her balcony.

"I love someone so dearly,"

She turns away, tears falling from her eyes.

"That I know,"

She looks at the wedding ring on her finger.

"There's no one for me,"

She blinks away some tears.

"But you."

She looks at Earth again with a sad little smile.

"I would like you to see,"

Three-year old Princess Serenity looks at Earth's roses with a big
smile. She walks down a path.

"What is wrong and what is true,"

Six-year old Prince Endymion walks down a path, looking at the roses
with a bored expression on his face.

"I am in love,"

They walk into each other.

"(I am in love)"

They both begin to yell.

"I am in love-"

They stop and look at each other.

"With you."

They apologize and smile.

"Angel light,"

Chibi-Rei puts her fingers together (as in her Fire Soul).

"Please bathe me in your love tonight,"

She gets a spark, then jumps back, having burnt her finger.

"I am longing for a glimpse-"

Chibi-Makoto's little attenae comes out of her tiara.

"Of your Angel light."

She zaps herself with her lightning and falls down, burnt looking and
eyes swirling.

"I will be forever yours tonight,"

Chibi-Ami does her "Shabon Spray Freeze" motions.

"Just smile at me,"

But she freezes the ground she's standing on and slips on the ice,
falling down with a surprised expression on her face.

"With that Angel light."

Chibi-Rei, Chibi-Makoto, and Chibi-Ami laugh at each other.

"Angel light,"

Chibi-Minako looks at them and sniffs.

"You are like an angel in my sight,"

She goes through the motions for her love-me-chain and it looks like
she's done it perfectly.

"I have never felt a love as bright,"

The other girls stare in amazement.

"As your Angel light."

Then the chain wraps up Chibi-Minako so that her arms are trapped.
She hops around and the other girls laugh.

"Angel light,"

Chibi-Haruka, Chibi-Michiru, Luna, and Artemis look at the Inner
Senshi and face-fault.

"You bring love to lift the darkness in my life,"

Chibi-Haruka attempts her World Shaking, and does it pretty well.

"I am enveloped by your Angel light,"

However, the ground underneath her feet shakes, making her fall down.

"Please say that it's all right,"

Chibi-Michiru tries her Deep Submerge.

"That I let you in my life."

She ends up getting soaked.

"Angel light,"

Cut to show Baby Hotaru sitting an a plaid blanket off to one side,

"As I hold you in my arms tonight,"

Baby Hotaru makes her miniature Silence Glaive appear.

"I won't let your dreams give you fright,"

She lifts her tiny scythe.

"You don't have to fight,"

All of the Chibi-Senshi jump on top of her to keep her from doing

"It'll be all right,"

Hotaru struggles beneath the pile of Senshi on top of her.

"My Angel light,"

Everyone gets off of her.

"My Angel light."

They look at each other and laugh sheepishly. (Sweat drops all

"Angel light,"

Pluto watches all this and sighs.

"I am filled by love when I get you in my sight,"

She raises her Time Staff but there is a flash of purple light-

"I just want to forever hold you tight,"

-and she has accidentally reverted to a child.

"'Cause together just it feels so right,"

All of the Chibi-Senshi plus the cats laugh at Chibi-Setsuna.

"So just bathe me in your-"

Still a child, she gets mad and tries her "Dead Scream" attack on them
(the staff *is* smaller BTW), but-

"Angel light,"

-the wind messes up her hair instead of doing anything.

"I will be forever yours tonight,"

Everyone's still laughing, but Setsuna suddenly reverts to her usual
adult self, and begins chasing the Chibi-Senshi and the cats, who all
get panicked looks on their faces.

"Shining in your-"

Queen and Chibi-Princess Serenity show up all of a sudden, and
everyone crashes into a big pile in front of the princess.

"Angel light."

Chibi-Princess Serenity looks at them with a happy expression and
giggles. White rose petals blow across the screen.

Next, Sailor Moon Past Loves Part Two: First Love

Sailor Moon injured? Princess Serenity gone? I will not forgive
those who stand in the way of love! In the name of the moon, I will
punish you. The moonlight carries the message of love.

P.S. A couple of other good writers, you'll love them even if you
hated *my* stuff. Lady, Jendra (Sorry about the water scene, there
are only so many ways to wake somebody up. Gomen), Tenshi & Jenn,
John Biles(& Jeff Hosmer), Courtney Wells, Connie Somerville Kotkins,
Lianne (Hey, I wrote my fire scene before I read yours, which makes
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swear on Usagi and Mamoru's love that I had the same idea, but for a
different reason! Now if that isn't a binding oath, I don't know what
is. P.S. The scene's in Part Two.) Ross TenEyck (Now that's REAL
poetry), Janelle Jimenez (The first half of Zodiac sucked, everything
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(Have I listed *everyone* yet? No? Oh, okay.) Eric "Greywolf" den
Biesen, Mike Chenoweth, John Gibbons, Larry Drews(where's the rest of
"Rebirth"?), Renee Markowicz, Lauren Griffin, Douglas Helm, "Tuxedo"
Will Wolfshohl, Jennifer Wand (I'm doing something with the "R" arc
too . . . BTW, I loved "Darien's View"!), Pandora Waldron, Andrea
Principe, Ninx, Zorina Skye, Andrew Garde (*Ahem*, "Together Once
More"?) and the ever present Chris Davies. Read Sailor Moon: A
Love Story aka Sailor Moon: The Greatest Dream of All by Shadows of
Light or Fiona Lim. Oh yeah, Monica Shin's "Duty, Choices" inspired
the epilogue (Part Six) of this series so go read it after Part Five
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