The first time was hard enough


Lady Razeli

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Summary: Serena Tsukino, hard working doctor and single mother never thought she would ever see the father of her child again, until the spoiled playboy shows up on her doorstep with marriage in mind as his inheritance is now at stake. She shuts him out not wanting him to take her on another whirl wind romance only to leave her and her daughter again for his rich lifestyle uninhibited by a woman looking for commitment and her young daughter, who he happened to be the father of.

They Meet

Darien Chiba, well-known playboy walked through the carnival in search of a corndog. He never could pass up a chance to get a carnival corndog. He felt a bit out of place without a kid or a girlfriend, but he was Darien Chiba and if he needed a woman to keep people from looking at him weird all he had to do was look her way. After all he was heir to millions and ridiculously sexy.

"Oh yeah I have it all. Now where are those corndogs."

"What do you mean you're out of corndogs!" Darien stopped walking as he spotted a beautiful blond goddess yelling at the guy on the stand. He walked over and noted her white doctor's jacket.

"I'm sorry Miss there are just no more corndogs in the entire carnival."

"What!" Darien exclaimed. "This unbelievable! I took time out of my busy schedule for a corn dog and you're telling me there aren't any."

"I know, I have co-workers expecting a corn dog."

"I'm sorry." They walked away.

"This is just great, I'm on a tight schedule and there aren't anymore corndogs." Darien looked at the blond Goddess beside him. She suddenly looked up at him with beautiful sky blue eyes and seemed to see through his midnight blue ones into the very depths of his soul. Serena let out a breath of air, she had never met a man so handsome as the one before her.


"Darien Chiba."

"Nice to meet you," They said at the same time making both of them a little embarrassed. They shook hands.

"Want some funnel cake?" He asked. Serena smiled and nodded.

"Well I do love funnel cake as much as I love corn dogs." He smiled.

"Me too." They got funnel cake and he paid.

"Why so many?" Darien asked.

"Oh my co-workers were expecting corn dogs, but since they're out, they've given me money for funnel cake as well."

"You're a…" Darien started but her phone beeped.

"Oh my I have to go, buy thanks for the funnel cake, I'll pay you back." Serena left quickly with six funnel cakes in hand. She returned to the Hospital where she worked as a surgeon. She was thinking about going back to Medical school to be credential as a pediatrician instead. She did love children and she did love making them feel better.

"I told you it would get her back faster," Lita told Raye, Amy, Mina, and Molly.

"Great Job Lita."

"You guys are horrible, but anyway they were out of corndogs."

"What!" They exclaimed. "Out of corndogs whadda ya mean!" Serena cringed.

"They were out so I got everyone funnel cake."

"Those…ugh I'm so mad," Raye grumbled. She handed them back their money.

"Hey Sere you didn't have to buy it for us, that's why we gave you money."

"I didn't, some hot guy bought it." Mina who was turned around turned back to her and pulled her to a chair.

"Start talking, you're now talking to Dr. Love."

"Well there I was arguing with the guy about not having any corndogs because that's just outrageous I mean what kind of carnival doesn't have corndogs, it's…"

"Okay forget about the corndogs talk about the guy," Lita said impatiently.

"Oh right of course well he came up behind me and demanded to know why they didn't have corndogs. Next thing I knew I was introducing myself and he introduced himself so than he bought me funnel cake well all of us. And just before the conversation could go anywhere you guys called."

"Lita!" They exclaimed. Lita looked down blaming herself as well.

"Oh God you have to go back and see if he's still there," Mina said impatiently. " I wanna know more about him and what did you say his name is?"

"Darien Chiba."

"Darien Chiba!" They exclaimed. Everyone stared at them, but they ignored them.

"Um…should I know him?" Serena asked. They looked at her in disbelief. They all dragged her to Mina's office.

"He is only the hottest billion dollar heir to Chiba Industries," Mina squealed as if there hadn't been a pause in their conversation as they raced to her office. Mina tossed a magazine to her.

"Honey you just met the bank at the carnival," Raye told her.

"He's so rich the Queen of England is poor compared to him okay, only thing she holds over him is a freaking useless title," Lita told her.

"Lita," Amy said before turning to Serena to face her. "But Serena you should be careful around this guy, Darien Chiba is known to be a major playboy."

"Yeah and Sere is just the girl to make him settle down," Lita told her moving Amy out of Serena's line of vision. "I say go for it girl. I mean if anything you can come out of this with a night to remember. He is absolutely gorgeous after all."

"Well he was handsome, but guys the chances of me actually meeting him again…"

"Are one and six billion," Amy interjected. Serena sighed and looked at Amy.

"Thank you, I really needed to hear that out loud," Serena told her sarcastically and Amy grinned.

"Well its true the odds are against you."

"Unless fate is trying to tell you something because hottest heir to ever walk the planet just pulled up into the hospital parking lot," Raye said.

"What!" Mina practically jumped over her desk to look out her window. "Oh my God, I would know those gorgeous locks anywhere!"

"Serena! What the hell are you still doing up here, go downstairs!" Amy exclaimed when she looked out of the window.

"What, wait no Sere first we have to do a hair and make up check," Mina declared. They brushed her hair making it look neater and shine more before reapplying her make up.

"Now remember act natural do your job, pretend as little interest as possible without discouraging him," Mina told her before they pushed her out the door, into the elevator and to her office before leaving her. The nurse came in immediately.

"Dr. Tsukino, your patient is ready to be prepped for the removal or her ovaries."

"Thank you." She nodded and walked out. Serena hurried off to the O.R. grabbing the woman's file on the way. Darien Chiba would have to wait until she got out of surgery.

"Where is she going?" Lita asked the nurse as they came out of hiding.

"O.R. it's scheduled for now." They groaned.

"Well if a hot guy comes looking for her, tell him to wait." The nurse nodded. "Oh God I have to get back to the children, my one o'clock must be here by now." Lita hurried off. Raye got back to the maternity ward and Amy went down to the E.R. she didn't specialize in anything in particular. Mina was a psychiatrist and hurried to her patient's room to counsel them about their grief.

"Excuse me, do you know where I can find a short, cute, long golden haired, doctor?" Darien asked the receptionist. At his description she smiled and nodded.

"Yes, you must be talking about Dr. Serena, Tsukino, you can find her in the surgical ward."

"And that is?" Darien asked.

"On the third floor, just above the maternity ward. Don't expect to see her without an appointment though."

"How can I convince you to help me get in without an appointment?" Darien asked slipping her a hundred-dollar bill.

"I don't know Sir, there is simply no…" He slipped her another hundred and she looked at him expectantly.

"Three that's as far as I go." She accepted the third hundred-dollar bill.

"Slip the nurse upstairs a hundred dollar bill and she'll tell you all you need to know and if Dr. Tsukino is not in surgery will immediately see you into her office." Darien nodded and raced upstairs. At first after Serena had run off he'd gone straight to his office and told Andrew all about his little run in, but than Andrew had convinced him that smart blond goddesses with legs for days only walked into your life once and he needed to take advantage of it. Darien of course had agreed, I mean since when did he ever let a beautiful girl pass him by. Besides Serena was one of a kind after all. Assured that Andrew could handle the business meeting on his own, he was gone.

"Can I help you sir?" the nurse asked when he reached the surgical ward. She fell for him immediately, who didn't weak in the knees when they saw the Adonis standing before them.

"Yes, I am looking for Dr. Serena Tsukino."

"I'm sorry sir, but you can't see her without an appointment." He gave her a hundred-dollar bill without anyone seeing.

"I need to see Dr. Tsukino if you please."

"I'm sorry Sir, but the doctor just ran up to the O.R. however you are welcome to wait in her office."

"Thank you." She showed him inside and he looked around. It was full of medical books on everything he could possibly imagine, he supposed. On the walls were her degrees.

"Harvard Medical wow," He murmured. Darien walked over to her desk, which had a computer and other necessities. Everything was neat and had its own place. On her desk was a picture of her four best friends and they were all doctors from their outfits in the picture. There was another picture of them as five-year-olds. Serena was beautiful even than, he thought as he moved to the next picture. It was more recent consisting of her and her family. She had a mother, father, and younger brother. From the look in her parents eyes they were having marital problems if not divorced. Two more pictures confirmed a divorce in his mind as her picture s had both her parents separated. Now each parent was considerably happier. Serena was younger in the picture with her mother than she was in the one with her father, so than he was not sure.

"Now why is that space empty?" He asked. He noted that it was just room enough for another picture. The door opened at that moment. Serena was talking to someone about the woman not being ready for surgery because of something, so they couldn't do it. She entered and gasped when she saw Darien.

"Oh you found me."

"Yes, I found you," Darien grinned. Serena grinned a little too. "Did you enjoy your funnel cake." Serena nodded.

"Very much, though I still wish they had corndogs." Darien laughed.

"Yes, I do as well."

"I thought you were in a hurry to get somewhere?"

"I was and I went, but than I had to find you." Serena smiled.

"Why?" She asked walking over and motioning for him to get out of her chair. He moved. He shrugged.

"A girl like you only comes around one, why miss out." Darien walked over to the seat opposite her desk. "So will a girl like you grace me with her presence for dinner tonight?"


"Yes, tonight, the most expensive restaurant in town."

"No," Serena refused. He was a playboy and she would not be so eager to go out with him like all the other women that threw themselves at his feet. She would not be just another name on his list another notch in his bedpost.

"I assure you, you will not be just another notch in my bedpost," Darien told her seeing the look in her eyes.

"That's what they all say before they break your heart." Darien chuckled.

"Too many romance novels I see, but I am different. So come on tonight dinner, you and I. Don't make me beg, please." Serena grinned.

"No, we wouldn't want the great Darien Chiba to beg for something." He got on his knees and begged her. He was as surprised as she was.

"If you're going to beg than I guess I'll have to say yes."

"Yes!" Darien exclaimed. "So when and where can I pick you up?"

"My shift ends at eight, if you don't mind a late dinner."

"No, I don't."

"Good, here's my address pick me up at nine."

"I'll be there."

"Can't wait," Serena replied.

"Well I must get back to my meeting. I'm glad I found you." He hurried out and no sooner had he gone were all her friends in the room.

"Dish!" Mina exclaimed. Serena told all and they squealed with delight.

"Oh my God we're all over there to help you prepare."

"Ready to go?" Darien asked showing up at her place right on time.

"Yep, I just have to go get my purse and wrap." Darien looked dashing in his dark blue Gabardine Three button Suit and Serena wore a beautiful Giorgio Armani Couture Dress - Black Viscose Evening Gown with Beaded Detail with a matching wrap and purse. Serena went upstairs and the girls handed her what she needed.

"All packed," Amy told her.

"Wait," Mina said. "Lita." Lita nodded and pulled out several condoms.

"Just in case," Lita said winking.

"Lita, Mina," Serena whined. "You know I'm not like that."

"Yeah, but they're right Serena, you just never know who that guy will be," Raye told her. Everyone nodded their agreement and Serena blushed as they placed the condoms in her purse of every size.

"Hope that's the right size," Mina whispered loud enough for Serena to hear as she left out with a wave. Her blush got even redder especially when she saw Darien again.

"You ready?" Serena nodded and headed for the door and he followed. "Bye ladies!"

"Bye!" They called back slightly surprised he knew they were there.

"Bye girls," Serena called back. Serena was slightly surprised that a limousine waited for them and the driver helped her inside before Darien got in.

"Have you ever rode in a limousine?" Darien asked.


"When?" Darien asked.

"The first was on my prom night."

"The second?"

"Raye's wedding."

"And Raye is?" Darien asked.

"The Ob/gyn, she has long black hair." Darien nodded.

"And the others?"

"There's Amy, she's got short hair, and she's an attending physician down in the Emergency Room. Lita is the Pediatrician, she loves children. Lastly is Mina, she's the blond that resembles me, she's actually my cousin."

"And what does she do at the hospital, nurse?" Serena looked at him.

"Don't let Mina ever hear you call her a nurse, she takes it as an insult that someone would just assume she's a nurse. Its true she can be a total ditz as much as I have klutz attacks, but she's much smarter than she looks." Darien laughed.

"I think I'll call her a nurse just to see her reaction." Serena laughed.

"Okay you'll regret it."

"So what did she specialize in?"

"Mental Health, she's a psychiatrist and on the side she's a match maker." Darien laughed.

"And how many of her matches have well survived?"

"Well to tell you the truth she's better at telling when someone is already in love that will last than she is at creating love matches. Don't get me wrong every so often Mina hits it right on the nose, but than there are other times she is way wrong."

"And what does the Love doctor say about us?" Darien asked. Serena laughed. "What's so funny?"

"No one except you and of course herself have ever called her the Love doctor." Darien laughed too. "But I think she thinks you would be a match made in heaven for me, but she warns me not to put all my eggs in one basket if you know what I mean." Darien nodded.

"I do." Soon they were at the best restaurant in town and having a lovely dinner.

"So what are your hobbies?" Serena asked.

"I love to read and I golf with my dad and sometimes other business associates. Usually we don't let anyone else join us in our time together unless it's very important business."

"What are you like junior CEO?" Serena asked. Darien grinned.

"Something like that, I'm the bosses son, that's even better." Serena laughed as did he. "But yeah you hit it right on the money, I've worked in the company ever since I was thirteen, I have worked every job in that company to get to where I am. I had to learn the business inside and out. But you know I don't like talking about work. Let's get to know you a bit, what do you do in your spare time?" Darien easily switched to her, nothing made a date go faster than by a girl talking about herself. Hopefully Serena was a total bore like the others.

"Well in my spare time I travel to third word countries surgically fixing cleft lip."

"So you do plastic surgery too?" Darien asked. Serena nodded.

"Yeah, sometimes I moonlight a bit and just do straight up plastic surgery to make some quick cash for my savings. I'm a shopaholic sometimes what with having a friend like Mina who is addicted."

"Wow, so what other hobbies do you have?"

"Um… sometimes Lita and I help out at the local daycare center or orphanage. Orphanage more than the daycare though. If I'm really tired out I treat myself to a spa day or just laze around at home more often than not with a nice book. Than there's other fun stuff I do with the girls."


"Origami, reading, and you'll probably think its weird, but I have a train set. I love collecting trains." Darien looked at her surprised.

"I thought I was the only one these days." They had a very animated conversation about trains and restoring them. They went back to Serena's house and played with her train set. She was thankful the girls had left. After that night Darien took her on a whirl wind romance. They spent three glorious weeks together. He even flew her all the way to Beijing just for dinner. There was a nice celebration going on so they had a blast.

"I can't believe you're still with this girl."

"Yeah, well it all ends tonight," Darien told Andrew.

"Really?" Andrew asked. "You think tonight is the night?"

"It has to be, we're going back to London tomorrow aren't we?" Andrew nodded.

"Yes, we are, but does she know that?" Darien shook his head.

"I hadn't the heart to tell her."

"So you've romanced her for three weeks, and now you're going to have sex with her and leave the next morning."

"Yeah, pretty much, I've done it before and now is no different."

"Wow man I thought you'd at least be nice to this one."

"I am being nice, she doesn't need me around. Let her find happiness with someone who is not a workaholic. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go pick her up for our last date." Andrew shook his head as he watched Darien go.

"Our three week anniversary can you believe it?" Serena asked Mina.

"I knew you two would be together, oh Sere, you're so lucky," Mina told her. They all helped her get ready for her date.

"So is tonight the night?" Lita asked.

"Lita," They groaned. Lita gave a little laugh.

"Hey I wanna know and don't act like you guys don't."

"She's got a point," Mina pointed out.

"All right spill," Raye told her. Serena blushed.

"Well I was thinking tonight might be the night, I don't know how much will power I have left to refuse him." They all squealed.

"Oh our little Sere is growing you guys," Lita cried.

"And that'll only leave Amy."

"I'm waiting."

"I said the same thing, but will power only lasts so long," Serena told her.

"Well we'll see if I am truly stronger willed," Amy told her. Soon they all scrammed in anticipation for her date.

"You ready?" Darien asked. Serena nodded and they walked out to the limousine. Everything seemed more romantic than usual. Darien was pulling out all the stops and he was determined to have her dress off by midnight.

"Darien stop, I don't think I can stop this time," Serena breathed as he kissed her neck.

"That's what I was hoping for," Darien whispered to himself. Out loud he said. "I will go no further than you want me too." He continued to kiss her and Serena lost her will power as she returned his gentle kisses. Too her they were making passionate love after she got pass the pain.

"Darien?" Serena asked as they made love.

"Yes Serena?" Darien asked.

"Do you love me?" Serena asked even though her mind told her it was a little late to be asking that.

"Yes, I do," Darien lied easily or at least he thought it to be a lie.

"I love you too," Serena whispered back and than she did not hold back much to his joy and delight forgetting about their exchange of words.

"This is going to be hard on you," Darien whispered before he kissed her forehead careful not to disturb the way her hair flowed over her body and shined in the morning light. Her face was so peaceful and happy. To think he was going to put a frown on her face. He shook his head, he was a horrible man and he didn't deserve to be the one to make her transformation into a woman complete. "Oh I have sinned big time, you were my forbidden apple and I ate you. Now I cast myself out of this garden of Eden." He dressed quickly and quietly. He even folded her dress from the night before and pulled the covers up over her. Next he got her breakfast from a restaurant and flowers. He wrote a note explaining so that she would not worry and call him constantly. He left the yellow roses in a vase on the table with the note under it. Breakfast was laid out and than he left just as he heard her begin to awake.

"Hmm…Darien," Serena said opening her eyes and turning over to touch him. She found the bedside empty and neatly made up. She sat up and looked around. His clothes weren't around or anything. It was like he had never been there. She got out of bed ignoring the soreness between her legs and dressed in one of her sexy nightgowns. "Darien!" She smelled food and smiled to herself. She found the kitchen empty and undisturbed. She looked at the table and found breakfast. She ate as she looked around.

"Maybe he went to get something or he had to leave suddenly for a meeting. He hadn't said anything about a meeting, but that was normal." She walked into her living room and saw the yellow roses on the table. Under the roses was a note and she picked it up. Upon reading the first line she dropped her food and by the time she got to end she was furious.

"Damn you Darien Chiba!" She threw the vase against the wall in anger before she started crying. Her friends found her living room a mess when they came during their lunch hour after repeated calls. They finally found her crying her eyes out in her bedroom.

"Sere, what happen downstairs?" Mina asked. They all sat around her.

"Did Darien do something?" Lita asked suddenly angry and ready to go kick his ass. Always the friend ready to defend her friends against anyone who hurt them.

"He left," Serena cried as she leaned against Raye who rubbed her back.

"What do you mean he left?" Amy asked.

"And we thought you were the smart one," Raye told Amy who blushed a little.

"He left just like that," Serena told them. She showed them the letter. They gasped. " I just don't understand I asked him outright if he loved me and he said he did. Now this!" She went back into hysterics.

"Serena the only thing you can do now is move on," Amy told her a little later.

"Things will get better we promise, things will change, Darien will pay for doing this to you."

"If he weren't out of the country I'd kill him for hurting you," Lita told her.

"You guys are right, I can't let him drag me down," Serena cried. Her depression lasted a few more weeks before she fully recovered into her old self that is until she took a pregnancy test.