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Brennan was running down the hall as fast as she could. She had to get away. He had told her to run and for once she knew she had too. Her foot was hurting and that made it all the harder to run. All she could think about was getting out of the building. Somewhere behind her she heard a gunshot. Booth! She stopped mid-stride. Turning on the spot she forgot the reason she was running and ran back towards the noise. It had come from her kitchen Heart pounding she opened the door. When she walked in she found the source. Booth was standing over the intruder with a gun in his hand. There was blood on his face and shirt. But it wasn't his blood. He looked up at her. She couldn't read his expression. He spoke.

"I'm so sorry Bones."

30 hours before the shot:

"Bones I really don't think you should take this case!"

"Why not Booth? I mean it's just like any other case. What does it matter about the victims past? All I need to do is positively identify him and find out how he died. It's not as if we have to investigate the case." She was looking through the files on her desk, while he was standing beside it.

"Bones don't you remember the last time you got involved in a mob case."

"Of course I do Booth. But I still haven't confirmed that this is in fact, this Johnny… what ever his name is."

"Bones you know as well as I do that this is him and I don't know want you in the middle of this mess! Lots of the main mob bosses of his day were reported to have been involved in his disappearance. It could get messy!"

"Booth how many times do I have to tell you that I can protect myself?"

"Ah that explains why I've had to rescue you on a few occasions."
"Booth it will be fine. The sooner I get this done the sooner you can relax so just let me do this!" She stormed out of the office.

8 hours before the shot:

Brennan unlocked her door. She had identified the victim as Johnny Marci. They had even been able to match the slug found in him to an old case file. Now it was out of her hands and as far as she was concerned she had nothing to worry about but Booth thought otherwise. He refused to leave her by herself. And he was insisting on staying in her apartment. And despite her best efforts she was unable to persuade him to leave her alone. So she let them both in and she threw her coat on the couch.

"I'm going for a shower." She said.

"Ok I'll crash here." He threw himself onto the couch. Twenty minutes later when she emerged from the bathroom he was fast asleep. Smiling she grabbed two beers and plonked down beside him. He awoke with a start

"Some bodyguard you are! Falling asleep on the job!" she laughed as he looked around forgetting for a second where he was. He sat up and took one of the bottles she was holding. They sat up for the next few hours talking. Then they both fell asleep on the couch.

2 minutes before the shot:

Booth woke up with a shock. There was someone banging on the door. He looked down at his chest and found Brennan still asleep on top of him. Another knock and she was awake.

"What's that!" she jumped up. Then the door broke open, and a large man in a grey suit stood there. She couldn't see his face. It was in the shadows. Booth threw her off him as gently he could as the unknown man came towards them, she tried to stand up quickly and twisted her ankle. Booth punched the intruder in the face and he fell sideways. Booth grabbed her by the shoulders and whispered into her ear.

"Run Bones. Don't look back just run. Please!" his face looked so concerned that she didn't dare argue with him. She ran out the door and flew down the hall…