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Chapter One

Joey was running, running like he had the devil himself after him. Not really knowing where he was going, only knowing that he could never go back there again.

Joey stumbled before he finally fell and really messed up his knee and couldn't go on. He laid there in the tall grass and curled into a ball and started crying and he cried so hard that his body started shaking. Finally he just stopped crying and closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Virginia Bloom was a very stocky woman who was as stubborn as a mule and she wasn't going to let no big time businessman take her land from her without a fight. She was walking home from visiting a sick friend when she heard someone crying and when she went to see who it was, she found a young man and he looked like he had just wrestled with the devil himself and lost. She walked over to where the young man was and then she touched his arm and said "Who are you and why are you here on my land?"

Joey tried to get up but his knee was so bad that he just sat there looking up at the woman and he said "My name is Joe and as why I'm here well the ground here is softer then over there."

Virginia started laughing so hard she nearly fell down and then she said, "My name is Virginia Bloom, but you can call me Ginny, now let's get you to the house and I can see how bad your knee is."

Joey sat there looking at the woman and he said "Are you really strong enough to get me off the ground let alone get me to your house?"

Virginia held out her hand and she said "Let's find out shall we."

She not only got him off the ground she carried him to her house, opened the door and sat him on the side of her bed while she went to get the supplies she would need to clean him up with.

She got back and then she said "We have to get those pants off so I can take a look at that knee." Joey stared at her and then he shrugged and undid his pants and then she said "Lay back and take a deep breathe this is going to hurt like hell."

She carefully pulled off his pants and like she had told him, he nearly screamed as he took them off his bad knee and then he swallowed back the tears as she examined how badly he messed up that knee. Virginia then handed him a tissue and said "Sorry for hurting you like that but there wasn't any other way to get them off."

She very carefully touched the knee and determined that he only bruised it and then she took something and started cleaning his knee with it and then he did scream because it hurt like hell. "What in the hell is in that stuff?" Joey finally got out.

Virginia said "I never asked but it heals all the sores that my horses get when I use it on them." Then she started laughing at the expression on Joey's face and she said "This is an old remedy that my grandma showed me how to make before she died and I've been using it on me and any of the animals around here for years."

Virginia then bandaged his knee and said "You have to stay off that leg for a couple of weeks and let it heal or you'll really damage it."

Joey then said "I can't stay here for that long, I have to keep going." She looked at him and then she said "Well unless you plan on leaving in your underwear you'll have to wait because I'm keeping these pants until I say you can leave."

Joey knew when he was beat and he said "Alright I'll stay here now can I have my pants?"

Virginia smiled as she walked over to a cedar chest on the floor and using a key that was around her neck she opened the chest and put his pants in it and then closed the lid and relocked it. "Nope she said."

"How am I supposed to go to the bathroom or even walk around without my pants?" He asked her.

Virginia then walked to a closet and opening it she got out a pair of old scrubs and she carefully helped him put them on and then she said "Now you can walk around and as far as the bathroom is concerned it's over there." Then she walked to the kitchen and started fixing some lunch.

Joey laid there staring at the ceiling wondering how long he would really have to stay here and if he could somehow get that key away from her and get his pants back and leave her by tomorrow. Virginia's voice brought him back to reality as she asked him "Do you like egg salad sandwiches?"

Joey sat up and his stomach growled and she laughed as she handed him a plate with two huge sandwiches on it and a big glass of milk. "Thanks" he said as he started eating the sandwiches. When he was done eating and drinking the milk he got tired and fell asleep, not knowing that she put something in his milk that made him sleepy.

As she watched him sleep, Virginia wondered why he was there and what he was running away from. Oh well he'll tell me when he wants to she said to herself as she took the plate and glass and did dishes and went outside to chop some more wood for the fireplace.

As Joey was sleeping he started dreaming and in the dream he had just killed someone who had tried to rape his mom and sister and had injured his dad really badly and how that man was a well know thug with connections to some really bad men. Joey got his family to a safe place and made sure that they got medical care and then he started running, running to make sure that they would come after him and leave his family alone. Joey woke up yelling "Leave them alone you bastard."

Virginia hurried inside to see what the matter was and found Joey sitting up with tears running down his face. She then said "Want to tell me what is the matter and why are you running away?"

Joey wiped his face and softly said "I can't tell you anything I don't remember what I was dreaming of." Then he lay back down and closed his eyes. Virginia stood there and then she went back outside.

Joey listened to the sound coming from outside and very carefully he sat up and found a pair of crutches beside the bed and he stood up and using them he hobbled to the door and stood there watching this strange but gentle woman swinging an axe and making kindling for the fireplace. He remembered seeing his grandpa do that when he was younger and he and his parents had gone to visit him long before Serenity was born.

Virginia knew he was standing behind her watching what she was doing but she paid him no heed and continued chopping the wood. When she was done she picked up as much as she could and turned around and said "Well I see you found the crutches I left for you. Then when he moved she came inside and put the wood in the box and said are you getting hungry?"

Joey smiled and said "Yes, yes I am and thanks for helping me."

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