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Chapter Nine

Joey woke up early to find Ginny getting out all her metal pot and pans and setting them on the table and cupboard and she had two wooden spoons in her hands and the most impish smile on her face that made her look like a little girl and she said "Want to help me wake up this bunch of drunken men?"

Joey smiled and held out his hand and she place a wooden spoon in his hand and then she said "when I could to three start banging and yelling as loud as you can and you'll see some very sick and probably mad men falling out of bed or running into walls trying to get away from the noise. One, two, three not start banging and yelling!"

That's exactly what they did and the sound of screaming and cussing men filled the air. Some fell out of bed while the others tried to get someplace where there wasn't any noise and then actually ran into each other and two of them hit the wall. The only two who just came out looking for a fight was Bakura and Marik.

Bakura fell out of bed and hit the floor hard and then he stood up and started walking towards where the ruckus was coming from and then Marik got up off the floor and did the same thing. When Ginny and Joey saw them coming towards them Ginny said "Get behind me and then she picked up two guns and aimed them directly at Bakura and Marik and she said "Get back or I'll blast a whole through your gut."

Bakura started laughing and soon Marik joined in and then the others followed and Roland finally said "Woman that's just plain mean to wake a man up from a drunken stupor that way." Then he too started laughing and then Bakura said "What's for breakfast and that caused some of the men to put their hands over their faces and run outside for the nearest place to throw up and that caused Ginny to burst out laughing and she said through her laughter "That's what you all get for getting plastered last night on that hooch."

Finally they all settled down and Joey helped her make breakfast which consisted of toast and scrambled eggs for some and well Bakura and Marik wanted fried eggs, some bacon and of course toast with lots of butter. That caused some of them to run outside again and all Bakura and Marik did was laugh and Bakura said to Marik "They can't hold their liquor now can they?"

Finally after breakfast and the dished were done, Bakura said "Wheeler lets go get your family and bring them back here to get some of Ginny's great food." So off they went to the secret location that Joey's family had been hiding at. Bakura knew exactly where it was because he was the one who took them there after all the shit it the fan.

As Joey walked into the door of the house he was engulfed by his family and tears ran like a river as they all cried and laughed and cried some more. Hank thanked Bakura for keeping his boy safe and then Mary gave him a big hug and kiss and of course Serenity well she only blushed and said "Thanks." Then Joey said "I want you all to meet a very courageous woman who saved my ass more then once and taught me that I could accomplish anything if I just wanted it hard enough." So they all got their things and piled into the car and Bakura drove back to Ginny's.

As the car pulled up outside Ginny's house she came outside and as Joey got out of the car he walked over to her and said "I want you to meet my family."

Hank, Mary and Serenity walked over to where they were standing and Joey said "This is Virginia Bloom the woman who kept me alive and taught me a few things that gave me the guts to face Salvador Lawrence."

Hank walked over and said "I'm Hank and this is my wife Mary and our daughter Serenity and we're very happy to meet you." The Ginny found herself being hugged by all three of them and then Mary said "Thanks for keeping my son alive and giving him back to us." Serenity smiled at Ginny and she gave her a kiss and softly said "He might be a pain in the butt but he's still my big brother and I love him with all my heart and God bless you for making sure that I'd be able to tease him again."

Ginny laughed at that and then she said "Joseph not only came into my life when he needed my help but he has helped me out of a few scrapes too and it was my pleasure to make sure that he got home to all of you again. I will forever love this young man for the rest of my life."

They all went inside and Joey introduced everyone to his family and then Roland turned to Ginny and he said "I have a message from Salvador, he wants to know it you want to buy the land that his idiotic son owns he said he'd sale it to you for a decent price."

Ginny looked at Roland as tears ran down her face and she said "That's very generous of him but I don't have that kind of money though I've always wanted to own a good horse ranch, but that's just another of my dreams that my late husband said was just a pipe dream that would never happen."

Malcolm then spoke up and said "Listen I know that we've just met a few days ago, but I've always wanted to own a good horse ranch myself in fact I own a few really good studs and if you'd let me I'd love to go into business with you. I have the money to buy the land if you'll help me draw up some plans on how to start making this horse ranch work out."

Ginny looked at him as if he had two heads and then Joey said "Go ahead and accept his offer you know that's what you really want and hell I'll come and help you build anything you'll need and I know that this bunch of riff raff will help out too, so why not?"

Then Joey's dad said "Listen I'm good with my hands and Mary here well she's good a fixing food and our daughter loves horses so can we help too?"

Ginny then wiped her eyes and she turned to Malcolm and held out her hand and she said "I guess you've got yourself a partner then." Malcolm then grabbed Ginny and gave her a big kiss and as everyone looked on she returned the kiss and then came the cheers and yells of "Go Ginny" and that was the beginning of her new life with someone who would love her and make her happy. Joey was so happy that he said "Today is the best day of your life so be happy." She gave him a big hug and she said "Now you go get your man and you be happy too, you hear me."

Roland then said "Joey lets get your family into the car and get back to the Manor and they can meet Seto and Mokuba and we can start working on Seto to have him jump into this endeavor of Malcolm and Ginny's and all of us can make damn sure that they get to see their dream come true."

So that's exactly what they did, they went back to the Manor and Seto and Mokuba met Joey's family and Joey found out that his parents and sister already knew that he was gay but loved him anyway and they all accepted Seto and Joey becoming a couple and well Serenity fell in love with Mokuba but they were both to young so they became really good friends. Seto did listen to Joey and they all went back so that Seto and Mokie could meet everyone and Ginny fell in love with them all and Seto agreed to help finance this endeavor an so in about three months they started bring some of the horses to the ranch. They worked hard and in two years it was a full functioning horse ranch with many investors who would come back time to time and stay with their new found family.

Joey and Seto got married on the Rocking B Ranch owned by Malcolm and Virginia who were engaged to get married in two months. The Wedding was just beautiful and Ginny smiled as she watched the young man whom she had come to love marry his life mate tears of joy filled her eyes and she prayed that they would have years and years of happiness together.


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