This is the last chapter of the story. The Japanese version of SSBB is coming out very soon and all the info of the game will without doubt spread all over the Internet. This also means I can get working on Rise of the Negativities again! Therefore I might as well end this current story with a bang!

I hope you enjoy it!

Final Chapter: The Little Mermaid

In some country not too far away, but definitely not near your house…

The sea is a mysterious place that many people can never fully understand, because nobody is brave enough to go down there.

Because of their lack of knowledge on the sea (ironically, most of them live at the beach), they do not know much about sea life forms. It's not like they care about it anyway.

So let's get to the main point of this story. There live various strange life forms in the sea that you have probably never seen before too. One of those mysterious life forms is known as mermaids.

These mystical creatures are only known to be a human-fish hybrid. Supposedly, the look just like humans, but with scales, fins, and gills. At least that's what they say…

But what do they know?

Our story begins with a certain mermaid swimming in the underwater world filled with sharks, jellyfish, sea snakes, stingrays, man-of-wars, krakens, and Sea Kings.

Okay, it's not THAT dangerous…

You see a beautiful figure swimming through the sea gracefully. You only get to see this figure from behind and you can tell that it has blond hair. It has a lower half body of a fish and an upper torso of a human. Could this possibly be the mermaid that people spoke of? This mermaid seems to be topless too…

Okay, I'm not gonna waste much time and go ahead and tell you that this mermaid's name is… Link…

What's wrong? Mermaids can be men, can't they? They are usually called merman.

So anyway, Link is a young, handsome merman who is very popular among mermaids. The other young mermaids would try everything to seduce him because they all love him. Except for Haruhi (she's hot as a mermaid!), who is only interested in aliens, time travelers, and espers.

However, Link has no interest in any of these mermaids, especially that big ugly one named Susanna, who's clearly a guy.

Link would usually stay away from the others and wander off on his own. Being a skilled fighter that he is, he is able to defend himself from various dangerous underwater beasts, but this only made the mermaids get attracted to him even more.

So does Link really have no interests in girls? Does that mean he isn't straight? Of course not! I don't like yaoi or yuri stories, so you can live 100 years and never see me write anything related to it! Stop dreaming!

Link does have interest in girl, but only one particular girl. That's where the real story begins… I'm wasting enough time, am I?


One day, Link is talking with two of his friends who reside on the land above the sea—Kirby and Yoshi. "It's been a while, Link!" said Yoshi.

"How's life under the sea?" asked Kirby.

"The same as always," said Link with a sigh. "I'm getting tired of it by now."

"I pity you, but if it were me, I'd hit those girls immediately," said Yoshi.

"They're not exactly my type," said Link. "I actually would prefer it that they don't come bothering me all the time. Tifa is always jiggling her huge racks and asking if they are…"

"Stop! You don't want to arouse the readers too much!" said Kirby.

"But do you actually have interest in any girls you've met so far?" asked Yoshi.

"Well, I admit I do have feelings for one particular girl," replied Link.

Yoshi and Kirby poked their ears near him to listen more carefully. "Please do tell."

"But I think I'll never get to go near her," said Link with a sad sigh. "She's in fact, human…"

"So you fell in love with a surface dweller like us, eh?" asked Kirby. "Who is it?"

"I tried to gather as much info about her as I could, and I found that she is Zelda, the princess of this country."

"I see," said Yoshi. "It would be hard trying to get near her, since both of you are of different origins."

"I know, but one can only dream. I think I'll never be able to get along with her."

"Are you saying this just because of difference in species?" asked Kirby. "You shouldn't think of that! I fell in love with a fairy once even though I'm a puffball! Do not let that belief get the best of you!"

"Right! You ever heard of a Hand doing it with a wireframe?" asked Yoshi. "If they can do it, then surely a mermaid and a human can get along!" agreed Yoshi.

"It's not that," said Link. "The reason is…"


One night, Link is resting at the shore, trying to get a look at Zelda through the castle window. Though he cannot see her, he can clearly hear her beautiful voice.

"Zelda! Eat your fish!" said the king, Master Hand.

"I don't like fish!" replied Zelda with disgust. "They are the most disgusting and ugliest animals in the world! I detest anything related to fish!"


"And that's why…" said Link in a sad voice.

"Um… I see… That's a problem now…" said Yoshi.

"Surely she won't accept you for who you are…" said Kirby.

"So I might as well give up," said Link with a sigh. "Mermaids and humans can never get along after all…"

"Now that I think of it, I remember meeting a witch who can perform miracles," said Yoshi.

"You mean that that guy in white?" said Kirby. "Surely he can help you!"

"Who are you talking about?" asked Link.

"We'll take you to the witch doctor!" said Yoshi. "He will surely help you with your problem and you will be able to get along with Zelda!"



And so, Yoshi and Kirby placed Link in a wheeled container filled with water and took him across the dry land. Eventually, they came to a cottage in the middle of the woods. "There's the witch doctor's house!" said Yoshi.

Kirby walked up to the door and knocked on it, and the door immediately opened and flattened him behind it. "Who's there?" asked the witch doctor, Dr. Mario.

"Ah, Dr. Mario! I brought someone who wants to meet you!" said Yoshi.

"Nice to see you again, Yoshi! Where's Kirby?"

"He's behind the door."

"Oh, sorry…" Dr. Mario closed the door to reveal Kirby flat behind it. "So what seems to be the matter?"

"It's like this," said Yoshi, pointing to Link. "A mermaid friend of ours wishes to be human so he can fall in love with a human girl."

"If it's not convenient, then I won't bother you…" said Link.

"I see… Don't worry! That can be fixed!" said Dr. Mario.


"Of course!" Dr. Mario got out a medicine pill. "Just eat this!"

He gave it to Link, who immediately popped the pill into his mouth. Then Link began to fill energy surging throughout his whole body. He then floated into the air and was enveloped in bright light.

"What's happening?!" gasped Kirby.

"It's taking effect!" exclaimed Dr. Mario.

The bright light died down and Link fell onto dry ground, and he is surprised that he has legs instead of a fish tail! "I'm human!" he exclaimed with joy while jumping up and down.

"Wow! It's true!" exclaimed Kirby.

"And he's not missing that thing either!" gasped Yoshi.

"I warn you though," warned Dr. Mario. "You must not touch water, or else you will turn back into a mermaid… And then you're turn into a fatso."

The three of them gasped at hearing this.

"The last part was made up, hahaha!"

"Stop joking around!" they shouted.


At the castle…

Master Hand is sitting at his throne, (more like levitating) deep in thought. "If my daughter continues to not eat fish, she will not have enough IQ in the future… Her math is failing badly and she doesn't mind at all…" he said in a worried tone. "How can I convince her to eat fish? And why does she hate fish in the first place anyway?"

Zelda came up to MH and showed him a paper. "Father, look at my math grade!"

2 out of 100…

MH was even sadder after seeing this. "Is there hope anymore…?"

Then MH's loyal advisor, Ganondorf, came up to him and said, "Your majesty, the prince of Fish Country wishes to see you."

"Fish Country? You mean that small country out in the middle of the ocean?" asked MH. "I didn't know they have a monarchy there."

"Well, he claims to be from Fish Country."

"Let him in and we'll see."

And so, Ganondorf let Link, who is dressed in royal robes, and his two friends in. They bowed down in presence of the king and Link said to him, "This is our first time meeting, your majesty. I am pleased to be in your presence."

"First time meeting you too!" said MH. "May I ask what the royalty of Fish Country wants here?"

Yoshi and Kirby gave Link a nudge and a wink, motioning him to go ahead and do what he wants. Link took a deep breath and said, "Our country has always been in poverty and couldn't support ourselves. We came to the decision that we should merge with the country of yours in order to make our country prosper again."

"I see… So how do you want things to be done?"

"I… I came to the decision is that the only best way to do so is to… marry your daughter Zelda!"

Zelda was shocked and surprised to hear this.

"You're brave, kid!" said MH. "Very well, I will let you get along with Zelda for a few days and then we'll come to a decision afterwards!"

"But father!" protested Zelda.

"Don't worry, daughter. This man looks handsome. I'm sure you'll get along with him!"


Link and Zelda are walking together in a garden. "Why did you have to choose me?" Zelda asked him. "I'm not the kind of girl that you'll like. My temper isn't all that good, my math skills are very poor, I'm not sweet and cute like other girls, and I don't like fish."

"Don't say that, Princess Zelda!" Link said to her. "Before I came here, I always saw you standing at your balcony looking into the sea. I can tell that you love the sea as much as I do, as I was born and raised at the sea! That alone has made me fall in love with you! You are a beautiful and kind girl! I can tell it!"

Zelda was very touched by his words. "This is the first time someone ever said nice things to me with their heart…"

Kirby and Yoshi were hiding behind a bush and spying on them. "Things are turning out neat!" said Yoshi.

"It sure is!" said Kirby.


Things went along well with the couple, and their relationship developed very fast.

About two days later…

Link and his two friends were strolling through the castle court. "Thank you so much for your help!" Link said to them.

"Don't say that," said Yoshi. "Friends should help each other!"

"Yeah! We're just glad that you're happy yourself!"

As they were walking and chatting, they walked past a window and accidentally heard a conversation going on inside.

Inside, the royal advisor Ganondorf is talking with his servant Pix. "So is everything ready, Pix?" asked Ganondorf.

"It's all done," said Pix. "The bomb can be used anytime tomorrow."

"Very well! The king is going to golf tomorrow, so it will surely be a good opportunity to blast him to pieces and claim the throne for myself! And then the country will be ours!"

The trio was shocked to hear this. "Did you hear that?!" said Link. "The advisor plans to kill the king and take the throne!"

"We must tell the king about this!" said Kirby.

"Right!" said Yoshi. Suddenly, he let loose a huge fart for no reason.


"What's that sound?!" asked Ganondorf in shock.

"Oh no! Run!!!" cried Link, and the trio ran off.

Pix ran to the window in time to see the three of them running. "Intruder alert! After them, guards!" shouted Pix.

"Ugh… What's that smell…?" said Ganondorf in disgust.

The trio ran as fast as they could with the guards chasing them from behind. "We must tell the king fast!" said Kirby.

All of a sudden, it began to rain. "Oh no! Water!" gasped Link. He could not do anything but only see his legs slowly turning back into a fish tail. "Curse it!"

But the other two were too busy running to notice him. "Hey! Don't leave me behind!" cried Link.

The guards surrounded him and the two villains came to look at him. "Isn't this the prince of Fish Country?!" asked Ganondorf in surprise. "He's a mermaid?!"


News of this quickly went to the king.

"What?! The prince was actually a mermaid?!" gasped MH.

"Impossible!" said Zelda in shock when she saw Link's true form.

"But it is, king!" said Ganondorf. "He really disguised himself as the prince in hope of marrying your daughter and taking over your country for selfish reasons! Good thing I caught him."

"How dare you trick me?!" MH said to Link angrily.

"You made a mistake!" protested Link, who is tied in ropes. He turned to Zelda and said to her, "Believe me, Zelda! The advisor is lying to you all!"

Zelda is seen with an angry yet sad face. "I… I… I hate fish!" And she ran off in tears.


And so, Link was thrown into jail.

Commercial Break

Peach walked up to Ness and said to him, "Have you heard? Many people are skipping work and school just so they can stay home and play Super Smash Bros. Brawl!"

"I saw a lot of those on the forums, especially at Smashboards," said Ness.

"I know you're gonna buy that game, but if you ever think of skipping school, I won't forgive you!"

"Don't worry; I'm not like those uneducated barbarians who would think of such thing. Rest assure that I do care about my grades."

"You better keep your words. Playing is good, but if you put its important in front of life and all other things, there's no hope for you. I hope you do not follow the steps of those people."

Note: I do not wish that you are one of those people. Please take education as first priority. I already know several people who plan on skipping school and work just to play SSBB. I enjoy games and do not have interest in school, but I know the importance of school and it cannot be skipped just like that. Please let this be a lesson to you. Thank you and have a nice day!

The next day, Link was still in jail. "What can I do now…?" he said sadly. "The king and Zelda will be in danger soon…"

"Hey!" said the voice of Yoshi. Link turned the window above him and saw his friends peeking in.

"Sorry about yesterday, but we're here to rescue you now!" said Kirby. He got out a saw and began cutting the jail bar until they're all gone, and they went inside, untied Link, and brought him out through the same place.

"I just saw the king and Zelda heading for the golf course," said Yoshi. "You go and warn them, Link! Kirby and I will go and stop the villains from using their bomb!"

"Got it!" said Link, and he jumped into a nearby lake and swam for the golf course.


Somewhere at the golf course, Ganondorf and Pix were over there, standing next to a robot golfer.

"I can see the king over there," said Ganondorf, looking into his binoculars.

"This robot golfer will hit the bomb all the way to where the king is," explained Pix. "Once the coordinates are set and ready to strike, there is no way to stop it until the ball it sent flying." He set the coordinates on the robot and it began to lift up the golf club to take a swing at the bomb.


Meanwhile, MH and Zelda were at the green. MH noticed that Zelda had a sad face and said to her, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing…" said Zelda. In reality, she is still worrying about Link.

Suddenly, Link popped out from a nearby lake and shouted to them, "King! Zelda! You must listen to me! The advisor wants to kill you two! He set up a bomb and it's coming this way any second!"

"It's the mermaid again!" said MH angrily. "Don't think I'll fall for your lies this time!"

"But I'm telling you the truth!"

"Go away before I get mad!"

"There's no time to waste now!" thought Link. "I must protect them at all cost." Then he saw something approaching towards MH and Zelda at a high speed. "Oh no!" Without thinking twice, he jumped out of water and hurled himself at the duo, knocking them backwards. "Zelda! I love you!!!!!" he shouted.

Then the bomb fell on top of him…


"Gaaaa…" Link fell to the grass with a large bump on his head.

"LINK!!!!!" screamed Zelda in shock.

"Oh my god! He's telling the truth!!!" gasped MH.


"What the?! The bomb didn't explode!" said Ganondorf, looking into the binoculars.

"My bad! I accidentally used a golf ball!" said Pix. "This time I got the real bomb!" He placed the bomb in front of the robot and set its coordinates again.

"Quick! Let's get out of here so that nobody will find us!" said Ganondorf, and they ran.

Yoshi and Kirby came up to the robot. "We must stop the robot at all cost!" said Kirby.

"Let's destroy it!" said Yoshi. He hopped onto the robot and grabbed its arms in hope of stopping it while Kirby hammered the robot in hope of destroying it. But all their attempts were futile.

"Oh no… The robot is about take a swing at the bomb!" said Yoshi.

"I know! Let's turn the robot in another direction instead!" suggested Kirby.

Good thing the robot was placed on top of a board with wheels, and they were able to turn it in the opposite direction easily. The robot swung at the bomb and sent it flying off in the opposite direction of where the king is.

"You know, we could've just taken the bomb away," said Yoshi.

"Yeah, how come we didn't thought of it earlier?" said Kirby.


Ganondorf and Pix ran a good distance. "We should be safe here," said Ganondorf.

"The bomb should be heading for the king any second now!" said Pix.

"Haha! The king is done for! The kingdom will be mine!"

Suddenly, a black ball dropped down in front of them.


The smoke died down and Ganondorf and Pix were seen burned up comically. MH and his guards showed up and surrounded them. "Take them away at once!" ordered MH angrily.


Back to Link…

"I'm so sorry for doubting you, Link," said Zelda as she embraced Link.

"I'm just glad that you're all right," said Link.

"Thank you for saving me. I love you, Link. I will try to like fish more."


And so, peace has returned to the country. Dr. Mario once again made a potion for Link that allowed him to change between mermaid and human at will. Thus Link married Zelda and they lived happily ever after.


And tis the end of this story. I know it's short, but that's really all I have in mind. Rise of the Negativities will be updated very soon. I hope to see your reviews when the time comes!

And congratulations that Captain Olimar made it into Brawl! I never played Pikmin and never rooted for him, but I always had the feeling that he would make it as a playable character, and he did!