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Swallow. He knew it was that simple. An action he had done many times before. Alcohol. Pills. He closed his mind to the other thoughts pulsing in his temples, threatening to explode and rip his goggles to shreds. He searched his mind for a happy memory, something to focus on when he pulled the trigger. Ate lead. For a second, he imagined he could see crimson eyes. The trigger froze.

He pulled it away, unreasonably furious with this minor delay. He had to get this over with, before Rufus came back. Mako or no mako, there was only so much punishment the human body could take, and his mind could cope with less.

Fumbling, he removed the safety, hands shaking, palms covered in sweat. He reached into his pocket for the mirror he always had close at hand. His clothing looked ruffled, but at least he was presentable, despite the bruises on his face. He had always been told he would make a pretty corpse. He truly hoped that 'Lana wouldn't be the one to find him. Tseng and Rude could deal.

He placed the barrel of the gun back in his mouth, felt the momentary pause before the trigger passed the point of no return. In Rufus' office was as good a place as any. A final reverse victory salute at the man who drove him to this. This was his only victory.

He heard the door open, froze like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He stayed facing the wide windows, too ashamed to turn around and see who had found him like this. He couldn't finish the shot; if a Turk was behind him they could be injured by the bullet which was meant to execute him. Red filled his vision as something hit him, hard.

Knocking him backward, his head sheltered from impacting on the unforgiving marble floor by a hand placed under the ponytail. The gun was wrenched from his gasp a second before it went off. Almost hitting his rescuer in the face. Reno kept his eyes closed for a few more seconds, not wanting to face whoever had stopped him. He edged them open, catching a glance of the newcomer through his long eyelashes. Realising who it was, he opened his eyes fully.

Deep in his heart, if anyone was going to stop his death, he was glad it was Vincent. He managed a weak smile at the reanimated corpse who was awkwardly perched across his chest. Vincent, realising how uncomfortable this must be for the flame haired Turk, stood up, the gun grasped safely in his hands out of Reno's reach.
"Just what do you think you were doing Reno?"

He shrugged as best as he could from his position on the floor. That was the one problem with Vincent. He cared. Reno wondered what answer he could give.
"I...I was just" He turned his face away, fixing his eyes out of the window at the damaged city below, blinking to clear his vision from the water that welled up within them. "It's just easier."

Vincent placed the gun down on the table and crouched to embrace Reno, helping him sit up. He stroked his hair gently, letting Reno cry against his shoulder. They stayed there for a few more minutes, Reno feeling calmer than he had for a long time.

"We should leave before he comes back." Vincent whispered standing and still clutching Reno in his arms.

"I can't leave. He won't like it." Reno whimpered, remembering the last time he had tried to be brave and escape. The torture that had followed had left in a worse state than 'Lana had been after the kidnap, and confined him to the hospital wing for the next fortnight.
"Shush... Cloud's downstairs. We can leave, but I'm not leaving without you." He took Reno's hand, leading him from the gilded prison.

"It doesn't look like I have much choice." Reno muttered, secretly incredibly glad that the option of staying where he was meant to had been taken away from him. "Thanks for this Vincent." The older man wrapped his good, un-armoured arm around the other's shoulders.

"It's nothing." Their eyes met, and Reno managed a faint smile.