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A century passed. The world changed around them but they stayed the same, as they would for millennia. They had shared times so bad that they had wished they could die, and times so good that they realized they were lucky they would live forever.

Reno looked over at Vincent, who was busy recording the events of the day in his diary. The man was doing all he could to ensure they didn't forget anything. He was using the blue fountain pen that Reno had given him after their first ten years. That was a good sign. The good days were recorded in blue, and the bad ones in black. For many years the only writing had been black.

"Reno!" He looked over to see Samuel Strife, the grandson of Lua, smiling at him. The man's arm was around his new wife, Elena Shinra, now Elena Strife, named after her great grandmother and the ancestor of the man who had tried to ruin his life. It was strange, that the heirs of Cloud and Tifa, and Rufus and Elena should end up married. It had taken over a hundred years, but finally Shinra and AVALANCHE were united.

The others from those days were long dead. Cid had been among the first, drinking himself to an early grave. Vincent had suffered, having always been close to the pilot. Reno did all he could to comfort him, but a month later he was overwhelmed with his own grief at his partner's death. Rude had died at Shinra's hands, as they had never forgiven him for helping Reno escape the labs. After those two deaths, they had both began to understand that the rest of their existence would be like this, watching those they cared about growing old and died.

After Rude died it changed Shinra's opinion about the world. He had lost one of his most loyal men, and as a result he abandoned his demon project, and began to really focus on rebuilding the planet his company had destroyed. Though he never would forgive his great granddaughter for falling in love with a Strife.

It had been another two decades before Cloud and Tifa had passed away, within two weeks of each other. Everyone said that Cloud had died of a broken heart. The two heroes received a state funeral, with everyone wanting to pay their respects. Vincent and Reno had always supported the family, and became a tower of strength for the children after the death. Lua had recovered from all her problems, and lived a long and happy life before passing away peacefully in her sleep. The rest of Cloud and Tifa's children had lived happily, with few problems. Their parents had managed to give them the better life that they had fought for.

Vincent and Reno had copied their example, providing street children with a proper family until they grew up and were ready to start families of their own. The new children followed their 'parents' to the graves which needed tending each week, and they watched sadly as the number of graves grew. The only remaining one of the original groups' children was Kurai, the son of Yuffie and Rude. Kurai had never met his father, as he had died before he was born, and now he was old and beginning to lose his memories.

But today was a good day.

Reno smiled at the newly married man.
"You are very lucky." He smiled at him affectionately. Even if the man was technically older than him, he still looked on him as his son as he had helped to raise him. "Look after her."

Samuel nodded, knowing that Reno was jealous of him. He was sure that Reno wished he was brave enough to ask the one he loved to marry him, but even though Vincent and Reno had privately acknowledged they were lovers, and shared one bed, they still tried to hide it from the children. The children already knew this, having seen the two of them holding hands and kissing.
"You should tell him."

Reno shrugged, looking over to the man; still busy recording the events of the day. He paused for a moment and nodded.
"I should."

He took a deep breath and walked over towards him, but he couldn't bring himself to say the words. He loved the man with all his heart, felt something for him which he had never felt for anyone before. Vincent gave him a reason to wake up each morning, and he couldn't risk the chance of ruining that.

Vincent looked up at him, purple eyes meeting lilac. He smiled at him gently, showing the utter devotion he felt towards the other man.
"Are you alright?" Reno nodded; tongue tied, and made himself look away from those haunting crimson orbs. He didn't want Vincent to guess what was upsetting him, but something told him he already knew.

Vincent glanced over at the newly married couple. "They seem so happy." Reno nodded, becoming more confident that Vincent knew what was wrong. Vincent took a deep breath, standing and wrapping his arms around Reno's waist. "We could be that happy you know."

Reno's eyes went wide with shock as he watched Vincent kneel before him, and slip his hand into one of the pockets of his cloak, withdrawing a small black box. He flipped it open, revealing a silver ring set with three amethysts, the same shade as Reno's eyes.

Vincent took a deep breath. He had practiced this speech many times in his mind, and he wasn't sure how he could cope if Reno refused.

"Reno, just getting to spend time with you means so much to me. You have changed my life, shown me that I no longer need to atone for my sins. You have given me a second chance, someone to love for an eternity. That's what I am asking from you. I want to be with you forever, to make our love known to the world. What I'm asking Reno, is will you marry me?"

Reno paused for a moment, shocked that Vincent was so in tune with what he wanted. He pulled Vincent to his feet and wrapped his arms around Vincent's shoulders.
"Yes!" He held onto him tightly, peppering Vincent's face with kisses. Vincent relaxed into his arms, glad that Reno had accepted him.

Reno winked at him, smirking slightly.

"It took you long enough!" He had been waiting for a very long time, but now all that concern was over. They could be together. He waited impatiently for Vincent to slip the ring onto his finger, and then clung to him again. "We have an eternity to make up for it."

Vincent nodded and pressed his lips against Reno's, catching the attention of the others throughout the room. Spontaneous applause broke out at the sight of the men who had been the backbone of the family finding happiness. Vincent pulled away, breathing words against Reno's lips.
"I love you."

Reno nodded, smiling at Vincent with pride.

"I … love … you… too." Each pause was filled with a tender kiss, and then when he was finished he kissed Vincent more deeply, slender fingers tangling within the black locks. He smiled and pulled away from Vincent slightly, leading him up to their room.