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A cold wind blew over the rubble that was the labyrinth. The gray sky rumbled darkly with the sign of an approaching storm. The people of Otogakure had since given up searching for the Kazekage's daughter, who had been lost within the explosion.

As the thunder roared ominously in the distance, a young man approached he rubble.

He had long, rose shaded hair and ice blue eyes. He looked around for a moment, his beautiful face standing out brightly against the dark sky. He blinked and shivered beneath his thick traveling cloak.

"It's cold..." he mumbled in an odd accent. He rubbed his arms beneath his cloak and stared down at the rubble. He tilted his head to the side, thinking deeply.


The young man turned quickly to see another cloaked figure approaching him.

"Sempai..." Fuuhaizu bowed his head in respect. "What brings you to this area? I was the one instructed by you to investigate."

"I wanted to make sure you didn't mess anything up," The older figure murmured. He walked forward and stopped beside Fuuhaizu, whose long bright red hair blew like a banner behind him. "Any signs?"

"I'm still looking, sir..." Fuuhaizu cleared his throat and carefully brushed his hair from his blue eyes. "But so far I have sensed nothing. I think that this is a wild goose chase."


"Yes...I don't think that any creature could of survived an explosion as such..." The young man scowled coldly. "Sempai, why does the leader want us to preform such pointless tasks?"

"For the benefit of our organization."

"That's idiotic."

"Do you not support our ways, Fuuhaizu?" The older figure glanced at him.

Fuuhaizu shook his head quickly. "I support out ways one hundred percent, sir, but going on meaningless things like this..." he kicked a rock angrily. "We're not going to find any living creatures around here."

"Are you sure?"


The older man laughed deeply. " are still young, Fuuhaizu. At only seventeen you have managed to make your way to a very high rank, yet you still view the world through black and white."

"What do you mean...?" Fuuhaizu frowned in confusion.

"Try to see things more colorfully." He smiled under his hood.

Fuuhaizu scoffed. "That's idiotic."

"Just try it. Listen to the earth for a moment, and try to see everything through colors, like the trees and flowers..." The older man closed his eyes.

Fuuhaizu hesitated before closing his eyes as well. Silence settled over the pair with the exception of the whispering wind. Fuuhaizu frowned as he listened closely, his hair whipping like a hurricane around his handsome face. He was about to give up, when-

His eyes snapped open. "Wait here, Sempai!" Fuuhaizu hurried away, his eyes wide. He climbed over some rubble, stumbling a few times and getting a few scratches here and there on his pale face. Finally, he came to the center of the rubble.

Panting, he bent down and began to shove rocks away, his blue eyes narrowed as he searched.

That just now...what was it!? WHERE was it!?

Just as he was getting frustrated, a high pitched wailing reached his ears. Swallowing hard, he pushed aside a few small rocks and a cloth...and his eyes widened.

What he stared down upon was one of the smallest human beings he had ever laid eyes on. The child had to be younger then a year. She had a small layer of dark violet hair that almost seemed black in the lighting. She was flailing her tiny arms and legs in the air, her eyes closed tightly as she cried.

Fuuhaizu could only stare down at the baby, his eyes wide. She looked pretty banged up, but other then that she didn't seemed badly injured. Her limbs all moved at a quick rate, and she found enough breath to scream at the top of his lungs.

At that moment, she must've felt his presence, because she stopped crying. She hesitated before looking up at him with large, brilliant pale green eyes. She blinked, and tilted her head to the side.

He copied her movements.

"What did you find, Fuuhaizu?" The older man called.

"A...A baby..." Fuuhaizu whispered, his blue eyes wide.

"A baby?" A young woman with long silver hair turned to look at the older man as he entered a cave. Her golden eyes narrowed as he told her what they had found at the old labyrinth. "Leader-sama has no reason to take in a baby. We have enough orphans as it is."

"I don't think that we'll have a choice," The older man smiled. "Fuuhaizu isn't going to let go of her, I think."

The woman looked up to see the young man enter the cave as well, his red hair hanging limply at his sides, soaked from the rain. In his arms was the baby, sheltered by a blanket. He walked right past the two of them, holding the tiny infant close to his chest. The other people in the large cave watched him, murmuring to each other.

The cave was located deep in the Northern mountains, and consisted of many other large catacombs all connected by tunnels.

Fuuhaizu sat down on a stone bench and continued to stare at the baby, his blue eyes glued to her green ones.

She hadn't cried once aince he had picked her up.

The silver haired woman watched Fuuhaizu for a moment before sighing. "I'll talk to him about it." She turned and walked down one of the tunnels.

The man nodded, walked over and sat down beside Fuuhaizu. He looked at the baby. "She's very cute, isn't she?"


"Why've you taken a liking to her?"

Fuuhaizu blushed. "I never said I have."

The man smiled.

They waited in silence for a while, the people that passed staring at Fuuhaizu and the baby. Finally after about twenty minutes, the silver haired woman returned, her golden eyes wide yet warm. "Leader-sama said you could keep the child...because we need her power."

"Her power?" Fuuhaizu frowned. "She's only a baby. She doesn't have any powers."

"She's one of those jewels that everyone's been talking about..." the woman said quietly. "The jewel of Seiyru, the teal dragon god..." She glanced at Fuuhaizu, frowning. "If her powers fell into the hands...well, we'd be screwed."

"Obviously..." he said with a nod, looking back down at her. "But she's not the Kazekage's daughter anymore." He held her close. "In a few years, she'll hate him more then anything else in the world."

The woman cast him a quick look before nodding. "According to Leader-sama, she does have a name."

"What is it?"


Fuuhaizu glanced at her before nodding slowly. "It's a surprisingly good name. I'll let her keep it."

"She'll be the main weapon of our organization..." The woman whispered. "The gem of our purpose..."

Fuuhaizu closed his eyes and hugged the baby.

"The diamond of the Tenkataihei..."

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