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Ching! Ching!

The sound of the door bell silently chimed as an irate pink haired girl walked into the exclusive café. She frustratingly walked to the front counter and ordered the first drink that came into mind. She didn't bother finding a table she just sat on the nearest stool she could find on the front bar seats.


Why she oughta…

Sakura growled as the events faintly replayed in her mind.


"Haruno?! What are you doing here!?"

"What does it look like I'm doing here?" Sakura hissed at the purple head girl.

"Geeky little Haruno Sakura want to be Uchiha Sasuke's pretend girlfriend?!"

She laughed.

"My, my, my Sakura! And here I thought you were smart."

She taunted.

"At least smart enough to know not to want people that are ten leagues away from you."

She mocked.

"Wait till people on campus get a load of this! Little miss perfect Haruno Sakura thinks she has a chance with Uchiha Sasuke."


She cursed. Ami was a bitch. And she just stood there and let her bitch about her.

Well that was until…


"Oh wait." She stopped and looked at Naruto.

"You must be in on this right Naruto?"

Sakura immediately shot him a glare.

"What did she say?"

The blonde man gulped nervously, rubbing the back of his head.

"Uh.. uh.. Sakura-chan… I can…"

"You, what, Naruto?" She asked over-sweetly through gritted teeth.

He sighed and finally admitted.

"Sasuke's sorta my other best friend…"

Green eyes widened.


"Oh Naruto I don't know why you bother bringing her at all. She's the 'perfect candidate' you were talking about right? I should have known."

He narrowed his eyes at the dark eyed woman.

"Sakura's acting is flawless."

Ami only gave a snort of laughter.

"More like her idiot-ness is flawless."

Sakura clenched her fist.

'If she doesn't shut up in…'

"As if Sasuke would ever choose someone like her…"


"…I mean just look at her…"


"…she's not suitable for the job…"


"… as if she can act at all…"


"Oh wait, she wouldn't need to!"


"She's so UGLY..."



And… well…

Let's just say Ami WILL NOT be calling out 'next' and names tomorrow… and perhaps even next week as well…


From the corner of his eye he saw a flash of pink sitting down next to him. As if on instinct his eyes immediately turned to the unique hair colored girl.

Pink hair.


She was… he swirled the liquor in his cup…

Average looking. Not completely ugly…but not all that pretty either.

Long, but flat pink hair. In fact it was way too long. Huge, dull green eyes. Maybe a little too big and boring. But he assumed it was probably because of the massive dorky glasses. Pale face. Skinny. Small.

From the look of her face, she seemed to be in deep thought about something, just starring into space…

And then he heard her curse.

"Fucking Ami… Stupid Naruto…"

There was only one person in this world with the name Naruto. She definitely had to be talking about the same one he knew.

"Miss," came a waitress's voice. Now there was a sight. A busty brunette. "Here's your Caffè macchiato." She handed the pink haired the steaming cup before slowly walking off. But not before giving him a sultry smile.


He smirked. But turn put his attention back to the sitting girl … especially when he heard a certain name coming from her mouth…

"Not in Uchiha Sasuke's league she says." He heard her mutter. "No thank you sir! I don't need the money THAT much! ... okay okay maybe I do!" She sulked.

He raised his eyebrows.

She must be insane… talking to herself like that.

In fact, she hadn't notice him at all.

"She wouldn't need to act." She mocked a high pitched screechy voice.

Ah! He knew what she was talking about now. She must've been one of the girls waiting to be interviewed for the job.

Sakura felt dangerous eyes staring strangely at her. She slightly turned her head only to find…

The most…

…Gorgeous guy she'd ever seen in her life, starring at her as if she was a madman—woman…

She blushed. Whoops.

"Ehh. Sorry about that." She apologized. Not sure WHY she did it though. Heck, why did she even start talking to him in the first place…

Sakura watched as he smiled charmingly down at her.

'Is this guy FOR REAL?'

"Seems you got a lot on your mind."

'Oh. My. God. Oh. My. God! He's talking to us!!'

She could only nod dumbly.

He then smirked at her. Maybe she realized who he was…

"Hn." he went back to his drink.

She slowly took a sip from her hot coffee taking in his fine features…

He had a great physique from where she was looking at. His face structure sharp and defined. The most captivatingly deep, dark eyes she'd ever seen. His lips…mmm… his raven hair was messy, but that only added to his attractive boyish look… and he had this aura… that told everyone he wasn't one to be played with…

All in all… he was pretty…


She turned her attention back to the hot man next to her.

"Would you pretend to be someone's girlfriend for money?" She asked unknowingly.


"I'm sorry." She smiled sheepishly.

"Well I wouldn't pretend to be anyone's girlfriend for any amount of money."

'She doesn't know who I am?'

Apparently she wasn't listening to what he said.

"Don't you think Uchiha Sasuke is pretty stupid?" She asked seriously, again unconsciously.

The man spluttered on his drink.

'You've got to be joking me right?'

"What?" His tone incredulous. Were his ears deceiving him? Maybe he had heard wrong…

'She doesn't know who... and... Did she just …'

She assumed he thought it was a bit uncalled for, but repeated the sentence again anyway.

"For someone who manages a company, Uchiha Sasuke seems pretty stupid."

"What?" he said again, this time looking at her as if she was insane.

"How?" He seemed somewhat offended, but oddly enough in an I-know-that's-not-true kind of way.

Her eyebrows scrunched up in intrigued fascination.

'Please don't tell me this Uchiha Sasuke guy has MALE ADMIRERS?'

'Please don't tell me this hottie is one of them! What a waste of a fine piece of ass!'

"How?" He repeated –no, more like commanded.

'Does he really want to know?'

"Well I'm not sure you know but he wants a fake girlfriend for thirty days to fool some people… my guess is … his parents or err family or maybe some business people…" Sakura started. Pausing for a moment, only to find the man's intense eyes intently fixed on her face. She tried to control her cheeks from reddening but she was sure she was doing a pretty bad job of it.

She gave a small 'ahem' before continuing.

"... Anyways... my point is, he's stupid because... he put the add in the newspaper... so won't his family see it and know...? What he's up too...?"

She slowly explained making sure he knew where she was getting at before giving him a small triumphant smile.


Instead of giving her a faltered look like she expected him to have… His lips tugged up into a small —yet arrogant, smirk.

Seeing his unexpected expression, her smug smile quickly faced, her face became blank.

She blinked a few times.

'Don't tell me he has a come back to that?!'

"Well…" the handsome stranger began confidently, taking a small sip from his cup of black coffee.

"I wouldn't say he's entirely that stupid…" He paused again to look at her still perplexed face and… still pink cheeks... As his smirk broadened… so did the pink tint on her face.

'Hmm. Isn't that interesting…'

"Because... The newspaper Sasuke put the add in was one specifically made for wanted-job adds for middle classed people in Tokyo, where they are not..." He continued.

Sakura's face knitted in thought.


"…And there's no way anyone in the Uchiha family would ever need to go looking in such a newspaper and so would never see it..."

… It did make some sense. Just a bit. Sorta.

"Hmm." She gave a thoughtful sound. "They still could see it." She persisted stubbornly.

"True. But it's very unlikely." He finished with another I'm-right-and-your-not grin.

The woman frowned and pushed up her glasses again. It was quite the habit when she was irritated.

"Well he's a coward then."

Yeah. Haruno Sakura… never liked to lose. And if she did. She was a bit of a sore loser.

"Hn?" He's face went back to that same expression he had when she accused 'Uchiha Sasuke' of being stupid.

"For someone who doesn't seem to know him, you sure speak a lot of him." Instead of glaring or being annoyed with her like he should of, for challenging him again, he just emitted a nonchalant air as he spoke those words.

"I do know him!" She lied outright. "Of course I do!"

One eyebrow rose. With amusement contort on his face he threw he's head back in laughter.

"Oh you do, do you?" The amused smirk never leaving his face.

Sakura didn't say a word as she unsurely nodded.



"So tell me, why is Uchiha Sasuke a coward?"


'Do you really have a reason?!'

'Shut up! I do!'

"… he's scared of his parents…"


"…he's afraid that his girlfriend isn't good enough…"


"… and ah geeze he's pulling this whole stunt just so he can be with her…when why do it at all. If he really loves her he wouldn't need to give a shit what his parents thought. He's a grown man who needs to learn how to live his own life…"

And suddenly…

Their friendly and easy conversation filled with heavily tension. Sakura was sure she suddenly felt uneasy as if she had wronged someone… but what she didn't understand was why…

"Well, that's a nice theory you have there." He commented dryly.

"Hm? It is isn't it?" She offered him a small smile then went back to her drink.

"Although I can assure you that you're wrong."

"Hmm… So what's you're relationship with him?"

She saw him blink.

"With Uchiha Sasuke?" Sure he had expected that question but hearing her ask it now… well frankly it felt weird.

She nodded.

"Hn. You could say I'm a fan." He gave her a sardonic smile.

She raised her eyebrows.

"Just a fan?" She pushed her glasses up again, but this time in speculation.

"For someone who has such a high opinion of him I'd at least thought you would be familiar with each other."

Even the cup being in front and against his sensual lips she could clearly see the grin playing at his lips.

"Oh we're quite familiar with each other…"

This time Sakura smirked up at him.

"How familiar?" She asked playfully but seriously too. He knew her motive behind that sentence.

"Not quite that familiar."

"Oh… and here I thought…" She trailed off not really knowing how to put it.

"That I'm gay? In unrequited love with him?" He supplied exaggeratingly, and smirking.

She lightly coughed awkwardly, slightly embarrassed. He didn't have to be so blunt.

"Well…" She started, defensively. Again, she had no idea what to say. "You sorta seemed…" She flushed.

If it had been any other person, he'd blow up at them for even jokingly accusing him of being gay. But this pink haired woman in front of him…

She was…

"But anyway… You still haven't answered my first question."



Smart little girl.

"So what's you're relation—"

"Sorry I'm late—" An older man from Sasuke's side of the seat interrupted her sentence mid-way but he too stopped when he saw her.

"I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?" The silver haired man apologized when he realized the man he was there to meet had his eyes focused on a pink haired woman in the seat next to his.

Two pairs of eyes blinked at the standing man.

"Uhh." Sakura was the first to break the silence.

"No not at all," She smiled up at him. "In fact I was just leaving." She said as she finished the last bit of liquid in her cup and stood up.

She saw the 'we weren't finished yet' look the black haired so-called Sasuke-fan gave her and shrugged it off. Not saying anything else she turned on her heel and began to walk away.

His voice stopped her.

"Oi." The same deep voice she'd been listening to for about a half hour made her stop on her tracks, she looked back at him over one shoulder.

He smirked at her.

"You should definitely go and try again tomorrow, Miss…" He left of.

"…Sakura. Haruno Sakura."

With that she made her way back to the exit door.

Dark eyes watched as a pink blobbed disappeared into the busy streets outside.

Where had he seen it before?

"Who was that?" the older man sat down in the seat Sakura had previously been on.

"Hn." Was his reply.

"Not the type you usually meddled with…" he commented lightly.

"Kakashi…" he warned.

The man chuckled.

"I was teasing no need to get upset."


"Anyway about the Takashi files apparently someone had. . . I think we should . . . Or maybe even . . . I know you don't like the idea of him . . . but it seems we don't have a choice . . . It's not urgent . . . but . . . maybe if you sort it . . . definitely before you go visit . . . can't get out of it. . ."

He wasn't listening or even picking up the important words Kakashi was sprouting out. His mind was occupied with something much more…

"Sasuke? Are you even listening to me?"

"…She thought I was gay…"

And it was then Kakashi knew.

Sasuke hadn't heard a single word he said.

Later that day…

"Sakura-chan. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry—"

'I didn't even get his name.'

"—I'll never force anything—"

'Hope we get to see him again sometime...'

"—on you again! I—"

'Definitely go and try again tomorrow huh?'

"—I am sorry—"


"Sakura-chan I said I'm sorry. So so so sorry. You don't have to go tomorrow if you don't want to!"



And then she decided.

"I'm going to finish Med school no matter what!"


"I'm getting that job Naruto!"


"No matter what…"






Eye-catch! A frowningly enraged thick-framed pink haired girl pointed her finger accusingly at the amusedly smirking dark haired man. "You didn't tell me to come here so you could say I'm not the one for the job!" — Haruno Sakura.






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