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She did not know why she had panicked and ran. What was it about Uchiha Sasuke that triggered a feeling of panic and fear within her? His cold piercing onyx eyes, that arrogant aura, the angry scowl…

Oh joy.

No wonder she panicked and ran. The way he had groaned in repulsion at her… Maybe she was too sensitive, too emotional, too sheltered. Hinata never felt or even knew anyone whom dislikes her at all. In fact, throughout her life, she was showered with constant love, care, protection and admiration. So this was how it felt like to be viewed repulsively and not be like. Hinata stopped running to catch her breath. She could hear Kiba shouting in the background and Akamaru's bark. Shino on the other hand was silent. But she could see the worry painted on each of their faces.

"What the hell were you thinking Hinata?! Running off like that!" Kiba demanded. He was angry at her. Hinata merely shrank back at Kiba's harsh tone. Akamaru barked at Kiba as if demanding his master to shut up. But Kiba was right; he had the right to scold her for making him worry.

"Kiba-kun…" He stopped at the sound of her voice, his face softened at the sight of her upset face. Kiba began feeling guilt churning inside him.

"Oh man Hinata… I shouldn't have…I'm sorry." She shook her head in disagreement.

"No, it's my fault and I…I…" Hinata's voice cracked. Her vision began to get blurry. Why was she tearing up?


"I'm going to quit my job as a therapist." Her statement was met with the most pronounced silence she had ever heard.

Kiba and Shino were momentarily rendered speechless.

"B-bu-but you've always wanted to be a therapist Hinata! You care about people! It was your dream job! Screw that. It is your dream job! Is it because of that A-hole just now? Was he giving you problems? We'll teach him a lesson!" Kiba cracked his knuckles menacingly.

"…No… it's just…I…"


"Are you sure Hinata?" Shino interrupted Kiba. She nodded. "Then it's final." Kiba gave Shino the evil eye.

"But why?" Kiba asked softly. Hinta glanced at Kiba but didn't answer him. "Hinata…"

"I'm going home."

"We'll walk yo-"

"It's okay…" and with a heavy hearted sigh, she left without once turning back. Akamaru whimpered.

"Yeah I know Akamaru… we'll just have to give her space for now.

"I'm sorry Ashi-kun! I cannot believe I forgot the picnic basket!" Hyuuga Hime constantly apologized to her husband.

"Don't apologize Hime-chan, the picnic wouldn't be the same without those delicious food you cooked."

"Oh…Ashi-kun…" Hime murmured her eyes getting all teary.


"Bleaugh…!" Hanabi's blatant attempt to show her disgust at the way her parents were acting interrupted the romantic atmosphere that was building up. Hiashi coughed regaining his stoic demeanor whereas Hime's face flushed beetroot red like a certain young Hyuuga.

"I-I'm going to take… the picnic basket now." Hime mumbled leaving the trio in silence. There was a smirk on Neji's face and it grew even wider when Hanabi decided to poke fun at her father again.

"Say Papa… you've been taking advice from Gai Ojisan right?" This time it was Hiashi's turn to flush beetroot red.

"Hanabi…" Hiashi seethed. Now Neji was silently laughing at Hanabi's "Oh shit" expression.

Hime for some reason was cautiously tiptoeing in the hallway towards the kitchen despite the house being empty. Hiashi had dismissed the servants for the rest of the day before they had left for their trip but yet Hime felt the need to not disturb someone, something, just anything. Grabbing the forgotten picnic basket which delayed their trip, she was about to leave the kitchen when she pick up on some noises coming from the pantry.

Mice? With a spatula in hand she gingerly opened the pantry door.

"Take that you verm-!"


"OHMIGOD HINATA! What are you doing here? In the pantry?" Hime eyed her daughter then to the remains of a tub of lemon sherbet, a slice of pie and her jar of homemade cookies and her eyes widened. "What's wrong Hinata-chan? Hinata glanced at her mother before resuming to opening a packet of animal crackers. Neji would kill her for eating his beloved crackers but she'd take the risk anyway. Hime bit her lip and tried one more time. "Hinata… Are you sad?"

"I quit my job." Hime gasped.

"Hinata-chan…but you love listening to people talk, you love talking to them! You like helping people!" Exasperation could be detected from her mother's tone and it was one of the rare moments it was implied towards her. It was also one of those rare moments in which she decided to keep mum. Hime sighed. Squeezing into the space besides Hinata, she rests her head on her daughter's shoulder. "That sucks."


Hinata chewed her lips. Her mother was right. It sucks. But she had her reasons. It was because she finally realized that she was truly never capable of holding such a position. To have people confide to her their most personal and innermost problems. She was not worthy of sharing their sadness and pain. She didn't understand, didn't know how painful, how sad the trauma, the experience they've been through. She was too sheltered. Her father was right. She should have stuck to business.

"Mama? You're taking too long, Papa started nagging." Both Hinata and Hime jumped. "Mama? What are you doi- Hinata? Why are you both in the pantry?" Hanabi asked staring at them as if they were nuts. But then again she was the only sane one in the family. Hanabi nodded to herself in agreement at the statement. Yes she was the only sane person. Her father and mother kept spewing love statements at each other, Hinata does not know who Uchiha Sasuke, the number one hottest bachelor and ex-fiancé of her very own patient and Neji has a thing for animal crackers. Deep in her own thoughts, Hanabi did not realize Hinata whispering to Hime.

"Please don't tell yet mama…" Hime kissed her daughter's forehead.

"Hana-chan, let's go now, I've got the picnic basket."

"Oh Wh- oh yeah. Wait you didn't tell me why you were in the pantry! You hate it when we hide in ther- Hinata! Is that Neji's animal crackers?" Hinata guiltily hid the packet of animal crackers behind her back.

"N-no. It isn't" Hanabi flashed an evil grin. Hinata began turning red. "Please don't tell" she pleads weakly.

"Okay" Hinata's and Hime's heart sank. The last time somebody accidently ate Neji's beloved snack, the household were treated to Neji venting his loss through karaoke. Except for Hinata, Hime and the servants in the household, Hiashi and Hanabi were the only one whom was able to stand Neji's singing prowess.

"Ah well, I better go now Hinata-chan, take care neh?" Hinata nodded and watched her sister and Mother leave. It was silent now. Hinata stared at the box of animal crackers.

"Mama! Can I follow you guys?"


"..." Sasori and Itachi were sitting on the park bench since the last hour. They were supposed to come up with a plan to woo the girl Itachi had fallen for but could come up with none. Sasori had whipped out his pen knife and had started carving a piece of twig whereas Itachi was just staring into the blue.

"We could kidnap her." Itachi glared at Sasori. Even though his voice was void of any emotion he knew that Sasori wasn't kidding. But how do you exactly charm a Hyuuga?

"She… believes in love." Itachi stare suspiciously at his friend. "You can obviously see it in her eyes."

"What do you know." It was Sasori's turn to stare at Itachi. His eyes narrowed.

"Just because I don't show that I am capable of love doesn't mean I don't know what love is." Sasori get up to leave not before throwing the twig that he was carving at Itachi. Itachi watched as his friend left him.

What was that all about?

He looked at the twig Sasori carved. It was a very small miniature doll of Hinata. He stared at the eyes of the doll.


Sasuke and Naruto were now walking randomly along the streets. Sasuke was busy enjoying the few minutes of silence he was blessed with since Naruto was busy chomping down on his twelfth ice-cream cone.

"You know Sake…" Sasuke eyes twitched at what Naruto called him. "Who was that girl anyway?" Now his eyes rolled. Trust Naruto to bring up a topic which was better left lying dead.

"Oi Sake. Sake."

"Stop. Calling. Me . Sake" Naruto snorted.

"I think it's an honor to be called or named after a food. Like me" Naruto proudly puffed out his chest "You should be grateful."

"Grateful my ass."

"See Sasuke. With that attitude of yours no wonder all the girls run away crying. You are ungra-" Naruto broke off. Sasuke sneered at him.

"Why, cat got your tongue."

"Naruto-kun! Konnichiwa! What are you do- Oh. Uchiha." Sasuke froze. He knew who that voice belongs to.

"Sakura." Naruto stared in anticipation at the both of them, what were they going to do next? Insult each other's complexion? Catfight? Bitchslap? Rekindle their broken relationship? Naruto's eyes swirled in dizziness at the possibilities.

"Well I have to go now Naruto-kun. Ja!" Sakura waved, winking at Naruto behind her Chanel shades.

"Che. She managed." Naruto merely shrugged. But he did notice how Sakura's voice had gone a notch higher and the corners of her eyes were glistening.

"So Sake, who was that girl at the café?"

"None of your business."

Sakura heart was beating wildly. His cool presence, his perfectly crafted exterior.

"Stop it this once, Haruno Sakura. He does not deserve you. You have nothing to be sad about." Sakura turned back. Sasuke and Naruto were fading into the distance.

He didn't even look back at her. Sakura flipped her phone opened and scrolled down her contacts.


She needed her therapist.

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