Six friends...

(Shows Troy, Sharpay, Gabriella, Ryan, Chad, and Taylor walking to Sharpay's and Ryan's house.)

"Ryan and I were thinking about throwing a party this weekend."

"Yeah- our parents are going out of town for their anniversary."

"That sounds like fun!"

"I am SO there!"

One haunted house...

(Troy suddenly stops walking)

"Whoa- look!"

(He points at an old run down abandoned house)

"What about it? It's just a creepy house."

"We should go up there."

"No way. Haven't you heard the stories of that house?"

Two curious boys...

"I dare you to go up there, Chad."

"I dare you to come with me."

One hesitant boy...

"We really shouldn't go up there, I don't think it's a very good idea..."

"What's the matter Evans? Don't be a wuss."

Three scared girls...

"Troy, don't. Please."

"Pay, we'll be right out."

"Chad don't go with him..."

"Tay, it's fine..."

"Ryan, you're staying here right?"

"I want to proove to these boneheads that I'm not chicken."

"...Then we'll all go together."

All add up to...

(Shows all six up them walking up to the house.)

One frightening adventure...

(Shows Troy running down the long hallway of the house.)

(Flashes to Sharpay hiding behind a door.)

(Flashes to Ryan backing up slowly.)

(Flashes to Gabriella screaming.)

(Flashes to Chad peeking inside a dark closet.)

(Flashes to Taylor tripping over something.)

Now, they will have to fight...

(Shows Chad in a dark attic with a knife.)

"Whose here?!"

(Flashes to Troy holding Sharpay tightly.)

"We've got to get the hell out of here!"

(Sharpay clings to Troy and begins to sob.)

(Flashes to Gabriella throwing a stool down the basement.)

Will they escape?...

(Shows Ryan sprinting for the front door.)

...Or feel the evil wrath of the house?...

(A force shoves Ryan and he falls.)

(He rolls out of the way just in time to avoid being stabbed)

And the dark creatures that lurk about it?...

(Shows Chad staring in horror at something.)

"What the hell is that?!?!!?"

...And say their last goodbyes?

(Shows Troy kissing Sharpay as if there's no tomorrow.)

"I love you, Pay!"

"I love you, Troy!"

Zac Efron...

(Shows Troy sheilding his face.)

Ashley Tisdale...

(Shows Sharpay sobbing and clinging to Troy.)

Corbin Bleu...

(Shows Chad circling the attic with the knife ready)

Lucas Grabeel...

(Shows Ryan jumping in front of Gabriella so she won't get hit by an object.)

Vanessa Hudgens...

(Shows Gabriella kiss Ryan.)

And Monique Coleman...

(Shows Taylor grab Chad's arm.)

'It was just a stupid dare.'

"Come on, just because it's old, creepy looking, and most of the windows are broken, doesn't mean anything!"


Coming Soon.


Author's Note: What do you think of the trailer? Let me know! This is kind of what I think 'Haunted High School Musical' should be like hehe but I think they're going with the prom or graduation theme in the actual third movie...

and the couples in this story are Troypay, Ryella, and Chaylor :D