At he beginning of OotP (film) Snape and McGonagall are sat next to each other at the high table, maybe having their own chat?

Snape, McGonagall, Snape etc alternating.


"Really. Absolutely ridiculous."

"Something wrong, Severus?"

"Just look at her. Have you ever seen such a poor excuse for a teacher."

"Well maybe she has hidden talents."

"I strongly doubt it. She's so…pink."

"Like I said, maybe there is hidden…"

"Enough of your female solidarity. Just listen to the women prattle on."

"I see."

"Believe me, this does not bode well for the school."

"Oh really?"

"How can it? To involve the ministry in anything.."

"Now Severus, not letting your personal feelings get in the way of this are you?"

"What ever do you mean? It is common knowledge the Minister is an idiot."

"After all, he has employed someone… too pink?.. for your roll of Defence teacher…"

"That has nothing to do with it."


"Yes. Although, how you can hope to install in the students the importance and gravity of the syllabus whilst looking like an over grown marshmallow I am not sure."

"Whereas your looks are much more fitting…"

"That, I'm certain, does not deserve an answer."


"But, yes."

"I thought as such. Let us just give her a chance, shall we. You may recall another Professor who was met with scepticism and considered, 'un-suitable…'"


"And he proved most successful. In his own way."


"Though I have to say, if she insists on 'hem hem-ing' like that and being quite so…"


"…pink…, all the time, I may change my mind."

"I knew you'd see sense Minerva."

"Ah, she's finished. Good, pudding. Just smile Severus, it'll be over soon."

"That I doubt. I believe it may be just beginning."