"Bella, where do you want to go for dinner today?" Asked my mom, Renee

"You don't have to take me anywhere, mommy," I replied, "We have a kitchen at home."

"But today is your birthday; don't you want to go to a restaurant?"

"Where is daddy going to eat?"

"He will be at the restaurant you choose when we get there."

"Let's go to McDonalds!"

"Okay," Mom got on the cell phone with Charlie, which I only now realize wasn't safe considering we were in a car. I saw a lot of cars up ahead in a car wreck. "Mommy,"

"I'm busy, Bella."


"What is it Bella?" I pointed ahead; she looked foreword just before the crash. Then people in suit came and got me out of the car. They noticed how young I was.

"Tell us your age, okay?"

"I'm seven today, It's my birthday." I said, my voice was very weak and I kept sniffling, "My momma died. She is in my car."

"How do you know she died?"

"Because now my daddy is the only one left in my famwy."

"Where is he?"

"He's at McDonalds." While these people drove me to McDonalds they asked me a lot of questions, when we got to my dad, they asked even more. The next day, when I woke up in my house, dad was on the floor, with a knife in his chest.

Sorry this is so short, I just got a great idea in my head and it wouldn't leave me alone.So I had to type it up and show it to people. Hopefully it is good and people will like it. Please tell me if you want another chapter, if you don't, I will not write any more.