I missed Bella. A lot. I hadn't realized that I would miss her this much when she went to Seattle. I know I should have been angry at her, still, for forcing Alice to tell her the truth. I knew I should have still been angry at Alice for telling her the truth, but I couldn't be. Not anymore. In fact, I was glad that Bella knew the truth now. It made me happy, strangely. I liked the fact that I could now be open with Bella. No more secrets. Except for one. I sighed heavily.

"What's wrong, Edward?" Jasper asked, only partially concerned. I'd been like this for days; ever since Bella went to Seattle. Not for the first time, I worried about her. What if she got hurt? What if there was a vampire attack? I knew it wasn't rational to worry so much over a human, but I was. I wondered what was wrong with me. I realized I still hadn't answered him when Emmet came in.

"Oh, he's just missin' his girlfriend. Don't worry about him. Instead, let's go wrestle!"

I was getting really angry after that first comment when a thought came to me.

"Emmet," I said, almost calmly. Jasper looked at me, almost afraid at this mix of emotions. I was feeling… Murderous. But, I realized, it's not towards Emmet. "Yes, let's go wrestle." I said, "And," I added, "If I win, you have to admit she's not my girlfriend, and you have to shut up completely about it. Especially around her." I announced. He grinned mischievously, maliciously.

"Of course, brother, why not? But, if I win… Let's just say you'll regret it."

Far, far away from this private little world, Jasper groaned.


"Are we done yet?" I groaned loudly. Several people glanced my way, and, apparently disinterested, looked away again.

"Why do you say that every time we step into the store?" Alice asked

"Ask," Rosalie corrected instantly, "And you always say that when we step into the store."

"I wouldn't have to say that if Bella would stop complaining, now would I?"

"I only complain because now every time we step into a store, the things you buy are going to have to be shipped, on two separate planes, to get to your house. And next time Carlisle tries to buy, I don't know, a book, he's going to find out that you have no money left!"

"It's two small separate planes." Alice grumbled, crossing her arms. I sighed. I knew I wasn't going to win this argument anyway.

"Whatever, Alice. Knock yourself out." Please. I added silently.

Alice was already ready with different pieces of clothing for my to try on.

"Here, try these on. The blue dress first. Hurry up." As I changed into different clothes, Alice continued to toss things over the dressing room stall to me.

"Alice!" I called, "I thought the point was to get me clothes, not to drown me in them!"

"Maybe it's both; I'm not sure yet." Alice responded, another pair of skinny jeans making their way into my stall. I stepped out. A few people stopped what they were doing as they glanced toward me, the looks turning into full- on stares. I blushed and began sliding back into my stall. Alice grabbed my arm.

"No, it looks good on you. You're wearing this when we go back."

"Why, Alice?" I complained.

"If you're going to be like that, you're wearing this when we going clubbing." She held up a mini, mini skirt and a tight skimpy top. I sighed.

"Good, but you're wearing both, anyway." Said Rosalie, grinning happily. I glared at Alice.

"I never said you wouldn't be forced to wear it, anyway." Alice said.

"Someday," I muttered sullenly.

"Please don't do this Alice. Please?" I was begging. That's how low I had to go to not be dressed like a slut to go clubbing.

"Nope, come on. Live a little!" Rosalie put in.

Alice said, "If you want, we can all dress the same. Would that make it better?"

"I guess," I said.

So, I went clubbing in a denim miniskirt, a thin, tight purple and black t- shirt that ended just below my belly button and started low enough to show a lot of cleavage, thigh- high striped socks, and purple flats. My hair was volumized and curly, and I had some makeup on.

"I feel like a slut," I complained,

"Oh, poor Bella," Rosalie, almost identical in different colors, same as Alice "At least we didn't dip- dye your bangs"

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Let's go clubbing."

Once, there, a lot of guys wanted me to dance with them. I even got offers from a few girls, asking me if I grind.

"Remember, Bella, don't go anywhere besides the dance floor with a stranger. Drink all you want, but nothing a stranger offers. 'Kay?"

"Okay, Alice." And so we went our separate ways to dance. I bought myself a small drink, purely out of thirst and lack of other options. As I was drinking it, another guy came up to me and asked me to dance. I set down my drink to do just that. This guy was tall and tan. He had black hair, and black eyes that sort of panicked me. As we were dancing, he wrinkled his nose a couple times, as if in disgust. Once the song was over, I started to head back toward my drink, but another stranger who looked sort of like the last, asked me to dance. In all the dancing, I didn't notice my last partner watching me, or heading over to my cup to put something into my drink.


"Edward!" I nearly shrieked into the phone. I was perfectly terrified.

"What happened, Alice?' He could read my tone as easily as I could read his. He was immediately worried for Bella.

"I can't see Bella, not at all. I looked around here, but she's not at the club anymore!"

I could hear Emmett's sarcastic voice in the background, going "You went clubbing, I wish I could have seen that."

I could hear Edward's voice over that, saying "Look for her. Use your visions."

"I can't see her, Edward. You think I haven't tried?"

There was a silence, and then "I'll be there soon. Find Rosalie and wait outside." He hung up.