This is going to be a short series. The first chapter isn't really humorous.. but it'll get better (I hope).

It was second period and by far one of the most uneventful days of the year.

Edward was off hunting with Carlisle and Esme for the day and naturally Alice had tried to convince me to stay home from school and have "fun" with her. After much arguing, however, we both dragged ourselves to school and prepared for another boring day of Forks High.

Our boring day soon became one that I would never forget.

It was second period and by far one of the most uneventful days of the year, until a man that I recognized as our principle walked into our English class and asked if we could "talk". Of course, the entire class eyed me suspiciously, curious as to why I was being summoned to a place that people like me just didn't go to. Alice's expression was different than the rest, one of her eyebrows were raised as if she were challenging whatever I was going to be punished for before he even spoke his concerns.

When we were finally in the hall, I nervously looked the principle. He appeared calm enough.

"Do you currently have your student handbook with you?"

I caught my breathe, grateful that I hadn't forgotten the book that we were told to carry around with us in my locker. He took it from my hands and flipped to page 19 while pointing a steady finger at an article. From his patient expression, I assumed that he wanted me to read it.

Clothing deemed inappropriate by the board are as follows:

Excessively short shorts/skirts

An article of clothing that reveals the midriff or chest

Spaghetti straps of any kind

After reading that final line I looked up at the principle who was still smiling kindly at me.

"I didn't realize." I said, shocked at the predicament that I was in. Naturally, Alice had chosen my outfit, and although it wasn't simply just a spaghetti strapped shirt since I had a baggy shirt that drooped below my shoulders on, it was clearly in violation of the handbook.

He nodded his head in understanding. Just then we both diverted our attentions to the classroom door. Alice had the bathroom pass in her hands and she looked ready for an argument. The principle politely waited for her to pass, but I knew that no such thing would happen.

"What is going on here?" she questioned, although she knew full well what had happened. After glancing at the book that the principle still had in his hands, she spoke again. "Bella's attire is clearly not against the dress code." she stated.

The principle's eyebrows raised at the rebel. "Oh?"

"Yes." Alice continued. "If she's wearing a shirt over it then it's not just spaghetti straps. And there's nothing wrong with spaggetti straps anyway!"

The principle waited for her to finish. "But the shirt still reveals the straps and---"

"And you consider a woman's shoulder being exposed dirty?" she asked bewildered. "This is a joke!"

The principle's lips were pursed in a thin line. He obviously didn't like Alice getting the best of him.

"Isabella, if you would, could we please go to my office?"

To this, Alice took a step in front of us. "If you consider that a violation of the dress code then you'd go crazy if you saw some of the girls in this school!"

The principle's face was starting to darken in anger and I wondered if Alice was aware of how much she wasn't helping the situation.

"Alice." I said in a stern voice. She eyed both of us suspiciously before turning to go back to class. I was fairly confident that her skirt was "excessively short". The principle must not have wanted to get involved with someone that would give an attitude back. I followed him to his office quietly, aware of the looks that I got from kids passing by.

When we reached his office he kindly told me to "take a seat" as he walked around his desk to the larger and more comfortable of the two chairs.

"Here at Forks High we take our dress code seriously-" a few images of Rosalie's attire flew through me head. "- and we don't tolerate this sort of violation to the rules." More of Rosalie's indecent clothing came to mind. They took it seriously?

"We have also noticed a change in the people that you talk to in school, as well as a change in your grades, and frankly, we are concerned."

So it wasn't the dress code that had made him bring me here. He was looking for any excuse to get me in trouble so that he could discuss these changes since Edward had returned. The revolution made me angry.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

"Yes." I stated angrily, before I was able to control myself. "Why are you so curious about my life? It really is none of your business. And as for my clothing, are you blind or is it just okay for models like Alice and Rosalie to break the dress code?"

The principle's eyes widened at the unexpected attitude. Dress code wasn't something that our school really cared about. Everyone broke it, except me. What he did next I wasn't expecting. He pressed the button next to his speaker on the desk.

"I apologize for the interruption but can Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale please report to the Principle's office? Thank you."

He took his finger off of the button and looked at me expectantly.

This was going to be a long, potentially painful, day.

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