I was eternally thankful when the end of the day came and I was able to relax at the Cullen house. Edward stayed respectfully quiet about the whole ordeal the entire drive to our destination.

"Bella!" Alice chimed, running out to greet me. "What happened?"

She took the hand that wasn't already occupied by Edward's and tried to pull me to the door. Edward let out an exasperated sigh. "Alice, is this really the time?"

"Of course it is!" she shouted, winning the battle as she dragged Edward and I into the living room. "I was trying to see what was going to happen with the meeting but there were too many of you all deciding on different things! And Edward... I can only hope that you didn't act on half of the things you had decided to do..."

I peered at Edward curiously. What had he planned on doing? I was about to question this when Emmett walked into the room.

"What meeting?" he asked casually, sitting on the arm of the couch. I could feel my face begin to heat up and hoped that it wouldn't show. Emmett raised a brow and eyed Edward, waiting for his question to be answered.

"Bella broke the dress code." Alice answered casually as she continued to throw questions at Edward.

"Our school has a dress code?" he asked me. I couldn't explain why I felt the way I did, but that statement made me angry once more. Not only did a lot of people break the dress code, but some didn't even know about it.

Emmett's eyes briefly scanned my outfit. "Did you change your clothes or something?" he questioned, clearly disappointed that I hadn't gone all out nude in school. I couldn't even imagine what his reaction would be if he had witnessed the entire event unfold.

"Geez, if you show any skin at all then they just tackle you to the ground, huh?" he peered over his shoulder cautiously before continuing. "Frankly, if that is breaking the dress code then I can't even imagine how many red flags Rosalie would raise."

I was touched and very surprised that he had taken the entire event as seriously as he did. Even while in the office with Mr. Johnson, I was dreading returning to the Cullen house for fear of the ridicule that Emmett , especially, would dish out on me. I was impressed.

"So what are your plans, Edward?" Emmett asked, turning his attention to his brother that was dodging the flood of questions from Alice.

"Plans?" he questioned.

Emmett's face dropped in disbelief. "You know... plans."

Edward continued to look at him in confusion until his brows suddenly rose and his face became stern. "No."

"What? Are you serious? You are seriously just going to let him walk off Scott free?"

The two continued their conversations in their mind, leaving me to try and figure out what it was that they were talking about. What plans were Emmett talking about? And why would Mr. Johnson walk off "Scott free" if these plans weren't put into action.

"You want to prank Mr. Johnson?" I accused before thinking.

Edward's head snapped in my direction as he sternly said "No." I would have taken him on his word if Emmett wasn't nodding his head while Edward was facing me.

"What kind of prank does Emmett want to do?" I questioned, ignoring Edward's blatant lie.

"It really doesn't matter because there isn't going to be a prank." he stated in a tone meant to end the conversation.

"A prank?" a new voice asked from a different room. Edward pinched the bridge of his nose as this rumor spread and Rosalie walked into the room, clearly extremely interested. "Is this revenge for Mr. Johnson?"

I must not have been able to contain the surprise on my face because Rosalie quickly backtracked. "He did take me out of class. I wouldn't mind helping you but he also affected me. So what are the plans?"

"There are no plans." Edward stated. "Nobody was punished and everything ended up alright."

"Yeah, right, no plans, so what should we do?" Emmett questioned, ignoring Edward.

"Well, Mr. Johnson is basically terrified of Rosalie, so we should definitely use her." Alice chimed in.

"Oh!" Rosalie announced standing up from her seated position. "We're going to need Jasper. I have just the plan!"


Mr.Johnson's POV

Wednesday at last. Wednesdays were my favorite day out of all of the weekdays. Nothing stressful or overly exciting happens on Wednesday. It was this day of the week that I was able to spend quietly in my office.

"Mr. Johnson." the secretary called from her desk. "You have mail in your mailbox."

So maybe something did happen. There goes my Wednesday. Grudgingly, I rose my chair and walked to the wall of empty cubbies. With mine being the only one with paper inside, it was extremely easy to find.

"Thank you." I stated before retreating back to my office and opening the folded white paper.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

It has come to our attention that a student (Rosalie Hale) has placed a complaint on an aspect of your teaching/ schooling/ behavior/ etc. Although this occurence will not be acted upon at this current time, it is still important to make you aware of your offenses.

Rosalie Hale stated:

Mr. Johnson has made many girls in Forks High School uncomfortable with his "wandering eye". I speak on behalf of nearly all of the female population of this school when I say that Mr. Johnson has a tendency to "check out" girls that expose any part of the their body. Just the other day, Mr. Johnson called a quiet girl that had no offenses to her record to his office and discussed her clothing. As a result, he then called my sister and I to come, but sent us out when I threatened to expose his unprofessional and extremely disturbing tendencies.

We hope to solve this problem in the next Board of Education meeting this Friday. It is our wish that you appeal to the Board about this issue before the meeting begins.

I could feel my face pale as I read this.

"I'd appreciate knowing what you plan on doing about this situation. It's important to report problems immediately, you know. We wouldn't want the Board of Education having to replace anybody on short notice." Ms. Hale had stated. I hadn't had a discussion with her like I had promised.

As if on cue, I saw Rosalie Hale walk by the office in the shortest skirt I had ever seen worn on a minor.


Friday's Board of Education Meeting


"Are you sure that we are allowed to be here?" I questioned Alice.

"Of course. The public is always allowed at these meetings." she stated.

"Then why are we the only public here?"

"Just because the public is allowed doesn't mean that they actually come."

"Are we ready to begin?" a voice announced to the room.

Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice and I were seated quietly in our seats. Each of the Cullens had a perfect mask of indifference about them. I was still amazed at how well this plan had gone so far. I was worried about the document that Jasper had forged stating that Mr. Johnson would have to appealed at the meeting. However, it would appear that Mr. Johnson had believed it because he walked up, unannounced to the microphone, flashcards in hand. I heard Emmett chuckle quietly as Jasper whispered "Oh my God" in an amazed voice.

Mr. Johnson cleared his throat uncomfortably before speaking. The man that had called the meeting to attention was looking at him in an irritated way.

"I was told to appeal at this meeting because of my tendencies to "check out" girls that are wearing indecent clothing. This is not the case, however, because---"

"Mr. Johnson?" an older woman asked.

"Yes, Mrs. Vertare?" he questioned, loosening his tie uncomfortably.

"What are you doing?" she questioned, her forehead furrowed in confusion.

"I-- I'm supposed to.. talk to the Board.. I received a complaint and---"

"Sit down, Mr. Johnson and be quiet. This meeting is not a joke. We can talk about your... "tendencies" at a later date."

A few members of the Board exchanged humored glances and I thought that Mr. Johnson was going to die on the spot.

"Y-yes, Mrs. Vertare. My apologies."

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