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"EMMETT! YOU NEED TO GET RID OF THIS THING AND BUY A BIGGER ONE! WE ARE ALL CRAMPED IN HERE!" Rosalie's head was leaning against the window, well; it was kind of forced against the window.

"Rose, babe, I'm sorry, but usually it's only the two of us in here! And normally we don't have Alice, who has to stop and buy a truckload at EVERY STINKIN MALL WE PASS!" My brother glared at me. So what, I made a few purchases…what's it to him? I mean, it's not my fault Bloomingdale's had a sale, and they just happened to have Bella's and my and Rose's and Esme's and Carlisle's size in everything.

Rose was no where near done complaining "Well, maybe if JASPER would quit stopping at the malls, or the HILBILLY ROADSIDE FRUIT STANDS than we would be a few shopping bags and twelve dozen melons short!"

"GUYS, don't drag me into this! Alice was the one who was shopping obsseviely and compulsivly" Jasper looked back from the driver's seat to find a very aggravated Emmett, an oddly serene Carlisle and Esme, Bella extremely close to passing out on Edward's lap from lack of sleep, and me, smiling and hyper as always.

Bella finally went to sleep. I am surprised she made it this far, I mean, don't humans need at least 8 hours of sleep each day? She'd be lucky if she got that this past week. I could tell that her whole 'i-haven't-slept-in-days-so-i-am-ridiculously-loopy' thing, was tearing Edward to pieces (figuratively of course, we all know that he would freakily put himself back together again if she really did. Creepy moving disembodied parts…)

"Guys, she's finally asleep, can we at least get her into a hotel or something? I mean, she deserves a bed?"

"I personally think she deserves the middle of a busy intersection"


"Sorry Eddie-poo"

"But really, a hotel, please? We have been on the road for days! A little permanence wouldn't hurt."

"Eddie's right, we should get Bella a… YAY!"

"Alice, what did you see?" I shook my head and closed my mouth. "Don't try to tell me that you didn't see anything, if you didn't than you wouldn't be singing 'The Best of Both Worlds' in your head really loudly!"

"Fine, I saw us take the exit HERE!" I ran up to my husband, and turned the steering wheel a full 180 degrees, and just made the exit we had to take.

"ALICE! Are you crazy?! You could have killed us!" Rosalie smirked at Edward's words.

"No, we would live. She would only kill Bella…not that I would complain…"

"Rosalie I'm going to-"

Edward didn't get to finish the threat, we pulled up to a huge colorful gate with nine flags and a huge cartoon mouse on it.

"Alice, you wanted to get Bella... a hotel room... in…in, Disney?"

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