Title: Christmas Cupid

Characters: H/Hr

Rating: Teen/Mature

Disclaimer: I own nothing at all therefore you can't sue.

Summary: Christmas is round the corner and someone is plotting romance and guess what, not even Voldie can stop them. Cupid is working their magic among everyone, causing them to find love in the most unlikely places – but the question is, just who is cupid and why are he convinced Harry and Hermione are perfect for each other?

Warning: Mystery, humour (Hopefully), love and Christmas Cheer – if you are not excited about Christmas, work yourself up!

A/N – I have an excuse – Plot Bunny! Keeps trying to bite my toes for some reason but then again that could be the frost over here in Britain. I wanted to do a little Christmas story to work everyone up for Christmas and decided that Cupid would make a marvellous matchmaker.

Hope you like it and see if you can guess WHO is Cupid?

This is only three parts because I'm getting DVDs and games for my Xmas and NOTHING is tearing me away from them.

Books: 1- 6 (Yes, that's right) – Harry and co are still a Hogwarts for lessons and researching for the Horcuxes.

Oh, this is kinda a clueless Harry Fic, is it just me or does Harry seem cute when he's clueless and going on the wrong path?

Chapter 1: The Attack of Cupid.

"What the hell!" Harry Potter demanded as he looked at the bottom of his bed. The messy black haired man had been sleeping soundly in his bed when all of a sudden flashing lights went off in his bed.

Blinking blearily, he opened his eyes and saw that the flashing lights were coming from the foot of his bed. Puzzled, he sat up and pulled on his glasses and saw the flashing object the size of a wallet. It was a Christmas tree in the shape of a heart!

Curious, he picked up the object and saw that there was a tag on top of the Christmas heart tree and he turned it so he could read it.

"Merry Christmas Harry Potter, I have made it my mission for you to find love this year. When the clock strikes at a certain time on a certain day, this heart tree will open and reveal your true love – bear in mind, if you haven't figured out your true love by then, it won't open. Good day and Merry soon to be Christmas. The Christmas Cupid," Harry read before raising his eyebrows in shock as fireworks shot out from the object.

"What the hell?!" he asked, finally giving into his desire to swear at the confusion that was now swirling around in his brain. This Christmas Heart Tree was designed to show him his true love but if he didn't figure out who it was by then, it wasn't going to open? Just what is that suppose to mean?

Harry looked up, he got up on to his knees and parted the curtains that surrounded his bed slightly and looked around for anyone that was sneaking about in his dormitory but couldn't see anyone out of place – only four other bed that had their hangings closed around them.

Harry sat back on his butt and pulled out the map that he kept under his pillow and opened it.

"I solemnly swear I'm up to no good," he announced and the blank map started having lines drawn up upon it, words were formed and names started appearing. "Now, where the hell are you Voldie," Harry muttered as he used his wand, to look for his enemy, he didn't put it past Voldemort to send him this trick by using a lackey just to make him confused before planning an attack.

After a while, convinced that Voldemort had snuck out of the castle before Harry could find him, Harry looked back down at the heart shaped tree before shaking his head and shoved it into a drawer before folding the map and placed it back in its usual place in the trunk and lay down before pulling the covers over his head in order to block the mysteries out of his head as he tried to get back to sleep.

The next morning, Harry made his way into the Great Hall and saw Hermione sitting in her usual spot, looking over the papers while eating her breakfast. She looked up when she sensed Harry nearby and gave him a smile only for it to fade when she saw the annoyed look on Harry's face.

"What's wrong with you, grumpy chops?" Hermione asked as Harry sat down at the table next to her and started filling up his plate.

"Nothing," he informed her, gruffly and she arched an eyebrow as she reached over and took his hand, stopping him from overflowing his plate.

"Uh, huh," she told him; not once believing him, Harry sighed as he placed his fork down on the table.

"Fine, I got this strange message on my bed sometime last night," Harry told her and Hermione turned in her seat, now intrigued.

"How do you mean?" Hermione asked.

"It was this Christmas tree heart – a Christmas tree in a shape of a heart. There was a message with it – it said that it would open on a certain time of a certain day to reveal my true love but if I don't figure out who it by then, it's not going to open," Harry explained and Hermione's other eyebrow shot up while her eyes widen.

"That doesn't even make any sense!" she exclaimed and Harry nodded in agreement.

"I'm convinced it's Voldemort trying distract me," Harry told her and Hermione gave Harry an amused smile.

"Harry, I hardly think that's Voldemort's style," she told him and Harry waved his fork in the air.

"You never know what could come up in that sicko's mind," he retorted before filling his fork with his breakfast and took a bite. Hermione bit her bottom lip to prevent herself from laughing at Harry's serious expression.

"I don't think Voldemort knows anything about love so he wouldn't be trying to set you up," Hermione rationalized and Harry stopped with his fork a few inches away from his mouth as he thought about it before he put his fork down and nodded.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Harry admitted and Hermione tilted her head while Harry shot her a smirk with mirth shining in his eyes. "Then again, when are you not?" Harry teased and she slapped his arm.

"Oi, no teasing," she scolded him and he shot her a wounded look that had her cracking up with laugher as he smiled at her. He liked it when she laughed. Her head slightly tilted back, her brown eyes shining with laugher; the sunlight shining off her curls and Harry shook his head, wondering where the hell those thoughts came from.

Hermione brought her head down and blushed when she saw that everyone was looking at them before she turned to face Harry and found herself admiring him.

He had changed, he was taller and more built thanks to all the training he has been through since finding out the prophecy and the food that he received from being at Hogwarts rather than being stuck at the Dursleys. His hair was messy as usual but he had tamed it so that it was more spiked up than messy. She shook her head, mentally, wondering what the hell was up with her.

A little further down the table, a red haired female Weasley watched the scene with narrowed eyes. She knew that Harry had broke up with her just to keep her protected from Voldemort and that he wanted to concentrate on the war and come back to her afterward but it didn't give him the freedom to flirt with that bookworm.

She jutted out her chin slightly as determination hardens her brown eyes; she was going to remind Harry that he had promised to come back to her after the war.

"Anyway, what are you up to today?" Harry asked as he continued to tuck into his breakfast.

"I'm going to the library – there is a book I need to check out," Hermione told him and Harry nodded in understanding.

"I'll come with you," Harry told her after he took a sip of his pumpkin juice. "Maybe there is a book on how to deal with mystery riddles." Hermione grinned as a red haired male sat down from them.

"Morning," he greeted after he filled up his plate and tucked into it. Hermione wrinkled her nose in disgust and annoyance before rolling her eyes.

"Morning Ronald," Hermione greeted before she turned back to her papers while Harry just sighed.

"Please don't talk with your mouth full," Harry pleaded. "I just finished my breakfast."

Ron just ignored him as he continued to tuck into his meal while Harry turned back to Hermione, rolling his eyes.

"Good morning," a female voice spoke up, Harry turned to see Luna standing there. Harry grinned as he stood up and kissed her cheek.

"Morning Luna, here's your present," Harry told her as he pulled out a small present from the pocket of his robe and handed her the brightly wrapped present. A bright smile crossed Luna's face as she took the package and kissed his cheek.

"Thank you Harry, I'm sorry but your present is not completed yet," Luna told him, but Harry waved it off.

"It's okay, just get it to me when you can," Harry told her.

Both of them had become close after they went to Slughorn's party together. Harry could talk to her about his godfather's death and she could talk to him about her mother's death. It wasn't that he didn't trust Hermione; he just didn't like seeing the sadness in her eyes when they talked about Sirius. It hurt him to see the sadness and the hurt.

"Luna!" one of her classmate called her. Luna turned and gave the girl a short nod before she turned back to Harry.

"I'll see you later Harry," she told him and walked off while Harry sat back down.

"You two have become close," Hermione noticed as she watched Harry sit back down. Harry gave her a grin.

"She became a good friend," Harry told her. Hermione just smiled. "Do you want to go to the library now?" Harry asked and Hermione nodded as she closed the papers and they both stood up and walked away.

They didn't notice Ron glaring at them as he watched them walk away. She was supposed to be with him, not Harry bloody Potter. What he didn't know that his sister was currently having the same thoughts as they both stabbed their forks into their food.

Harry browed through the shelves, looking for anything he could see that would help him with the riddle, but there was nothing.

Frustrated, Harry moved back to the tables, where Hermione was sitting, reading her book. He slumped down on his chair across from Hermione and looked at her pathetically.

"There's nothing," Harry murmured sadly and Hermione fought back an amused smile at the sight of Harry's desolated look.

"Don't worry Harry, I'm sure we'll find out what the riddle means and we'll find out who sent you the message," Hermione soothed him as she reached and placed her hand on top of his.

"Thanks," Harry told her and she nodded as they both stared into each other eyes for a short moment before Hermione cleared her throat, pulled her hand away and looked back down at the book she had been reading.

Harry just continued to stare at Hermione for a short moment, wondering about the feeling that was rushing through his veins. He had never felt this way before and it was making him nervous.

Sighing as he turned his head, he looked out of the window only for a slow smile to curve his lips when he caught the white drops covered the window still.

"Hermione…" Harry called out and Hermione lifted her head, when she noticed him nudging his head toward the window.

Confused and curious, she turned her head only for her jaw to drop when she saw the snow falling, steadily, outside of the window and a smile crossed her face.

Harry felt his heart jump slightly when he saw the smile on her face and knew how much she loved the snow.

"Oh…" Hermione whispered and Harry grinned.

"Makes me wish I was in the common room, in front of the fire with a cup of hot chocolate," Harry told her and Hermione giggled in agreement before she looked at him.

"Why don't we?" they both asked at the same time, chuckling, Hermione picked up the book she was reading, they both hurried over to the check out and rushed out of the library, giggling like little children.

Meanwhile, Ron was walking through the cold hallway, when someone broke into his thoughts.

"Good morning Ronald," a female voice greeted and Ron turned to see Luna standing there with a small distracted smile on her face as she played with her necklace.

"Luna," Ron greeted with a short nod and Luna focused her blue eyes on him.

"You are not happy," she told him. Ron looked at her, startled.

"How can you tell?" Ron demanded and Luna shrugged.

"I can tell a lot of things," Luna told him. "You shouldn't be angry at Hermione for wanting to spend time with Harry – he is her best friend after all, not your girlfriend." Ron looked at Luna with a hard glare but Luna was unfazed by it.

"She would be if she wasn't putting Harry first at every moment," Ron snipped out, bitterly and Luna snorted as a glint appeared in her eyes, startling Ron.

"She is his best friend, the one thing that is keeping him alive. He goes through hell each year he comes back to Hogwarts and you call yourself his friend when you constantly turn your back on him?" Luna asked before shaking her head softly. "I can't understand what I ever saw in you."

With that, Luna turned away, leaving Ron alone with his thoughts.


Okay – I know I have Ron in a bad light but I honestly was going to have Ron/Luna but Ron is always much more fun jealous, but he will redeem himself Grins just gotta trust me.