Note: Usagi's hair is the color that it was in the Moon Kingdom. (Manga)

I do not know how or what or why. I did not want to write this into anything else. It stands alone. Lonely.

I will explain nothing. (About *this* 'fic. So don't ask! I have no idea. ^_^;;;)

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon does not belong to me. I claim nothing but the events in this story. I spun this up by myself and it has nothing to do with any real continuity or any of my other fanfics.

Something written when I was in a depressed state of mind.

Within my Sight

A *short* fanfic by Fushigi Kismet

Her hair was unbound, snow-white tresses the color of moonlight tumbling about her.

Alone in her darkness, she stared unseeing at an empty room.

A noise, the soft sound of a footstep half-muffled by the carpet, came to her ears. Easily startled, she unconsciously moved further away and asked in a shaky voice, "Who's there?"

There was no answer. Instead, the person in her room stepped closer.

Mamoru opened a mouth to say, "Usako, don't you know me?" but found that the words stuck in his throat. He could say nothing to her that would lighten her despair. He could do nothing to make her better. He could not make her see again.

Helplessly, he stood before her where she sat, staring into nothingness, frightened. He crouched down and lightly brushed his fingertips along her face.

She started like a frightened animal, a deer ready to flee at any time, but then she hesitated. She stretched forth her hand and finding his face, slowly trailed her fingers down it.

Mamoru shut his eyes against her fingertips, like gentle rain drops trailing down a windowpane. He shut his eyes against the tears whose flow he was unable to stop and ran forth from his eyes, down his face in two steady currents until they encountered her fingers.

As she felt the cold, wet touch of his tears, she paused, then continued trailing her fingers down his face in her infinitely slow manner, as though trying to remember him by feel alone. As her fingers reached his lips, they stopped and were still.

Mamoru pressed her hand to his lips desperately, passionately, still unable to still the course of his tears. He tried to speak, but as before he could find no words to express the grief he felt.

"Oh, Mamo-chan!" she cried out in a half-strangled voice, her torment showing. She flung herself against him, racking sobs shuddering through her delicate frame, tears flowing from her eyes. Had she been able to see at all, her tears would have blinded her just as fully in that moment.

"Usako," he whispered, holding her as she gave vent to her emotions. "Usako."

She sobbed, her arms wrapped around him, tears dripping down her cheeks. "Mamo-chan, as long as I don't lose sight of our love, I'll be okay. Everything'll be all right, as long as I keep that . . . within my sight."



I am alone

salty as the sea
flow down my face

Your hand
holds mine

Nothing matters

I hold
the world
within my sight.