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"Hey, Jay, wait up!" Syrus yelled, running toward his friend. Jaden stopped and turned to see the mini blunet running toward him. He smiled at his friend as he reached him.

"Hey, Sy. You going to the beach, too?" Syrus nodded.

"Yeah. So is everyone else. They're right behind me, wanna wait and go together?" Jaden bit his lip and looked around.

"Ahh, actually, Sy. I was kind of going to meet," he began to say but was cut off smoothly by a southern accented voice.

"Me?" it teased. Jaden smiled and prepared to turn around but couldn't because suddenly two strong arms wrapped around his waist. Jaden smiled brighter as Jesse placed his chin on his shoulder. "You were late, so I came looking for you." Jaden blushed lightly and turned his head away from his boyfriend.

"Sorry, I overslept." Jesse rolled his eyes.

"And what else is new?" Jaden scowled at him, sticking his tongue out childishly. Syrus smiled at their little lover's squabble. After the gangs return from the Dark World, the two of them have been inseparable. A couple, an item. It was nice, seeing them together finally. After everyone had returned, Jesse's team left quickly.

It was hard for everyone to believe that it all happened almost a month and a half ago.

"By the way, Jesse, you look like you're feeling better," Syrus noted. Jesse turned away from Jaden and gave him a questioning look.

"What do you mean?" Syrus shrugged.

"I was just thinking about the Dark World and how you were sick there and before we left. Why was that?" Jesse sighed and sagged more, using Jaden more as a crutch than anything else.

"I asked Atem about that. He said it was my powers growing because of Jaden." He turned to look at Jesse in shock.

"Me?" he gasped. Jesse nodded, his chin digging lightly into Jaden's shoulder.

"Yeah. You're powers were just waking up, which is how you were able to keep Haou from taking possession of you. So they were influencing mine and causing them to change." Jaden rolled his eyes.

"Sorry. I'll be sure to keep them in check from now on," he said. Jesse smirked.

"You better." Jaden smacked his hands that were still around his waist lightly, telling him to watch it.

"Ah, and here we have Duel Academy's power couple," Jim teased as he and the rest of the gang, being Axel, Aster, Alexis, Hassleberry, Chazz, and Blair, made their way to the trio. Jesse rolled his eyes as a blush bloomed on Jaden's cheeks. He didn't like being called the 'Power Couple' of Duel Academy.

"Are we going to the beach or what, soldiers?" Hassleberry asked. Everyone nodded and began to walk toward the beach. Jesse dropped his arms from around Jaden's waist and instead took his hand, tightly locking their fingers. The gang was talking and laughing, simply enjoying each other's company until something eerily familiar happened…

"GLOMP!" a familiar voice yelled. Everyone froze and turned around, except for Jim. He turned around just in time to stagger backwards as a very familiar redhead clung to his chest, legs locked around his waist and arms around his neck. Shirley was on his back.

"Akaria, how lovely to see you after so long," he said, smiling at her. Akaria smiled widely at him. She reached up and took off his hat, pulling it onto her own head.

"Back at cha, mate," she said, using her best Australian accent. Jim chuckled and pressed his lips to hers. She smiled against his lips and kissed him back. Confused? Don't be. It wasn't long after everyone returned from the Dark World that they also became a ticket item.

After a moment, Jim dropped her legs that he was holding so she fell down and was standing on her own two feet. Jim reached up and plucked his hat off of her head, placing it back on his. As he did, everyone noticed Akaria's hair.

"You cut your hair!" Jesse gasped. Akaria looped her arm through Jim's and looked at him, smiling.

"Yeah, you like it?" she asked. Jesse gaped at her. Akaria had never cut her hair, EVER! Now her flowing red locks barely brushed her shoulders. A flame red ribbon was now tied around her neck, which she used to tie back her now much shorter do.

"It looks great," Jaden said, elbowing his boyfriend forcefully in the side. Jesse pouted at him as he rubbed his bruising side. Akaria smiled at him.

"Thanks, Jay." He smiled back at her.

"Hey, there you guys are!" Emma called. Everyone looked up to see the remainder of Jesse's team running toward them. Keith and Emma were leading, hand in hand, with Justin trailing behind them. Yes, Keith and Emma became an item not too long ago. Akaria and Jesse were both pleasantly surprised. In fact, everyone was happy, except for Justin. Now he was the only one on the team without a 'special friend'.

"What are you guys doing here?" Blair asked. Justin sighed.

"Vacation. We all need one and decided to bug you guys," he answered. Akaria rolled her eyes as Keith threw some paper ball at him. Jaden smiled at them.

"Cool. We were just going to the beach. Care to join us?" The kids nodded. Now that everyone was together, they began to head to the beach. Emma and Keith were leading the group, mainly because Emma was practically running, and Justin was flirting (unsuccessfully) with Alexis. Jaden and Jesse remained at the top of the hill as they watched their friends run to the beach.

"So," Jaden said.

"So," Jesse repeated. Jaden smiled and turned to look at him.

"What's next in store for the Duel Warriors?" Jesse smiled and turned back to Jaden, wrapping his arms around his waist.

"Oh, it's a dangerous mission. You got your game on?" Jaden smiled and leaned closer to Jesse until their foreheads touched.

"My game is on, what about yours?" Jesse smiled back, but didn't answer. Instead he leaned forward until his lips were pressed firmly against Jaden's. He smiled against his boyfriend's lips and wrapped his arms around his neck, digging his fingers into teal tresses and pressing their bodies closer together.

Dangerous mission indeed.


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