Remus Lupin. The calm, sensible, logical one. Always reasonable. Always practical. But most of all, sensible. Boring, sensible Remus Lupin who needs to lighten up. Who needs to just relax. Remus Lupin, who can be just as bad as Mad-Eye, just quieter about. Remus Lupin, who never does anything stupid.

At least, not anymore. He and the other Marauders had often been stupid together. Moony had let them become Animagi and run wild with them through the forbidden forest. Moony had enjoyed hanging upside down off the tree branches over the lake by his knees with Prongs, all the while jeering at the giant squid. Moony had suggested the escapade that had involved half the staff, several pints of honey, and a large number of feathers, all colored red and gold to Wormtail during one particularly miserable Potions class, and let him tell the others as long as he presented it as his idea.

Moony, too, had loved the idea of all the Gryffindor sixth years showing up at Frank Longbottom's house uninvited when he wasn't allowed to stay for Christmas. And of course, Moony had been very deeply involved in the lawnmower incident.

But Prongs was gone, now, and Lilly. Frank and Alice were also gone. Wormtail was…gone as well. And Padfoot…

Well, a being with a bored and drunken Padfoot at Grimmauld place with very few people home usually ended up in volumes of stupidity. And it had happened more than once. Molly had been annoyed by handstand contest that had lasted for several hours, alarmed by the foam noodle duel to the death that took place in the halls, and shocked by the full moon wrestling match in the living room. The castle of exploding snap cards had not been well received by anyone other than its manufacturers, either. But now, Padfoot to was gone, taken by his desire to protect Harry and his carelessness when confronting one of his own family.

And they had left, all of them, and Moony had been alone. And there had been no one to insult him when he grew too practical, or to drag him off to some foolish prank when he became too serious. There was no one there when he could find nothing to laugh at, nothing to smile about.

And so Moony was left to be boring, sensible, practical, logical Remus Lupin. And Moony was seen less and less, until it seemed he was gone entirely. And perhaps the Marauder was indeed gone. Perhaps he was still there, simply waiting for a chance to reveal himself.

It didn't matter. He was left, perhaps not completely alone, but certainly Remus John Lupin had no one to be stupid with.