Digimon and all that goes with it does not now, nor will it ever, belong to me.

It was dark, which was fitting, Minonmon thought, considering it was night. Not a sound was to be heard in the bedroom, save for Ken's light breathing. Minonmon yawned, and snuggled into Ken's arms to get some sleep before the next part of their nightly ritual.

He and Ken had lain in bed for a while, talking about things: school, the digital world, the other digi-destined, soccer, or anything that was bothering Ken. Every night they would lie and talk like this until Ken drifted off to sleep.

Then Minonmon would nestle down, asleep as well, but wary of any change in his friend's manner as he slept. The slightest catch in his friend's breathing, the softest cry, even the smallest increase of tension, would bring Minonmon out of his sleep, watchful for his friend's well-being.

Ken stirred restlessly, and Minonmon was instantly alert, but remain where he lay, lending Ken comfort in simply being there, though it would only delay the coming storm. Ken moaned, and jerked violently, fighting some shadow of the past, yet not succeeding. Idly Minonmon wondered what terror haunted Ken tonight.

Ken never slept well, really. As haunted as he was by his past during the day, at night, things only worsened. At night his mind would replay scenes from the past, over and over, until it was too much, and Ken would jerk awake, disoriented, unsure of where- or even who- he was.

Ken cried out, fighting some unseen force. He thrashed wildly in his bed, a prisoner in his own mind. Minonmon moved back now, it would distress Ken to be without him, but that wouldn't compare to the guilt Ken would feel if he were to accidentally harm the small digimon in his sleep. Minonmon waited, his heart aching, as Ken became more and more upset. He hoped this would not go on much longer tonight. Usually Ken had awakened by now.

Suddenly Ken jerked upright in his bed, what might almost be a scream escaping his lips. He sat shaking, his eyes staring straight ahead, seeing something other than the wall before them. Minonmon moved to get Ken's attention.

The boy's eyes fixed on the digimon, eyes full of pain and sorrow and regret. Suddenly, Ken moved. He launched himself out of the bed and staggered out into the hall. Minonmon followed silently, worried about this slight divergence from what had become normal night time activity for the two.

Ken staggered into the bathroom, and sank down in front of the toilet. Minonmon watched in concern as his friend- well, Minonmon wasn't sure what he was doing. But he leaned against his partner's side as he shook.

Finished, Ken slowly stood, and turned on the faucet, rinsing his mouth with the water. He proceeded to wash his face, then dry it with the hand towel that always hung so neatly on the wall. Then he turned to Minonmon, who jumped into his arms.

"Are you okay?" The small digimon asked, knowing Ken's answer would clarify just how bad the nightmares had been this time.

Ken tried to smile, but failed miserably. He sank down against the bathroom wall, Minonmon in his arms. "I don't know." The answer was barely a whisper. Ken's parents were light sleepers. He and Minonmon had already managed to wake them up with their late night talks before.

"What happened?" Minonmon asked the question, now familiar to both digimon and human.

Ken shuddered. "Do you remember the Dark Pool?"

Minonmon remembered it very clearly. The evil coming from it, the Devimon inside, and how Ken had started hearing voices. Or, as Ken had tried to explain once, a voice, dark and sinister, taunting him. Toying with him. Ken arguing with nobody, yelling at nothing. Even seeing things that weren't there. That evil had bothered him even as the Digimon Emperor, and as Ken, he had only ever mentioned it once, and it had distressed him so that Minonmon had firmly changed the subject to something else and insisted that he would hear of it when Ken was ready, which he wasn't then.

Minonmon simply nodded in reply.

"I was in way over my head there, and too stupid to admit it." Ken said, more to himself than to Minonmon. "I was so close to losing it. That voice was pure evil, enough to make the things I've done look like an innocent child's make-believe. You felt its evil, didn't you?"

Again Minonmon simply nodded.

"You warned me about it." Ken went on. "You begged me not to mess with it. And I did anyways. Anything could have happened."

Minonmon looked up into Ken's eyes. "But it didn't. Everyone's all right. And we're here. Safe and sound." He spoke softly, soothingly, attempting to calm Ken's worn nerves. It worked, to some degree. Ken wasn't shaking as badly. "And everything turned out okay anyway." The two sat silently for a moment.

"Are we safe?" Ken asked at last, almost hopelessly.

Minonmon nodded fervently. "We are home and safe and sound." He yawned. "And a bit sleepy." He continued, trying to lighten the mood. "And hungry." He finished up.

Ken did manage a small smile this time. "You're always hungry."

"But dinner was so long ago." Minonmon protested. "Besides, eating will help you feel better. It always makes me feel better." They both knew the first part of his statement wasn't true; it was a long standing joke that had sprouted from the fact that digimon seemed to think that eating would solve any problem.

But Ken took Minonmon into the kitchen anyway. He set him on the table and rummaged through cabinets he knew the contents of even in the dark to find some peanut butter and bread. He got some jelly and milk from the refrigerator, and a butter knife from one of the drawers. He quickly produced for Minonmon half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a coffee cup half full of milk.

Minonmon quietly and neatly disposed of this snack, and Ken cleaned up what little mess was left. Then the two returned silently to bed, where they would lay and quietly wait for the dawn to come.

Once the dawn had come, Ken would drift off and get maybe an hour or so of undisturbed sleep before it was time to prepare for school.

Minonmon wouldn't sleep again until he was packed snugly in Ken's backpack and on the way to school. Then he would nap until Ken sneaked him some food at lunch, and nap again until school was over for the day.

"Good night, Minonmon." Ken murmured as he drifted back to sleep.

"Good night, Ken." Minonmon replied, though it wasn't really night anymore.

"Minonmon?" Ken said softly after a moment of silence.


"Thanks. You know, for being here."

Minonmon smiled.