AN: I realise that all I ever write is fluff, but it's what I love to read, and it's easier for me to write. Who knows, maybe one day I'll try a bit of angst.

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We were lying in bed, comfortable, warm and spent when the question slipped out. I didn't mean to ask him, although deep down I had wanted to for a while, but as he was pulling me against his chest and running his hands through my hair, I just sort of said it.

My words were muffled against his neck, but he heard me perfectly.

"Christmas dinner? At your house?"

"Well, yeah. I don't really fancy spending Christmas alone, and I hate the thought of you all on your own in the Hub. So, why not?" I'm beginning to regret even asking, as I'm pretty sure the answer will be no. I study his face closely, looking for any sign of a reaction. The corners of his lips begin to twitch up into a smile, and his dazzling blue eyes are sparkling.

"I'd love to."

I'm fully aware I'm grinning, and I would be embarrassed if it weren't for the fact that around Jack, I just feel so comfortable, and I haven't had that feeling since Lisa. When I'm in his company, I just feel so safe. When he kisses me with those soft, full lips and expert tongue I feel alive, and when he looks into my eyes, it's the most magical feeling in the world. The way he lavishes me with attention, it makes me feel like I'm not just the tea-boy, or the cleaner, or the boring one. I'm important.

Before long, I'm drifting off to sleep, his strong arms wrapping me in the blissful warmth of his skin, and the scent that is just Jack is filling my nostrils, his deep breathing in my ears soothing like a lullaby.

When I wake the next morning the faint hum of the radio accompanied with the rustling of utensils and hiss of the kettle can be heard from my kitchen. I rub my eyes and head to greet Jack.

I approach the kitchen, the cold tiles under my feet suddenly making me substantially more alert. I pad across the floor and wrap my arms around his waist kissing his neck and breathing "Merry Christmas" in his ear.

He turns in my arms, capturing my lips with his. His strong hands resting on the small of my back, and his tongue making lazy trails inside my mouth. He pulls back and grins at me, happiness radiating from every pore in his body, and replies "Merry Christmas to you too, Mr Jones!"

I smile, and kiss him one last time before he guides me to the kitchen table where a fry up and steaming cup of coffee await me.

"You know me too well."

He just laughs and takes the seat opposite me.

It's not until later; when we're both showered and fully dressed; I present him with his gift.

"I got you a little something." I say as I cautiously hand him the small box, perfectly wrapped. He looks at me questioningly and proceeds to tear at the paper it.

He stares at the small velvet jewellery box, and I smile. He clearly wasn't expecting me to get him anything, but how could I resist.

"You really shouldn't have."

"Well, I wanted to. And it's not much. Just open it."

He pops the box open and reveals a pair of silver cufflinks.

"I thought you could wear them at New Year."

"What am I doing at New Year?"

"Oh you'll see."

He eyes me suspiciously, but I just return to watching some cheesy Christmas film on the TV.

A few moments later, I'm being pulled against him, and his sweet voice is filling my ears, and dancing in my head.

"I can't wait."