Insane Guy of DOOM presents,

A Meat-Mania Studios production,

The Ham Show Christmas Special!

Two anthropomorphic hams sat in front of the classic Christmas time living room type area.

"Merry Christmas!" The ham said to the other ham.

"Yes. I love Christmas, especially the presents." The other piece of pork replied.

"But do you know what's even better than getting presents?"

"What could be better?" The ham asked skeptically.

"Giving presents of course! That's the spirit of Christmas!"

"Let's sings Christmas carols!"

"Great idea!" The two hams opened their ham mouths and each took in a deep breath of air so as to be able to swing the best, sweetest, most jolly Christmas carol ever when-

WAIT A SECOND! This is the wrong story!

Both the hams gasped in horror and made terrified ham noises. Then they-


Danny Fenton and Sam Manson walked into Fenton Works and sat down on the couch. Danny turned on the TV and the two started cuddling, not that they'd admit it. Danny put his arms behind his head a sighed peacefully.

"Ah, no ghost because of the truce, no school, for once nothing could ruin this moment…"


"LIAR!" Jack and Maddie Fenton yelled as they began their yearly "Santa's existence" fight. Sam face now wore a horrified expression; the Goth jumped off the couch and ran to the door.

"Sam, where are you going?" Danny asked.

"Sorry Danny, my injuries still haven't healed from last year. BYE!" Sam ran out the door and sprinted back to her house, ran inside, went up to her room and began to barricade the door. Jack and Maddie's Santa arguments can get pretty intense. A certain halfa was now fuming that apparently his parents would ruin yet another Christmas. His recent newly gained respect for the holidays was wavering drastically.

"Well if Santa doesn't exist how do you explain the cookies and milk I leave out for him always disappear?" Jack asked his wife in their heated argument.

"You eat them!" Maddie replied.

"Only once! And I was sleepwalking." Danny got between his parents, now he was fuming angry.

"IF YOU GUYS CARE SO MUCH ABOUT WHETEHR SANTA'S REAL OR NOT WHY DON'T YOU JUST GO THE NORTH POLE AND SEE IF HE'S THERE?!" The halfa then stormed up the stairs to his room and slammed the door.

"You know that's a pretty good idea!" Jack eyes lit up now that he had the perfect plan to prove Santa's existence.

"What? You're not suggesting we-"Jack wrapped his arm around Maddie and began to drag her to the Fenton RV.

"Yep, we're going to the North Pole!"

Okie dokie everyone. There's chapter one. I'll need three reviews to update. Also who do you think will be right, Jack or Maddie?