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"So, we put the outlaw over a snake pit!" the Sheriff crowed.

Elizabeth chuckled, and looked over at Guy of Gisbourne, who had remained silent.

"Why, Sir Guy, I'm surprised. From what I'd heard of you, you're the kind of man who would do anything to see a treacherous outlaw like Robin Hood get caught." She commented.

"My apologies. I was just……..thinking." Guy said hastily. The woman arched an eyebrow.

"Thinking? About what?"

"What I'm going to do now that Robin Hood is no longer a problem." He lied. Both Elizabeth and the Sheriff cackled like hens.

"You needn't worry about that, Sir Guy." Elizabeth purred. "From what Vaisey here tells me, your next assignment will ensure that no one will ever stand in our way again!"

"Really? Guy asked, not really interested. The Sheriff nodded, grinning happily. Elizabeth suddenly yawned and stretched like a cat.

"I'm tired, and in need of a real bed after all that time spent in Robin Hood's camp. Good night."

"Will you be leaving your sister in the dungeons with the outlaw all night?" The Sheriff asked.

"Yes." Elizabeth decided. "It'll teach her a lesson." With another laugh, she vanished upstairs. No sooner had she gone when the Sheriff stood.

"I'll be leaving now, too." He said. "I want to be up extra early in the morning for our little event concerning Robin Hood." Guy nodded, not bothering to mention that he hadn't yet seen the day when the Sheriff was up before eleven. The Sheriff left and Guy was left alone, thinking.


"Captured? How? When?" Much demanded when Marian told them.

"Not long after he left to rescue Constance. It was all a trap." She replied.

"Well, what are we going to do?" the former manservant asked next. "I mean, we've rescued people before, but we don't know where he's being kept."

"In the dungeons." Marian told him. "With Constance." She added.

"The sister?" Will asked. "Why'd she get thrown in there?"

"She wasn't in on the plan." Marian said with a shrug.

"We've got to go." John grunted. "There's no telling when the Sheriff will execute Robin."

"I'll meet you at the castle." Marian told him. The outlaws nodded and hurried off. Marian waited until they were gone and then hurried in the opposite direction. To the cave. Where she'd………died. Entering, she went over to the far wall and started to dig. Soon, her hands felt wool and she pulled out a bag. Opening it, Marian smiled at the familiar mask. Always keep a spare.


After telling Robin her story, Constance had fallen asleep on his shoulder. Robin hadn't moved, careful not to disturb the sleeping girl. Instead, he tried to think. There had to be some way to get them out of there! Bribery won't work, not with the guards the Sheriff's got……It'd be easier to think if the rats would quit scratching about. He thought, irritated, and turned to throw something at them. But there were no rats.


"Much shut up. Do you want to do this, instead of Will?" asked an annoyed voice. Robin looked up and nearly shouted with relief. There they were! His gang! Will was sawing at the bars of the cell window with a file and the others were hovering around him anxiously. Robin leaned Constance against the cot with her head on the pillow and went over to them.

"Well done, lads!" he cried softly. "How'd you know I was here?"

"Marian." John said simply. Robin nodded.

"Is she there?" he asked eagerly.

"No. We waited for her, but she did not come." Djaq said.

"What time is it?"

"Nearly dawn."

"What's to be done with us?"

"You're going to be hanged." Will grunted as he hacked at the metal.



"…….Need a hand?" Robin asked. Will grinned and shook his head. He was nearly through.

"You there! Take me to the outlaw!" a voice cried from somewhere outside. Constance sat up.

"Elizabeth!" she gasped.

"She's coming." Robin moaned. "Will!"

The young carpenter kept sawing, as hard as he could. They were almost out of time.


The Nightwatchman watched as the auburn haired woman in the green velvet dress strode towards her hiding place. Three………two………one…

As the woman passed beneath her, Marian swung down, slamming into her enemy and knocking her backwards. Then she stood in between her and the cell. Elizabeth looked up.

"Get out of my way, wretch!" she hissed. Marian didn't move. Her blood was boiling and she itched to hit something. What a good thing an enemy was right in front of her……….


Snap! The bars were gone. Robin called to Constance, who ran over to him.

"She stopped coming. It sounds like someone's fighting her." She said breathlessly. Robin grinned as he helped Constance out of the window. Marian.


Elizabeth was a schemer, a liar and an actress. Not a fighter. Marian backhanded her and she flew into some tables and lay there, moaning. Marian heard a creaking noise behind her and turned. Gisbourne had been trying to sneak up on her, sword in hand. She tensed, ready for him. Just as Gisbourne was about to charge, the door he stood next to flew open, hitting him on the head and knocking him unconscious. Robin looked at him, and then at Marian.

"I thought you said no more Nightwatchman!" he grumbled, though she could tell from his grin that he was only teasing. Smiling herself, Marian ran after him over to the window.


Gisbourne awoke quickly. Escape! The outlaw was escaping! He scrambled to his feet and charged out into the courtyard. There, the outlaws were just mounting horses – stolen, no doubt – to ride out. Gisbourne saw the warning bell; he ran to it, his fingers grasped it. And then he saw her. Sitting on a saddle with the Scarlett boy, she looked up and saw him. Her eyes widened in realization of what he was about to do and then she looked pleadingly at him. Gisbourne felt his body go slack. His hand slipped from the rope. Robin Hood, the Nightwatchman, the outlaws, and Constance escaped…….and he let them.


"You'll be safe here." Robin said reassuringly as he walked Constance towards the house. "They'll take good care of you."

"It's not me I'm worried about." She muttered. "What about you? And Marian? And the gang?"

"We'll be all right, too."

"Gisbourne and the Sheriff will try and catch you again."

"They always do. Take it easy, Constance. We can take care of ourselves." Robin said with a chuckle. She stared at him, and then suddenly flew forward, her arms going around his neck in a hug. Robin hugged her back and then knocked on the door. It was opened and he smiled warmly at the owner.

"Hello Alice."


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