A large, wet snowball splattered across the back of Wendy's head, and she let out a yelp.


She whirled around, and was met with another snowball that hit her in the face, knocking off her glasses and getting snow down her sweater. He may have looked like a gangly, un-athletic human, but he still had the skilled precision of an elf, even with the dark of a winter evening closing in fast.

Why had she let him convince her to walk home through the snow instead of taking a nice, warm bus? She knew he liked the park, and normally she didn't object to spending time alone with him on their way home from the hospital, but couldn't he have given her a break just this once?

And now her glasses were lost in the snow. Perfect.

Dropping to her knees, she looked for a spot of black among the blurry whiteness around her, which was not easy with only the lamplight from the streets outside the park. She felt around blindly, until she felt a hand on her shoulder and Julian's voice at her side.

"Sorry about that. I couldn't resist."

Wendy took her glasses back and dried them off. She felt Julian squat down beside her as she slipped them on, and his guilty grin came into focus. She raised her eyebrows at him.

"I would think an elf prince could act a little more mature than that," she quipped.

Julian shrugged. "Hey, snow brings out the kid in me. It's fun."

"Well is it really quite so fun when it's IN YOUR FACE!?" Wendy smashed the snowball she'd hidden in her mittened hand into Julian's face, jumped up, and ran away laughing.

"No fair!" Julian yelled, springing to his feet to follow. He had barely taken three steps when another snowball clocked him in the side of the head. He changed direction and disappeared behind a tree.

Wendy was confused. She's just hit him…how could he have moved so fast? Clutching her next snowball tightly, she looked around, adrenaline in the heartbeat she heard pumping through her ears. She couldn't see him or hear him-


Julian tackled her from behind, sending her crashing to the ground as they both landed ungracefully in a snowdrift.

Gasping with laughter, Wendy raised her arm to bring the snowball down on Julian's head, but he caught her wrist and pressed a quick kiss to her lips. With Julian grinning madly as they lay tangled in a heap in the snow, Wendy suddenly found it was not nearly as cold out as she had first thought.

The snowball fell from her hand and lay forgotten for quite some time.