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Chapter One

Bigger Than Average

"Good morning to all our listeners here in WWN!" called a voice from inside a wireless. "It's a beautiful autumn day were ahead of but remember mother earth can work her own magic and turn our wonderful day to a wind-full day! Ha ha…." Soon the anchorman voice faded as jazzy sound of an old song took place.

Just as the wireless began to work I woke up and turned over in. I hate Mornings with Myron on the WWN but it's the only way I can wake up and stay up since his laugh is so annoying.

"Thank Merlin they had the song ready in time…" I muttered and rolled off the bed shuffling my way to the bathroom. "Another day another Sickle." I sighed as I stoop under the ice cold shower…brrrrrrr….

Five minutes later, shivering in front of the mirror and wrapped in the world smallest towel ever, trying unsuccessfully to find my knickers, I remembered that I didn't take any pair of knickers.

"Where the fuck is the fucking panties?" I looked at the panties and socks drawer only to find a pair of shabby looking socks but no panties. "Oh shit! It can't be…" I heaved a look at the calendar and there it was, circled in a bright red circle October 31st and written in black, 'Laundry Day'. "I'm screwed!!"

Half an hour later after deciding that going commando to work was not an option. I found a pair of edible panties I got for my failed eloped marriage to Dean Tomas, a foolish attempt to get over and get back after my failed relationship with a certain wizrading-world-hero-who-broke-my-heart after-the-war-when-he-went-to-prosecute-stray-Death-Eaters. I have to say to my own defense, that eloping with Dean Tomas was the only attempt, seeing that soon after he realized I could never love him and that whatever was there when we were at Hogwarts has been long gone and divorced me. Last I heard about him was that he married an American witch and had two babies with here. I, on the other hand, had a series of fruitless relationships while shagging on the side with other men.

"Sorry, Tom!" I called as I strutted in to the Leaky Cauldron, from the Muggle London entrance, I hate apparting and I don't live in Magical London so I have to enter the pub while walking among muggles. "Laundry day again, so I had to pop over to my mum and ask here to wash my clothes."

"T's alright, hope you didn't get your knickers in a twist then." He laughed and I smiled at his stupid and not that funny remark. "Table two wants liver stew, rare, mind you."


"A whole lot 'o 'em." He croaked and poured fire-whisky into a small glass. I served the group with their invitations.

"Oi!" cried a bearded drunken man at me as I walked from the Banshees' table.

"May I help you sir?" I tried to stay calm and not break the troll's neck.

"How 'bout refilln' me pint?" he lifted his pint up and I took it but as I did I felt his hand copping a feel at my lower backside and he said as his friends laughed. "Why don't take a sir an' join us, ay plums?"

"No thanks." I said and moved his hand away from me but he was a bit more assertive and pulled at the waistband of my apron.

"C'mon luv! T's Hallo'een!" the entire table laughed along and began to cheer him up. "I'll give extra tip if you'll join up the Inn-"


As the smocked cleared of I noticed that not only me but the rest of the table were down on the floor.

"Sorry about that," said a firm voice above me and I felt someone helping me up. "I couldn't help myself, are you okay?"

"Thanks a bunch Neville," I fixed myself and kissed his cheeks. "What are you doing here anyways?" I asked as we both walked away from the bundle of worthless limbs and towards the bar, Tom smiled at us and shook his head.

"Professor Longbottom, You can't jinx my costumers whenever you feel like it," he tried to preach him but none the less served him with Butterbeer.

"I can if they feel up my friend and your best waitress." But the two laughed as Ginny scold them of and went back to serve more well mannered wizards, witches and other creatures.

"Say, Neville, what are you doing in here? Don't you have a job in say…Hogwarts?"

"Halloween, Gin, and I the weekend off so I said why not take a trip to London and meet some friends?" but as he said friends I felt saw him avoiding me and blush.

"Are you meeting a girl, Neville?" I teased but he mumbled and blushed even harder. "Do I know her?" but he began to shake is head and I noticed some sweat creeping on his forehead.

"Gin…Ginny…I…it's umm…not…"

"'llo there!" we were cut of as a young wizard walked to the bar and hit Neville's back. "Neville! How are you?"

"Ron!" I called and the twat looked around until he noticed I was right in front of him.

"Ginny!" he reached over and hugged me a weird hug. "Didn't recognize there, you look different, I thought you're someone else."

"Different?" I knew what he meant but at least I thought he'll spare it. "Different how?" why am I doing it again and again?

"You look-" he started to say

"You look just fine, Gin." Neville interrupted.

"NO, Ronald here, thinks I look…?" don't say it, don't say it, don't say it, don't say it! "Well, c'mon Ron?"

"You look bigger, I mean grown up, not Hagrid grown up-"


"I mean more like Mum?"

"You think I look like Mum?" he was quiet and I was on verge of strangling him.

"Look Gin," he said in a serious tone and took a swig of Neville's drink. "As your brother I'll love you no matter how you look or what you do."

"That's really sweet, Ron." Sometimes I feel so lucky to have him a s big brother.

"Thanks, But as a bloke, Gin," he took my hand. "I wouldn't spare you a moment seeing that you're bigger than average." And he made quote signs at the last part.

"Sod off Ron!" I said and poured the drink all over him. "I'm taking the rest of the day off, problem Tom?" but he didn't say no and I rushed out of the bloody place.

I normally don't do it but I couldn't help it and on the way home stopped at a muggle shop and bought scales to weigh my weight. Back at my apartment I stripped down and stepped on it eyes closed and breath held.

"On the count of three,"


"One…Two…Three!" I looked down. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

"Starting from tomorrow, Ginny Weasley, you're on a DIET!" I said after fifteen minutes of uncontrollable crying and returned back to crying.

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