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Chapter Five

Do's and Don'ts

During the course of years my taste in seasons changed. When I was little my favorite season was the summer because that was the only time when all of my brothers were home from Hogwarts and we were all one big happy Weasley family. I changed, of course, after my very own first year at school, having to get over the horrors over a trip to Egypt when Fred and George thought it would be a laugh to lock me up in one of the tombs.

Not long after that, autumn became my favorite time of year, simply because I was finally out of my Mum's reach and all to myself as once we were back in school and my brothers went back to ignore me.

During my third year I grew to like spring time. That was when I finally had my first boyfriend, first kiss, first breakup and than a second boyfriend and a second breakup. But I really loved spring when I was in my fifth, a little bit after said second breakup, when Harry and I got together. Sure we had to breakup so he can save the world which he did, one spring later. Things didn't turn on the bright side when Harry chose to join at once to the aurors and hunt down remaining death eaters who fled the country. I despise the spring.

Winter was the only choice left.


"You work on Christmas eve?" Mum asked with a very tight voice.

"I have too." Liar. "There's a big ministry party and The Leaky and I'm paid 200 per cent."

"Christmas time is family time." She said angrily. "What kind of a person works on Christmas eve?"

"A poor one, Mum." I said. "You know I need every Knut for Healing School."

"Will you at least be here before midnight?" Her tone was softer, as it always did when I reminded her of my goal.

"I can't promise anything mum," I said but the hurt look on her face broke me down. "I'll come here to stay the night." There goes my plan for a Christmas shag. Bugger.

"Alright then." She said and picked up the stack of plates. "But don't think you're free from New Years Eve. No work that night, you owe me, Ginny."

"Damnit!" I muttered as I walked after her into the living room.

Inside the entire Weasley clan waited for Mum's treacle cake while discussing on this and that mundane issues.

"I wanted to tell, Ginny," Hermione began to say as she set down next to me, already having a share of the cake. "You look great."

"Thanks." I said and gave a smile. A cold one seeing that I don't think I like her that much recently.

"Yeah, Gin." Angie said and joined us. "How did you do it?"

"I eat on a normal basis," I began to say as Hermione nodded knowingly. "And then I throw up after every meal." I smiled and helped myself with a nibble from Hermione's cake. "Hmm…Good cake." I got up. "Excuse me." Both looked very pale and appalled as I walked out of the house.

It was cold outside but it was better than being inside and having to hear all the empty small talk or having to listed to Ron's "teasing" me for wearing yet another large sweater and telling mum to buy more wool.

Its times like these when I really consider on joining to the dark side. It's not that I hate them, I really don't. I don't like them either.

I guess I'm a misanthrope; I hate every living human being. Well maybe not every human being, I kind of like my Dad, and that's because he really doesn't care how much I'm massed up or how much I give mum a hard time as long as I being him something muggle-ish from the pub.

"Didn't know you smoke." I recognized Harry own voice as he stood next me.

"I don't." I said and drew a long puff from the cigarette I just lit. "You're imagining again."

"When did I imagine first?" he asked.

"When you thought I wanted company." I blew out the smoke in ringlets.

"Maybe I wanted fresh air?" he said with a chuckle in his voice.

"Cut the shite Harry," I said and looked at him. "Did saint Hermione send you to look after me? If she did you can go and tell her she need to stop mothering me and go and fuck my brother. God knows those two need it."

"I thought you and Hermione OK." He jumped a little and tightened the grip of his jacket.

"We had a little fall out." I said, my cigarette almost coming to its end.

"Does it have anything to do with Ron being an arse?" He asked.

"Why? Did she tell you that?"

"No." he said. "I noticed that myself. I'm not blind you know."

"Could've fooled me." I said and finished my cigarette only to light another one. I didn't eat anything beside a small amount of salad. He gave me a weird look but said nothing for another five minutes.

"About the other night-" he began to say but I cut off.

"It's okay," I said. "You're not the first one to get sloshed and surely not the first one I bring home when he's unconscious."

"Yes well, I'm still sorry." He said, and we both returned to being quiet while I finish my second dose of nicotine. "Gin…" he suddenly said and held my wrist.

"Don't." I said while I took out a mint and put it in my mouth. "Not here. Not now."

"I want…I need to tell you something." He then faced me, still holding my arm. "I just-" while he searched for the right thing to say, the temperature dropped and snow started to fall. How tacky.

"Harry," I said, a little bit stiffer than I meant. "Whatever it is, I don't want you sa-" he kissed me. My body responded instead of my brain and I kissed him back.


He tasted of mum's treacle with a hint of the tea we all drank with it. It wasn't long when I felt his hands in my hair and soon after on my back and after that on my breasts and then traveled all over my body. It didn't matter where they were or who might find us because I was hungry. For him, for food, it really didn't matter to me.

We broke apart when air supply became crucial. He smiled and licked his lips and his eyes, his lovely green eyes that still haunt me sometimes sparkled. He leaned in wanting more but backed away.

"I…I said don't." my voice was shaky and my head was spinning but he still had a goofy grin. I was getting very annoyed. "You think this if funny? That you can just come here and do whatever you feel like?"

"I didn't mean-" his smile was no longer there but I didn't let him say a word.

"I don't think you understand, Harry, I don't need this right now!"

"I know you don't." he answered. "You need-"

"You don't know what I need," I said and turned to walk back inside. "Why the hell would you?"

"What you need, Ginny," he said and walked right pass me. "Is to eat something, you look like crap on toast." With that he entered the house, leaving me, for once, speechless.

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