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It was a quaint old place, overlooking the bluffs to the sea below, the waves crashing against the side of the cliffs. The cottage was small, eloquent; a pale blue with white shutters, a white fringe hanging off the rooftop. From the edge of the drop off, you could see the beach below where children and adults alike played amongst the surf.

"Lunch time!" Johanna called from through the screen door, ringing the small bell. She held it open, a hand resting on her prominent tummy, already far into her latest pregnancy. Two children came bustling from around the corner of the house, one with a bobbing mass of gold curls and the other with ringlets of black. Behind them followed their father, tufts of dark hair standing up in every direction, bandages over his eyes, clean and pristine by the hands who wrapped them.

"Mommy! Mommy! Daddy's a monster!" The blonde one shouted, her little grubby fists tracking dirt on Johanna's dress. The dark one hid behind his sister, peeking out from over her shoulder and burying his face into her hair. Toby laughed, scooping the blonde one up and kissing her cheek.

"Come now Lucy, Daddy can't be that mean!" Johanna chuckled, ushering them all in. The dark one ran to the table and plopped into his chair, reaching immediately for his lunch.

"Benjamin," Toby scolded, "Wash your hands first. You'll get sick if you eat with dirty hands."

"But-" Benjamin started to whine, but Toby cut him off with a glare. Pouting out his bottom lip, Benjamin sulked away, blue eyes glistening with frustrated tears. Lucy giggled and chased after him, both of them ending up in a wrestling match in hopes to get to the washing basin first.

"Keep fighting and there's no dessert!" Johanna threatened, reaching for a bowl of freshly picked strawberries. Immediately, both children calmed down, mumbling under their breath as they respectfully washed their hands. Johanna smiled slyly, kissing Toby lightly on the lips as he enveloped her in a hug.

"I don't know how I ended up with a woman like you."

"I love you, that's how."

"Good to know. The feeling's mutual." Toby chuckled, kissing her again. She wrapped her arms about his neck, smiling against his lips as he gave her bottom a pat.

"Oh please, if you're going to do that, keep it out of the site of the children." Johanna broke away, eyes narrowing.

"Be nice Papa." Johanna scolded, pulling out the chairs for Lucy and Benjamin.

"Just because I let you marry my daughter doesn't mean I approve of you having such intimate relations with her Tobias," Sweeney snapped, "Leave that for the adults." Toby scoffed, kissing Johanna again and seating himself for lunch. Johanna giggled, setting out the food and sitting herself down as well.

"Have you decided on the names yet?" Sweeney asked, munching into the strawberries. Johanna nodded, dabbing at her chin as red juice spilled her mouth. Toby handed her a napkin and she smiled in thanks.

"For a boy, we're in an argument over Antony and Jared." Toby smiled, patting Johanna's hand. A small smile graced Sweeney's lips.

"And if it's a girl?"

"I've always loved the name Nellie." Johanna said quietly, her eyes soft. Sweeney took a deep breath, exhaling it slowly. A Nellie, a Jared, or an Antony. All sounded wonderful. The name Jared still brought back haunting memories, though. Sweeney rubbed his nose, fingering the scar that marred across it. It had become a habit…

(Quartely Report:

The body of one Geoffrey Pickard was discovered by the local paper boy. He reported a "horrid stench" coming from within the Crawly household. Funeral mass was held the next Sunday. He was buried next to his family.

It was later discovered, upon thorough investigation, that tracks and blood leading to the forest were followed. The bloody body of one Janice Crawly was soon discovered, along with the body of an unidentifiable young man in one of the four pits that had been dug. The area was put up and locked down for investigation. The remains of over fourteen victims were found. All young men one Janice Crawly had ben accused of. The remains of two others, a man and woman, have been dated back more than thirty or so years...even later.

Whom they are has yet to be identified.

A blade was found in one Janice Crawly's sash. It is believed she killed the unidentified man in the other hole. A razor was also found in her possession, clutched in her hand. It is believed she commited suicide soon after her act of violence to the unidentified man.

More will be updated soon.

Signed: George Bailey (A/N: You get a cookie if you remember that name...) )

And three children really should be enough, don't you think? It had to be. In fact, it might be too much already…

"And how many grandchildren can I be expecting?" Sweeney asked, a slight joking ring to the question. Johanna answered first.

"I'd like five or six." Sweeney nearly choked on his next strawberry and Toby shot a fine mist of his drink across the table. Toby coughed into the crook of his arm. Sweeney swallowed the rest of his fruit, patting his chest to urge it down.

"Five or six!?"


And here, so have I, dealt you the tale of how the demon barber of Fleet Street was not as dead as many had come to think. I have told my tale, my story has been spun and I am fresh out of words. I have drawn to a close, and my friends, that signals the end. It was a story sorrow…a story of horror…a story of fascination. A story that not only played wrongly in the domain of God, but has brought to us the story of a broken man who rebuilt himself from the grave.

I have woven my story, my tale. And now, it ends…