Genesis Chapter One

Meeting you

The sun was bright. A little too bright for me. It was Monday, and I wasn't prepared enough to face it. The Clock, according to my alarm clock read 6 o'clock with its neon green digital lights. I sighed. I couldn't get out of going to school today, due to this huge mid term at my oh so wonderful high school. I heard a soft knock at my door and I came back to reality.

"Bella? Are you up yet? Its time for school." Charlie said through the door. I knew he wouldn't open it; he never liked to pry or get to close.

"Yeah Ch…dad I'm up!" I said back as I lifted the over sized pale blue quilt, a gift from my mother. I couldn't help but call him Charlie, I know, he is my father, but it just never seemed to fit, calling him dad.

"I'm heading out for work; I might be working some over time. I know your birthdays in a few days, and I want to make it special for you bells." I could tell the he was smiling as he spoke with that light hearted fatherly voice.

"Charlie, you don't have to do anything special." I said, but then frowned. I called him that again. What's wrong with me?

I could tell I hurt him by the sound of a sigh.

"Don't worry about it Bells. I'll talk to you later tonight, or possibly in the morning." He left with that and I buried my face in my hands. All he wanted to do was to make up the time we lost and have that father daughter relationship we always hear about.

I couldn't waste anymore time thinking about it though, it was already 6:15, and I needed to get moving. I peeled off my black tank top and my pink pajama shorts. I never really cared for the color pink, but then again, no ones ever going to see me in them anyways. I turned the antique knob in the shower to hot and stepped in, letting the water wash away the tiredness I still felt. After a deep sigh, I felt slightly more refreshed and stumbled out, hitting my foot on the rim of the shower. I'm not a very graceful person at all and this is only one of my "little" incidents.

It had only taken me a few minutes to dry my long and quite frankly dark hair. I had let it grow out for a year or so, and now the locks reached a little past my shoulders. Changing into a long sleeved dark blue shirt and jeans that were slightly torn from me just being myself I drove off to school in my truck. Though it was old, it was comfortable and always seemed to make me relax, even for it being Monday.

I had no time to spare, the clock on my watch read 6:45 and school started in less then 15 minutes. I had to lock up the ancient truck and sprint my way to the other side of the school for my first class. I'd rather end the day with my truck close to me, instead of it over by my first class. I was right on time for my journalist class. The teacher, Mr.Banet had the television turned on; he left it on the news channel for us to get a "grasp" on what real news was.

I never paid much attention to it, but when the words "Breaking News" flashed a crossed the monitor, I looked up from my notes and watched a blonde headed women that stood outside a rather large building.

"Here, right behind me is the new experimenting lab located off the boundaries' of forks. It seems we have word that three scientists have just died of an unknown cause. The experiment, we're told was to hold get research and apparently one scientist had taken it too far. They are making us leave the location now, but we hope to have more news at 11 tonight."

The screen flashed back to the two reporters in the office. I looked around at all the people discussing among themselves their thoughts on what happened. One thing caught my interest.

"I bet it's that Genesis project I heard about from my dad. He said they were conducting an experiment on something lethal. I wonder what it was."

"Bella, what do you think"? I turned around to see Jessica stare at me with a smile on her face. "Well?" She asked again.

"I honestly don't know what to think. It must be big for them to have their own segment over it." I shrugged, but inside I was just a curious as everyone else.

The coughing of Mr.Banet brought everyone back to their seats, ready to start the class. "Now that, students is real reporting." He said with conviction in his deep voice. "I think I have our next project for this semester." I groaned, as well as everyone else.

"Now, now students don't get so excited." He said with a hint of a smile. "I think I'll have you do your own reports, and present them to the class." He ran his hand over his chin and I knew he was thinking of an additional piece to top off this cake.

"It has to be something real, something that's new and fresh, the inside scoop." With that he turned around and wrote on the board. I placed my head on my desk and sighed. 'Is the day over yet?' I thought to myself.

After painful hours at school, it was time to go home. Well, not really. Maybe for everyone else, but I was going to be busy with getting this report done. I drove around aimlessly and stumbled upon that location where that tragic news occurred this morning. I stopped the truck and heard the screech of the engine give way. 'Great, now it won't start for awhile.' I don't know why I stopped the truck, but the sheer curiosity got to me. I opened the car door carefully, thinking it over. 'I'll just look at it, that's all.' I slammed it closed and peered up at the enormous warehouse building. "What could they possibly be working on, that would take that much space?" I thought out loud. Wait, what was that? My eyes opened wide at the face looking down at me with a ghostly appearance, though I wasn't afraid. I could tell it was a guy, his face saddened; his hand placed on the barred window, a depressing smile graced his handsome features. Who was this? And why was he in there? He looked my age. I just stared as his head turned, looking at something possibly beside him, it was then my heart hurt at the scared expression on his face. He ran in the opposite direction. He needed help, but who was I to give it?

I walked a little farther until the large chained fence with barb wire on top stopped me. I placed my hands on the chain as my head leaned against it. Why do I even care what is going on up there? I don't even know him. I pushed off and looked up again; there he was, starring down at me with a helpless emotion spread across his face. I shook my head and looked down. I could feel his eyes bore into my skull, even from so far away. 'Do not get yourself involved Bella Swan.' I looked up again and saw someone shove him to the ground. I let a tear slip down my cheek. 'Too late, I'm already involved.' I jogged over to a rusted piece of fence and took out my keys, cutting through the chain with the jagged part of the key and squeezed though, careful not to trigger anything that might set of security.

I kept looking up, hoping that he was somewhere in sight, but nothingness greeted me with open arms. I panted a little as I ran over to a dark gray door, covered up by the branches of the tree next to it. 'Why on earth am I doing this?' My mind raced. Well, maybe he knows something for my report, yeah that's it. I kept giving myself lame excuses until and managed to pick pocket the door lock.

It opened with a loud squeal, making myself almost pee my pants at the thought of something running down the hallway that now lay in front of me. I took cautious steps, small and slow. No one seemed to be on this floor. It was quite small, which amused me, since the building was so large. I saw a flight of fire escape stairs and climbed up. Taking in my surroundings, I noticed a man in a white lab coat, talking on his cell phone while writing something down. I don't pry often, but this seemed important, so I listened in.

"Yes sir, we have him stable. No sir, we haven't found what caused the reaction. Yes, yes, Very well sir." He pressed the off button on the phone and sighed, rubbing his forehead. He then walked over to the elevator and stepped in. I sighed. This is quite exciting but not in the way I would want it to be.

I watched the numbers above the elevator reach 15 and nodded to myself. 'Alright Bella, you know where to go.' I peered around the corner of the stairs and noticed no one is sight and inched my way over to the elevator. 'Was I really going to do this?' The image of his face flashed though my head and I sighed once again, pressing the green button, opening the chrome doors. It was rather outsized. The walls almost as far apart as my room. I hid in the corner, in case anyone else were to get in and prayed that no one would. What was I supposed to do if they caught me, talk them to death? In the middle of my thoughts the doors opened slowly, revealing colorless walls and marble flooring. I glanced out the window in front of me. There sat my truck, this must be the right floor.

"Is he ready for another test Dr.Monico?" I paled, someone was close, to close. I shut my eyes tight and pushed my back against the wall and inched to the corner, away from their vision of sight. Though they couldn't see me, I could still hear them.

"No, the project has been though enough. I say, let it rest for awhile, we'll take off where we were tomorrow." One said, I could tell he was firm. "But sir, the cause of the deaths..." "Enough! Everyone here has heard enough of that." I heard their footsteps cease as I stepped out.

"I continued the opposite direction of where they went and kept my pace slow, that was, until I heard a voice. It was faint so I followed it carelessly; I knew it must be him.

I came upon a steel door, locks adorned the front, a small window with a steel flap was open so I glimpsed inside. There he was, huddled in a corner, his face down as he shook. I frowned, what could have happened to him to make him be like that? He must have sensed my presence and looked up, a shocked look in his eyes then that smile that led me up here in the first place. I smiled back, how could I not? This man has obviously been though something horrible, the least I could do was give him some type of comfort.

He was speaking, but I couldn't hear him. He pointed to the doors handle, as I placed my hand on it. I trusted my instincts, and this is was it was telling me to do. I pulled the handle and miraculously it opened. He stared at me as I entered quietly and somewhat nervously. I hadn't noticed the step up to his securitized cell and on tripping on it, I knew I would fall. I closed my eyes and shielded my face for impact, but nothing came. Cold, but soft arms wrapped around my waist, stopping the fall in mid motion. I opened one eye and looked up at his smile. I knew I was blushing, but I looked away.

There was something about him. Was he…Genesis? My eyes widened as he tightened his arms around my waist, his head now buried in the nap of my neck. What was going on? I panicked slightly, but soon calmed down at his icy breath on my shoulder blade. I was melting, and I knew he knew that as well. He let me go so I could turn around to face him. His eyes were so beautiful, auburn brown with that hint of honey. I knew I was staring at him and turned away, lowering my head.

"Sorry." I whispered. I wasn't sure if he heard it so I was going to say it again but a soothing mellow voice came first. "No need to apologize, I'm just glad, that you came." My heart skipped a beat. How could his words just melt my heart? I was falling, and I needed a parachute. He placed his chilly fingers under my chin, making my eyes look into his. "You seem so familiar." He said in a whisper. I could tell he wasn't used to social contact which pained me. I was unsocial by choice, he was unsocial by force. His golden blonde hair, which swept to one side, framing his face perfectly. "My name is Bella, Bella Swan." He never asked my name, but I figured I should at least give him that.

"Bella." My name rolled off his tongue nicely, the blush returning to my face as I nodded. "Well, Bella." He stated, a true happy smile came across nicely on his lips. "My names…" The sound of alarms echoed through the building. I stared up at him, scared and wide eyed. He grabbed my hand and Smirked. "Stay close please." I nodded as he still held my hand.

"What ever you see Bella Swan, please remember that its for our own safety." I didn't know what he meant by that, but my gut feeling was telling me, something was going to happen, and odds are it wasn't going to be good.

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