Genesis 2 where shall you run too?

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Strong arms were fastened around my waist as I gasped. What was he doing? Suddenly I was picked up and carried bridal style while quick feet below me, belonging to this handsome creature, turned corners and swiftly glided down steps. He must have known this facility very well, I couldn't detect any stress or worry of directions from him, he knew where he was going, and I hoped that it was somewhere safe.

The alarms slowly died away, leaving a distant ring in my ears. Where were we? Are we outside? I opened one tightly closed eye then the other and saw that we were on the roof. Wait the roof? I turned to look up at him, the emotionless gaze he held frightened me. I subconsciously gripped his shirt tighter and buried my face in the nook of his neck. That's when I felt it, that small grin appeared on his cold lips as his beautiful warm topaz eyes locked on my ordinary blue ones. I knew what he was going to do, but somehow I also realized I needed to hear it for myself in order for it to be real.

"We're going to jump." He said in an average tone as he stepped closer to the edge of the near 14th story complex. "What? Are you serious?" I knew the look on my face was priceless but the only one who was ever going to see it would be him, because I wouldn't live though this if he jumped.

"Do you trust me Isabella Swan?" His voice was deep and comforting; all I could do was nod as he smiled yet again and held me tighter. "Alright, then you shouldn't worry about anything." And with that he jumped. I wanted to scream, but it was stopped by fear. I concentrated on his arms around me, they way they felt so protective and loving. Then it was over, all over. I felt no wind go through my hair anymore, or the crash below, nothing. Slowly, opening both my eyes, I blinked and looked up. There he was, smiling down and patting my head after setting me down gently on the grass.

"There, see? That wasn't so bad no was it?" His smirk only heightened my anger at his attempt to practically kill us both. Was he a suicide case? Was that why he was in there? I shook my head and leaned to get up but a gentle push on the top of my head kept me in my place on the grass.

"Don't push yourself Bella, if you get up to fast, you'll get dizzy and possibly faint." I could see the concern and care in his eyes, as I sat there looking up at him. It was then I noticed, with furrowed eyebrows, that I did feel dizzy. I moaned a nauseous complain at gravity.

"Sh, Bella, it's alright." Cold but soothing hands carefully laid me down in the grass, as one hand stroked my cheek causing shivers to run up my spine. "Just give the blood enough time to circulate though your body, there's too much blood in your head from falling from so high." I mumbled something to myself only to have him look at me with a smirk. "I heard that Bella, and maybe I am crazy from jumping like that, but we both survived, that I was sure of, we needed to leave quickly and leave no trace." The sound of his voice soothed me as I closed my eyes only to find it hard to open them again.

"Bella? Bella? BELLA?!" I felt someone move me but I had no strength to open my eyelids, I just wanted to sleep and possibly curl up with a pillow or my quilt on my bed. It wasn't until nightfall that my eyes opened to my room dimly lighted. Was it all a dream? It couldn't have been, it was after school. I said to myself as I slipped my slippers on and looked around my room. I peered out my bedroom window to see my old rusted truck in the drive way, where I normally park it. I rubbed my shoulder then my neck and sighed. Maybe It was all just a dream.

"The showers on, Charlie must be home, but I never heard the door open." I was utterly lost and confused. I peered out the window again and noticed no cop car in the driveway. Now I was curious, who the hell was in the shower? If it wasn't me, nor Charlie then who?

I stomped over to the small off white door and knocked a few times. On the fourth knock I noticed my hand met a wet chest. His eyes smiling but his mouth curved into a small grin. "I hope you don't mind Bella, but I had to wash this dirt off form the fall." His eyes never left mine. So it wasn't a dream, he was here, in my house, taking a shower in my bathroom. To keep myself steady, I gripped the frame of the door as I sighed. "How did you know where I lived?" I asked him in a whisper. He answered with just as mush softness. "You fainted, I didn't want to take you to the hospital, they might think I abused you, since you did suffer a few cuts a bruises." His eyes grew softer as he pushed a piece of lose hair out of my face.

"I drove your truck to the address on your license. I thought you would want to be in your own bed and in a more comfortable place when you decided to wake up." His smile warmed my heart. Why would they keep someone so wonderful and loving copped up in a securitized cage like a wild beast? I reached out and stroked his cheek without thinking and noticed how he nuzzled into my hand. A small bruise formed at the top of his left temple along with a small scratch on his upper arm. Was that all we received from cheating death? A slap on the wrist and a few cuts and minor bruises?

I turned my attention back to his scratch and ran my fingers over it, noticing the slight wince in his face as his breathing hitched. "Do you want me to bandage it up for you? It's better to be safe then sorry." I smiled as he nodded and carefully reached for my hand, bringing me into the steamed up bathroom. "Sorry for it being a little foggy in here, I like the warmth." He said as if answering my question. "Doesn't it scald you though? Being so hot?" He simply chucked and shook his head no. "It feels good to have that burn cascade down your body like that." I nodded agreeing then set to wrapping up his arm and applying a light ointment to his temple. Once I finished I saw the most adorable light flicker in his hazy eyes.

"Could I treat you now Bella?" My cheeks flushed as I gave him a confused glance. "You received some cuts yourself and a few bruises. I wasn't able to protect you fully. I'm sorry." The hurt in his face compelled me to agree as I glanced at him again.

"Honestly, I don't know where they are, my back hurts a little though." He nodded and reached for my shirt witch alarmed me for a moment, but after thinking it through I slowly let him unbutton my shirt, revealing a light blue bra. I blushed heavily which did not go unnoticed as he smiled softly and wrapped his arms around my waist, making cold clash with hot sent a shiver of tingles down my spine. He gazed at my back and apologized for what had happened. The bruise must have been terrible looking for him to apologize so much. I hissed as he gently applied the ointment. "I'm sorry Bella, almost done shh." I couldn't help but whimper as his hands left my back. The coldness if them soothed the bruise. He seemed to notice my change in comfort as he applied his hand in the middle of my back carefully.

I purred lightly and blushed. Why was I acting like this? I just met him a few hours ago, and yet I'm letting him practically feel me up oh dear. He dangerously placed his lips close to my neck as I hiccupped in surprise. He must have found it cute since the look of amusement graced his features. "Bella, you're adorable." He said softly as I shivered though the room was steamy still.

"I still don't know your name." I said out of the dark but it was true, what was this mans name. "Edward, Edward Cullens." He repeated in my ear as I purred yet again. "That name suits you, its old fashioned and elegant." I whispered as I went to stand, only to have myself be pulled down into his lap and a protective growl coming from deep within his throat. "Please don't leave yet. You're very interesting and adorable Bella, I've been alone for a long time, I need someone to talk to me, heal me." I gaped at his openness of begging. He was begging me for something, something I could actually give him.

I smiled and nodded my head. "Alright Edward, I'll stay." I said shyly. For some reason I buried my head back into the nook of his neck, hearing that protective growl that was now becoming more protective, but I loved it in a way. I loved the fact that someone was so loving and caring and was willing to let themselves show a little weakness. I purred again, he must have found it cute or adorable because a kiss landed on my bare shoulder, followed by another, and another, soon the kisses stopped with a slow long lick at my collar bone. I whimpered again, I liked his lips, the way they were cold yet pleasing. He smiled up at me and then kissed my lips deeply, I pulled away a little but found myself enjoying this as much as he did, so I accepted it and kissed back shyly. He seemed pleased as he pulled away, nibbling my bottom lip lightly before sucking on my neck, gradually coming close to my ear and whispering. "I'll protect you Bella Swan, I'll make you mine."

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