Cheers rang throughout the kingdom as Lucius Malfoy presented his royal blooded heir to his kingdom.

"My loyal followers," started Lucius "I present to you my son, and princess to this glorious kingdom," Lucius beckoned for queen Narcissa, as she stood holding a green bundle of silk "Draconis Lucius Julian Malfoy."

Cheers rose up from the large crowed bellow and a loud course of 'long life the king, long live the queen and long live the princess,' rose up as the royal family gracefully walked back inside the castle.

miles away in the kingdom of Potter.

King James was sitting in the royal garden with his wife queen Lilly and their son prince Harry, when a messenger came in out of breath.

"I am truly sorry for the interruption your magnificence," bowed the messenger taking a bit of time to say the words properly.

"What news do you have of the kingdom?" asked James rising from the seat he occupied seconds before.

"Not this kingdom your majesty," replied the messenger "but there is great news from the Malfoy kingdom, King Lucius has named an heir, Princess Draconis Lucius Julian Malfoy."

"A peculiar name for a girl," said James thoughtfully.

"No my dear, do you not remember," came Lilly's voice "the Malfoy kingdom is famous for breeders, their princess is really a feminine prince."

James smiled, "perhaps we should pay the Malfoy kingdom a visit, what do you say Lilly?"

"I say this is going to be a bad idea once I hear it fully," she replied picking up the red clad baby boy.

James just smiled again this time with hidden intentions, if Lucius named no true male heir, then the Malfoy kingdom would cease to exist, this opportunity was just too good to give up.

And within three days the royal Potter family, along with their two closest friends and Harry's godfathers lord Remus Lupin and his consort Sirius Black were on their way to visit the Malfoy kingdom.

Malfoy Kingdom

Lucius sneered at the parchment before him, "Damn Potters always meddling in things they should keep their noses out of,"

Lucius rose from his throne and headed towards his son's room where he knew his wife would be as well.

"Narcissa," he said loudly startling the graceful woman seated in a rocker with his feeding son in her arms.

"Oh Lucius you startled me," gasped Narcissa breathlessly as she stood with a polite incline of her head.

"Do you see what Potter just sent me?" said Lucius angrily holding out the parchment to Narcissa.

Taking the parchment in her delicate fingers she read, "An arranged marriage with our son, surely this cannot be right."

"They will arrive tomorrow at supper," said Lucius as though a foul taste still lingered in his mouth.

"Then we shall have to turn them away," replied Narcissa without a second thought as she turned to look at her son.

Lucius sighed "so far we have received no other worthy letters on behalf of Draconis, and the chances he will receive a proper blooded husband will become slimmer as his years go on."

"Perhaps a suitor's ball?" asked Narcissa hopefully.

Lucius nodded, "I shall see what can be done," as he walked out, heading for his study where he would research royal blood lines and find the best match for his son.

The next day's supper came all too soon for Lucius who refused to leave his study until he found the best blood-line match for his infant son.

King James, queen Lilly, Prince Harry, lord Remus and consort Sirius exited the carriage and walked inside the overly grand entrance doors, and were greeted by queen Narcissa, her two hand maidens and half a dozen guards.

"Welcome to Malfoy castle," queen Narcissa greeted in her softest of voice, with a graceful curtsey.

King James responded with a little bow, as queen Lilly curtseyed back and lord Remus and his consort Sirius bowed low.

"You must forgive my husband for not being here to greet you," said Narcissa's soft voice "If you will follow me I shall show you to your rooms."

The group nodded as Narcissa showed the royals to the south wing "I trust these rooms will be to your satisfaction, a maid will arrive to show you to supper."

"Yes thank you," replied Lilly as she and her family walked into the shown rooms.

Narcissa went straight to her husbands study and knocked curtly on the door only entering when she heard a brief 'enter'

"Lucius, the Potter's have arrived," said Narcissa with a graceful nod.

Lucius glared at the book before him before speaking "it would seem that the Potter's hold the best blood-line excluding ours without arranged marriages, this match would be the best for our Draconis."

"Perhaps I could bear another child, a prince this time," came Narcissa's voice as she kneeled beside her husband.

"No I forbid it, the doctor said your body would not be able to handle another birth, and Draconis needs his mother, as this kingdom needs their queen," replied Lucius with a neutral tone.

Narcissa smiled, if anyone could understand Lucius it was her and she was touched that he seemed to care for her so much.

"Perhaps you could take another as a wife?" asked Narcissa.

"I will not, you are queen and so you shall stay so," said Lucius firmly.

"If you will not, then I ask one thing of you?" asked Narcissa gently her voice almost a whisper.

"And what might that be?" asked Lucius curious on what his wife would ask.

"Keep this kingdom alive, do not expand Potter's kingdom, and keep the memory of the Malfoy's alive," replied Narcissa.

"And how would you supposed we do that?" asked Lucius.

"Draconis will bear at leased two children," replied Narcissa "and one son will be the Potter heir while the other son the Malfoy heir."

"You see my dear, this is the reason I love you so," smirked Lucius watching Narcissa blush deeply.

A short while later a maid came to the Malfoy couple to inform them of dinner, rising from their places, Narcissa took Draconis from his nanny and walked with one arm linked to her husbands the other holding their son securely.

The Malfoy's entered the dinner hall where the Potter royals and company were already seated.

Rising from their seats, King James greeted king Lucius, who nodded and waved his hand for everyone to be seated.

Supper was quiet, with the exception of a few 'how is everything in your kingdom?' and 'I trust your health has been well?' and nearing the end of their delicate desert of shaved lemon ice tarts, king Lucius spoke.

"Well now that supper is finished," started Lucius "I believe we should retire to…"

Lucius was cut off with the arrival of Draconis's godfather, Lord Severus Snape.

"I am truly sorry for my lateness," bowed Severus, as Lucius waved him off, remaining quiet till Severus was seated.

"As I was saying, perhaps we should retire to the study to speak of contracts," finished Lucius as everyone seated at the table rose and followed Lucius to his largest study.

Once everyone was seated with tea, King James began "I trust you have received my letter?"

"Of course," replied Lucius pulling the slightly wrinkled letter out of his elegant black robes "you wish to create an arranged marriage with my son?"

King James nodded, as king Lucius sat in his elegant chair, "I have a clause I wish to add to the contract."

"And what might they be?" asked King James.

"My son will bear two sons, one, and the eldest for the Potter kingdom while the other for the Malfoy kingdom," said Lucius looking at James, and was pleased to see him looking crestfallen "that won't be a problem will it?"

"No, no of course not," cut in queen Lilly, as James turned to look at her with a gaping look.

"Excellent," smirked Lucius as he pulled out a quill, ink, and parchment "shall we write the clauses?"

King James looked back at King Lucius looking more defeated then ever, their was no way he could go back and decide to change his mind, not when Lucius commanded the largest armies within the range of twenty kingdoms.

The clauses were written long into the night;

Draconis will bear at leased two sons, as of which the eldest son will hold the name Potter, while the second eldest Malfoy.

Neither couple will be unfaithful to the other, the one who willingly does so will forfeit the rights to the others kingdom.

Must show each other respect, kindness, and act as though loving in the eye of the public.

Consort must remain virgin till night of their royal wedding, unless act done together.

Wedding will take place on the birth-date of the dominant partner.

And many more clauses were added long into the night, when finally Lucius passed the quill to King James where he signed along with his wife queen Lilly, passing it back to king Lucius as he and queen Narcissa signed, and with a wave of Lucius wand the parchment copied and one was handed to king James, as both families parted ways for sleep.