Prompt: Candy cane

"Pray for peace, people everywhere!
listen to what I say"


"Do you know what I could do to you with a candy cane?" asked Kakashi, rather conversationally he thought.

Iruka gaped. He then gasped with an element of outrage that Kakashi didn't think anyone could have possibly matched. He then made a shocked sort of noise suggesting he'd been scandalised by something he'd never thought twice of. His hand moved to cover his mouth in an overly dramatic fashion.

Kakashi realised, rather belatedly, how his question could have been taken. He also realised that Iruka's shock suggested something other than scandal and that he must have thought about it. Probably more than twice.

"I mean—"

"You pervert!" Iruka hissed. He yanked the piece of paper out of Kakashi's hand and turned away, hand now on his forehead.

Kakashi could see from behind him how he was heaving. In outrage, no doubt. He went on.

"Ah, they… kind of hurt, so if you hold them just right, and if you don't have—"

"Oh you're into a little pain, aren't you?" muttered Iruka, still facing away from Kakashi.

Kakashi's eye rounded, but Iruka couldn't see it. The implication was shocking and, he could admit, a little thrilling. It also gave him ideas, ideas he was starting to think Iruka might have already had.

Huh. Now that's interesting. That's—

Thank god the mask kept anyone else from seeing, because Kakashi's face was suddenly as red as the stripes on the box of candy canes he held in his pocket.

He shivered.

He'd thought it would make a nice gift, this particular village in Snow country made excellent candy, the best some said, and well, he was a ninja, they both were. Household objects, even candy, could easily be utilised as weaponry. He just thought he'd point it out.

He was just being social.

"Ah, this is for you, Iruka-sensei. I'll… just be going now."

He left, feeling horribly let down somehow. Now that's stupid.

Iruka's heart was pounding and his face was so hot, he was sure he was sweating. I cannot believe him, I cannot believe him!

He heard the door swing shut and only then did he turn around, certain the Copy-nin was gone. It was a good thing the mission room was empty with only him left at the desk. Now that Kakashi had turned in his paperwork, he was free to go home and try to collect himself.

He turned to clear off the counter and stopped. There was a small box sitting where Kakashi had been. Did he leave this for me? Iruka picked up the box.

No way!

This was the best candy house ever, their truffles were dreamy, and the fudge was the most decadent—he could hardly finish a whole piece at one sitting—and oh my, the pralines. He'd had a dream once—well, nevermind that.

He shook his head and opened the box. This is what he said was for me, right? Oh. I really misread that, I shouldn't have—Iruka paused in lifting a candy cane to his mouth.

I said… oh crap. Iruka's face suddenly felt very warm..

He thinks I… I practically admitted… Oh no. Now he's going to think I'm the pervert!

Iruka stared at the candy cane in dismay. There were twelve in a box. His mouth watered. Just one. He licked his lips and before he could talk himself out it, stuck the candy cane in his mouth with a defiant look. He raised his head, stuck the box under his arm and marched home.

So this is what Genma feels like…

The next day Kakashi entered the Missions office warily. He was half afraid—he wasn't afraid!—that Iruka might return the candy.

He still didn't know what compelled him to buy candy, candy, for god's sake, for his team's former teacher. And here he was eager for Iruka's approval. Had their collective mentality overtaken him?

"Ah, Kakashi-sensei… how… um, your…c-candy, yes, I had, it was good and thank you, thank you, so maybe you could come try some with me, it's really good in hot cocoa, tonight, maybe?" Iruka's words came out in a rush and he stared at Kakashi with the same intent wide-eyed gaze that Kakashi was sure he wore as well.

"Ah, sure. I thought you…"

"Oh, no! That?" Iruka laughed. It was a little loud and forced. "Oh, no, no, that's my favourite. I already ate three of them. Look at me, I'm Genma." He laughed again, senbon pointing from the side of his mouth, wiggling with each laugh.

"Hey, my senbon is a lot handier than that candy cane, thank you very much. Not only is it a deadly weapon, it can also—"

"Shut up Genma," hissed Iruka with a hand motion across his neck. Genma gulped and shut up.

Kakashi was impressed.

"So they're good in cocoa? I like cocoa. I brought some of the white chocolate mix back. And some pralines. You like those? I've never had them before." He was being social again, offering candy. Why on earth did he feel so hopeful?

Iruka stared at Kakashi open mouthed. He licked his bottom lip slowly then bit right in the center, making a faint moaning sound. He was staring intently at Kakashi.

Kakashi's eye widened and he took a step back. "Ah…" This is…

"Ireally like their pralines," Iruka whispered. "You wanna… we could…maybe tonight…?" He bit his lip again.

"Sure," Kakashi said, his eye still on Iruka's now shiny lips. He took another step back, away from the chunin. "I'll come… back and… ok." He took another step backwards, then turned and fled after Iruka made some indefinable whimpering sound that reverberated through his entire body.

Iruka watched Kakashi back away and bit his lip so hard, he flinched. Kakashi's eye rounded and he turned, running out the door.

"Iruka, you dirty slut. What were you doing to him?"

Iruka turned as Genma sidled up beside him.

Lip still between his teeth, he was thinking about those pralines. Really, until you had one, you just couldn't understand.

Genma was staring at him with an odd expression. "Sensei? Are you… all right? You look a little feverish."

"Oh Genma, you just don't know." With that he licked his now swollen lip again and sighed.

Pralines, and white chocolate too, didn't he say? Hot cocoa…

It would be a good night, he could just feel it.

Genma watched Iruka wander away wearing a dazed expression muttering about sugar and condensed milk. He watched as Iruka pulled the candy cane from his mouth and started running it along his lip, making a barely audible gasp when it hit a sore spot.

No wonder Kakashi ran. He didn't want to maul the poor thing in public.

Genma shook his head, returning to his report. He looked up when he heard a strange munching sound. His shoulders dropped. Iruka was systematically chewing small bites off the candy cane and then sucking on it.

Genma continued watching Iruka molest his candy cane, wondering what he would do to the pralines Kakashi mentioned. He couldn't wait until tomorrow.

He'd get every word out of Iruka.