Prrompt: Hot Cocoa

"Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till he appear'd and the soul felt its worth."


Iruka woke warm. Something held onto him. There was an arm over his side and one under his neck. It wasn't a bad way to wake up, just a little different.

"You awake?" whispered Kakashi in his ear.

"Yeah," he whispered back. He had no idea what time it was; it was still dark outside. His ear was cold, but the rest of him was very warm. "How do you feel?"

"Oh I'd say I'm back to 100 percent."

Iruka smiled. "That's good. Are you hungry? If it's not too late we could go eat at the Inn. They serve a special Christmas dinner."

"I was thinking of staying in bed. Maybe some hot cocoa. You still have that white chocolate cocoa I brought you?"

Iruka purred. "Mmm, yes. You brought back three boxes last time after you found out, ah, well, I mean, how much I like it."

"You're a cocoa fetishist is what I found out, you mean."

Iruka laughed, only slightly self consciously, and scratched at his ear, hoping it wasn't as red as his face surely was. "Well, that's a kinky way to put it…"

"I've seen what you do to that cocoa before you mix it, Iruka. And I watched you molest pralines along with it."

"And you're itching to see it again aren't you?"

"I can think of other things to molest," Kakashi said lightly.

Iruka froze, mouth open to jest, jest forgot. "Ah…"

Kakashi's arm slipped away and he tugged Iruka backwards. Iruka rolled limply onto his back, staring up at Kakashi round-eyed. "Ah…"

Kakashi grinned as he slid his arm out from under Iruka's neck and placed his other arm beside Iruka's shoulder, pushing himself up and over Iruka. Iruka couldn't stop a whimper of sound escaping as he felt Kakashi's legs sliding over his.

"Oh. Uh." Iruka looked around, taking in Kakashi's bare shoulders, the blanket over him, the window; anything but Kakashi's eyes. "I th-thought you wanted cocoa."

"Mmm," said Kakashi as he leaned down and kissed Iruka, arms bending to slide underneath him and hold him close.

As suddenly as Iruka realised he felt really warm, he realised he also felt Kakashi's hands sliding under his pyjamas. One hand in the center of his back, the other hand sliding down the curve of his ass. He moaned into Kakashi's kiss, shivering as their tongues met, heart racing when one of Kakashi's teeth clacked against his own.

Pulling away, Kakashi's arms moved up Iruka's body efficiently removing his shirt. Iruka could feel the chill spreading over his body and shivered, jumping when Kakashi leaned down to lick a nipple, and yelping when he bit.

He grabbed Kakashi's head, fingers gripping into his hair, gulping air as he felt Kakashi sliding lower, thumbs reaching beneath his pyjama waistband and pulling.

"Oh, Kakashi…"

"We'll have the cocoa later, hmm?"

"Uh huh," breathed Iruka. Cold air stole across his legs, quickly covered by Kakashi and the blanket. Iruka looked down and giggled at the sight of Kakashi, bundled, laying between his legs.

Kakashi quirked an eyebrow at him before licking his lips and opening his mouth wide, sliding his lips slowly down Iruka's cock.

The giggled turned to a choked cry then a moan as a Kakashi's hands joined in, one palm warm and tight around his balls, the other working with Kakashi's mouth. Iruka couldn't help pulling one knee up, the other leg settling across Kakashi's back as he arched, one hand in his mouth, the other gripping the headboard as he murmured feverishly at every lick, every suck, every bob of Kakashi's head.

He was close, so close, but not close enough, and he wanted more, but without shouting at Kakashi—oh god, please stop that and fuck me—which he could never do, he didn't know how to get the message across. I mean, if thrusting into his mouth and chanting 'Oh please, please' doesn't do it, what do I do?

But his worry was short lived. Kakashi let his lips slide to the head, gave one last suck and let Iruka go. He paused and Iruka looked down to see why. He saw Kakashi looking him up and down, taking in his sprawled naked body. The red eye spun and Kakashi smiled.

He reached out a hand and slid it up Iruka's leg from his knee all the way up to Iruka's chest, then both hands were sliding over him, touching him, thumbs rubbing over his nipples, fingers tickling at his hips, hands smoothing over his thighs. He grabbed Iruka by the backs of the knees and hitched him upwards.

He met Iruka's gaze, questioning for a split second, and moving at Iruka's mouthed 'Yes'. He pushed against Iruka and Iruka gasped, nearly moaning. He continued, pushing slowly until he was all the way inside, and closed his eyes, kneeling before Iruka, biting his lower lip.

Iruka's hand slid to grasp himself and he pulled slowly, mimicking the pace Kakashi had started earlier.

Kakashi watched Iruka's hand as he slowly pulled away, before pushing back in. Briskly he began a slow, rhythmic pounding against Iruka, hands gripping Iruka's body, shifting as he held tighter and tighter, pushing insistently.

Iruka dropped his head back against the pillows, breathing hard, hand still working, hips lifting up to meet Kakashi as he whimpered against the hard thrusts, murmuring and muttering uselessly.

Sliding his hands under Iruka's ass, Kakashi lifted him into each thrust, his breathing sharp in the silence. Faces close; he opened his mouth, reaching for Iruka's lips, breathing harshly through his nose when their lips touched.

Iruka ran his hands through Kakashi's hair, holding his head close as they kissed, twitching and arching as he moved against Kakashi, panting. He let go of Kakashi's head, wrapping one arm around Kakashi's shoulders, using the other to push himself upwards.

"Iruka," whispered Kakashi, pushing hard and gasping. His lids fluttered shut as he moved and Iruka felt a sinuous heat ripple through him, arching his back and taking his breath away.

He felt faint as Kakashi's hand moved between then, grasping where Iruka's hand had stilled and worked Iruka, quick and warm, to a shuddering orgasm.

Kakashi collapsed against him, and he collapsed against the bed. Hearts pounding, thundering through each other, they lay still and panting. Iruka shivered once more, violently, and Kakashi kissed him.

It was a long, long moment before either of them spoke.

"Do you still want cocoa?" whispered Kakashi.

Iruka shook his head slowly. "No… I don't think I want to move."

Kakashi withdrew slowly and Iruka moaned, twitching, arms reaching to Kakashi's face. He leaned down and kissed Iruka again, slowly, warm hand coming up to Iruka's face.

"I think I'd like to try the cocoa," Kakashi said.

"Help yourself, I'm taking a bath," slurred Iruka, eyes closing as he rolled over and clutched the pillow.

"We could have cocoa in the bath?" countered Kakashi.



Kakashi smiled as he left Iruka snoring in bed. He'll come around once I make the cocoa.


Thank you for reading and all the encouragement! ^_^