The Curse of the Koi Pond

Legend has it that somewhere in Japan there is a magical pond that holds the spirit of love within its waters. And whosoever falls into the pond, if they do not already know love, will change in such a way that they will find love. Few realize how drastic these changes can be…

The battle raged on, all three ninja groups never once taking the lead.

"ITACHI!!! YOU WILL DIE!!" Screamed a raven haired teen, who was clearly P.O. ed, red eyes flaring.

"FOOLISH LITTLE BROTHER!! DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE YOU CAN DEFEAT ME?!?" Countered the older, handsome brother, eyes just as red, yet more developed, matching the blood that coated the ground.

"SASUKE!!! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!!!" An idiotic blonde howled, a fox form starting to cover his body as he took care of a snake-like man.

One group was Akatsuki, a gang of S-ranked shinobi. Who were, Itachi, Zetzu, Kisame, Tobi, and, their notorious leader, Pein.

Another group was from the village of sound. This group consisted of Orochimaro, Sasuke, and a few other people who no one really cares about.

The last group was a mixture of the Village hidden in the sand, and the Village hidden in the leaves. In this group there was Gaara, Naruto, Lee, Neji, Kakashi, Kiba, and Shino (who was busy trying to save a group of ants.)

The battle raged on…that is until seven people were, by some strange force, dragged into a certain pond…