Examination day…

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In a doctor's waiting room…..

Pein sat, legs crossed at the ankle, on an examination table. "I don't wanna be at the doctor's…I don't wanna be at the doctor's…"

Oro, who sat at Pein side, snapped, while rolling his eyes, "Oh for the love of…Pein you had a psychopathic demon take control of you…I think a check up is in order. How long has it been since she's seen a doctor?"

Konan looked at the snake from the other side of Pein, "Never," she stated casually.

"What? How is that possible?!?!" Oro exclaimed, turning to face the blue haired woman.

"We were orphans, so no doctor would see us…then we got into the middle of a civil war, and we were only seen for wounds…then 'Pein' took over Ame…in a crazed rage…so we became S ranked criminals…so no one would see us…and on top of that…Pein has a certain phobia…" Konan rambled on as she glanced at her sister, who retorted with a sharp

"I do not…"

The large wooden door that was the only entrance and exit of the room suddenly opened, and three medics walked in. Pein's eyes darted from one with blonde hair, to a pink haired one, to the final silver haired one. "Why are there three of you?"

"In case we have to hold you down," Tsunade coldly snapped.

Pein glared at her, "I don't like you…and who the hell are you?" A pale finger was pointed to the silver haired teen, who was wearing a large pair of glasses. "And gods…how bad can your eyesight be?"

The pink haired medic giggled as the other answered, "I am Kabuto, I used to be Orochimaru's personal medic."

Pein looked at the snake, "you sick bastard…"

"Ah, yes, then I was appointed personal maid…" Kabuto sighed.

"Kabuto…" The snake hissed.

Pein suddenly smiled, "I like him!" The fire haired female then looked at the snake, "Why the hell couldn't you have made him drag me out of the stupid pond?"

"I was busy doing his laundry," Kabuto put in, causing Pein to snicker.

"Really, Oreo?" Pein chided, "You had him doing laundry in the middle of a battle?"

The snake nodded, "I was running out of shoes."

"Shoes aren't laundry…" Pein snapped.

Kabuto nodded, "That was my second task."

Pein began to giggle, that is until Tsunade approached her with a shot in hand. Pein shrieked and jumped into the snake's arms. Shuddering uncontrollably, and snuggling as close to the man as humanly and godly possible.

Konan shook her head, "Told you would we would have to hold her down."

The five other ninjas struggled for a few moments, but finally were able to hold Pein down. Sakura and Kabuto held her ankles while Oro and Konan held her wrists, the goddess whimpered as Tsunade once again approached, this round she wasted no time in giving Pein the shot, pulling the goddess's blood into the small tube. And as soon as she did, everyone took a quick step back, leaving Pein lying on her back on the table. Slowly, the goddess sat up, looking first at Konan and mouthing 'traitor', then glaring at the snake that now had his hands up in a defensive position.

"You snake," Pein snapped, a spiral pattern began to form in her eyes, "to think that of all the people in this fucked up world…I had to get stuck with you!"

Oro's voice stayed level as he muttered, "yeah, I get it, it's a fate that no one deserves."

"Stuck?" Kabuto questioned, "Oh, are you two…married?"

The snake nodded.

"But-I-You….I didn't know you were straight, Lord Orochimaru," the medic stumbled over the words.

All anger and hate seemed to melt away from Pein as she burst out laughing, "I really, REALLY like this guy!"

The snake took Pein by a wrist, and dragged her out of the doctor's room, "I think you're fine…"

After a single hesitation from Pein, the goddess, the snake, and the blue haired girl started the walk to the couple's house. The group heard a call from the hospital as they left, "We'll give you the results as soon as we have them!"

The snake looked over and Pein and noticed that his wife was holding the end of something that looked like a leash. "Pein, what?" The group turned around and saw Kabuto on the other end of the leash.

"I found him, Oreo! Can I keep him?" Pein smiled.

Orochimaru shook his head, but before he could say anything, Pein's eyes teared up into the perfect puppy eyes, "Pein…I…" Oro sighed, "Fine…but if he wets the bed…he's out."


"Pregnant?? PREGNANT??? I still don't believe it!! He raped you didn't he! Tell me the truth!! Itachi!!! I'll kill him!! I'll kill him!!!" Sasuke screamed to his sister who was at the moment sitting on a couch, impassive to her brother's rant.

Itachi sighed, "Sasuke…one minute you want to kill me, the next, you're trying to protect me….how badly did I fuck you up?"

"That was before you became a girl…let alone pregnant!!"

"What does me being a girl have to do with anything??" Itachi snapped.

"Uhh…well…" Sasuke desperately searched his small mind for an answer. "Being a girl…means…you can become pregnant!"

"We've established that," Itachi muttered. "Sasuke, get over it! It's been three weeks!"

Sasuke sat beside his sister, pouting, "but…but, Anki!"

"Stop it…" Itachi hissed, thinking 'he looks like a kid again'.