"Random Metropolis"

'No Innuendo'

Amy, Cream, and Big had ran all the way from Seaside beach and into Amy's garage. From there, they took Amy's pink trackcar from Sonic R. Not what would you imagine, in fact, Amy had been "modding" it since Sonic R's release. The dashboard, seats, padding, and even the design was remodeled in Sonic's image. Cream shuddered, watching as Amy violently drove through traffic jams, her impatience adding to her obssession with Sonic. The bottom tray fell open, and Cream gasped at it's contents.

"Amy?" she said close to a murmur, "How long have you been in love with Mr. Sonic?"

"Cream. That's a stupid question." Amy's teeth had become that of a wolverine's, "I loved Sonic ever since I met him."

Cream held up a photo of Sonic in bed with Sally Acorn, the pink hedgehos'g cut-out face was sloppily superglued on where Sally's head should have been. "Amy...I think you have a problem."

"What do you mean?" said Amy, flying past another hover car. The hover car swerved, spun uncontrollably before crashing into a deadly traffic light, several more explosions followed. Cream's teeth chattered vigorously.

"I mean-...AMY!" She screamed, pointing madly, "LOOK OUT!"




Light began to drizzle into her eyelids. Cream huffed, belching out the smoke and dust that had drifted into her lungs and ached inside her chest. the orange of her torn, buttoned dress blinded her wearied vision. She swatted away more of the smog clouding around her, and as her eyes came into focus, she gasped at the sight before her.

"About time you woke up Cream!" Amy pouted, hands at her hips. Big was behind her, marveling the technopolitan city around them.

She straightened herself, dusting her dress. It was riddled with holes and gashes, no lesser than Amy's round, red dress which was undeniably totaled. The white rings were all but gone, leaving only ruined scraps of red dangling her legs. Her white gloves were shy, most of the fingers revealed and the rings decorated with cracks and rivets of air running through them. There were ribbons of dried blood across her cheek also, but she didn't appear phased, or even aware of injury.

In fact, the car-crashing Amy Rose was smiling.

"Amy..." she tried to speak, but the corals of air trapped in her throat negated any chance at speech.

Amy snatched her hand, tugging her forward from the wreckage.

Cream gazed over the crash.

It wasn't just a car incident. A crash. Or a pile-up. The whole scene resembled an earthquake, even if was impossible on an energy grid harnessed miles upward in the sky, far above any shifting plates. The entire city was above, the dregs and crack dealers smothered themselves silly below, still using automobiles and what not instead of hovers.

"Amy...did...did we do thi?" her voice was still weak. Amy ignored it.

"Cream, if you'd been awake, you'd have heard the news! There was a train crash in Seaside Hill! And Sonic was seen at the foot of it! We have to..." a sound began to play. Amy dropped to her scraped knees, "AAGGH!"

Cream fainted, the stress of the sound and the crash fatigue left her unconscious. Big, however, did not seem to mind.

"I am...Eggyman...Master..plan...I am Eggyman! I got...the..plan!" he sang. Amy grappled him to the ground by one of his large, furry ears.

"'ve stop..that SOUND!!" she pleaded.

"But Amy..." Big rubbed his chin in thought, and grinned, "What if Mr. Sonic's here too? He might be in tr-"


Amy shot up determinedly, snatching Big and Cream's hand. Her pupils vanished. No force in the world, no matter how big or small, would stop her now, Big knew. The pink fur he'd seen coating the happy hedgehog each day scorched with anger, her quills sharped to the extent of razors, her dress began flapped as an invisible aura shot from her body, and although it was unexplainable, her red headband combusted into ashes that flew off her head immediately.

"Ammmmmyyyy!!" Big cried, to no avail. The hedgehog-gone-hellion turned, her teeth sang with a carnivorous sheen, and all sanity or reason drained from Amy's face. Fire twirled around them. the trio began moving at a normal running speed, then without warning, the fire crooked in a rocket shape, freeing them to speed away at an insane speed.

With Amy out of control and with them speeding across an energy pipeline highway, Big finally fainted.

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