Sunlight peeked through the ivory lightweight curtains, which covered the window that was open slightly allowing a breeze to seep pass. The sheer curtains stretched gracefully as the breeze wisped through the fabric enabling a small whisper of morning's air to filter the spacious room.

The light from the morning's sun cast a small amount of glow into the quiet hotel room giving the room a warming feeling. Sora felt the sun's rays against her face and she stretched in her bed feeling the warmth of her husband next to her. Newlyweds, she smiled raising her hand in the air in order to admire the single silver band on her wedding finger.

The marriage was quite sudden which is why she did not have an engagement ring, in truth, they skipped the engagement part of the courtship. Back home, she would never have done something so spontaneous. She was so careful, making sure everything felt right and felt true before marching ahead. So unlike her best friend at home.

Speaking of which, Tai was going to flip, Mimi would never shut up, and her mother would cry missing the wedding she had planned for Sora since the day she was born and she would receive a silent treatment from her father.

She knew all this when she said her marriage vowels, her family and friends were not pushed aside but she was in love allowing reason to slip. She would claim temperamentally insane due for being head over heels in love. Would that work? No, her love ones would just claim her insane.

Her mother would say that she jumped into this too fast, that she was inexperienced with any sort of relationship that did not involve strictly friendship. Mimi would act hurt in result of Sora not taking a moment to pick up the telephone to relate her elopement with her dearest, most beautiful best friend in the whole wide world.

Tai would be different from her family and other friends. Tai was different from anyone she had and will ever know which is a shame. There should be more Tai's in the world. He would look at her funny. Ask her if she was sure and then give her a slow nod in understanding even if he didn't comprehend the entire situation.

"I don"t know if you did something right or if you made the biggest mistake of your life, Sor." She could hear him say, "But which ever way this road takes you, I'll be there for as long as you need me. Right or wrong, count me in."

Sora had gone to France to study with some well-known designers and during a party, a social event that was expressed importantly to her that she must attend, she met her husband. Of course, he was not hers at the time. He had a young woman holding onto to his arm as through someone would snatch him from her at any given moment.

Sora had always been the competitor type when it came to sports but never towards a relationship and she would had never even thought about even trying to take a man from a woman and if Matt had been married to this girl or even engaged, Sora would had backed off. That was not the case, Matt was fair game and for once Sora was up to the chase.

There was just something about him that trigged this extra beat in her heart. He did not seem to have taken notice of her but she memorized everything about him. His tall length, his golden hair, and the odd shade of blue eyes, the bluest eyes she had ever seen, she even loved that cocky smile and the deep rich laugh.

She admired his broad shoulders, his casual but cool stance and the way his clothing tailored to fit give him the appearance of a powerful man yet so very seductive as well. The only thing she would had changed was that extra skin of blonde bimbo hanging onto his arm in a tight black, strapless dress with breast ready to fall out from her top.

"I want him." Sora told the blonde curly headed girl standing beside her.

"I"m sorry, who?" Catherine tilted her head from curiosity, which caused loose curls to bounce around her face.

"Him." Sora nodded her red head towards her prey.

"Matt?" Catherine giggled, "You and everyone else."

Sora sighed, wrapping her arms around herself as though she was cold. "I"m fooling myself. Guys like that do not look at girls like me. Look at the girl wrapping herself around him. She looks gorgeous, fake but gorgeous."

"So do you darling." Catherine rolled her eyes. "Err...well not fake. She looks, as you said cheap and easy. Unlike you. You my dearest friend looks sophisticated. You know what; I shall introduce him to you."

"You know him?" Sora eyes grew large.

"Is it so hard to believe?" Catherine smiled again pulling Sora by the arm towards Matt.

"I can't!" Sora pulled back. "What do I say? I was admiring from afar and decided I wanted you?"

"Nice pick up line." Catherine let a gentle laugh escape her ruby lips. "Maybe he hasn't heard that one yet."


"Well don't do that. You make noises like that and he will not take you serious. First appearances are everything and that would be considered rude in this atmosphere." Catherine turned quickly around to give Sora a quick check over. She smoothed a wrinkle from the other girl's dress and pinched her cheeks to give her a little more colour.

"Oww!" Sora reached up and pressed her hands to her wounded cheeks.

"Don't be a baby." Catherine rolled her eyes. "You look great, really and don't worry about what to say. Wait, no. You do need to worry. I can start you out but Matt is a man of few words. He won't volunteer any information so be prepared to ask questions until you spark something he may be interested in."

"Now I know I can not go through with this!" Sora placed her face in her hands and peeked at Matt through open fingers. "Oh but he does look so good."