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She wanted to continue driving along at a snail pace while Tai tailed her like a lost dog but the hard truth of the matter, one she hated to admit, was that Tai was right. He was absolutely right. She had no idea where she was going. This country area, where he deemed worthy of centering his friends' life, had the same features. House, tree, house, tree. All the bloody roads took her back around.

The worst of it was that Tai had stopped running after the car. He had settled down with the rest of the neighborhood with a lawn chair and a drink that he no doubt was slurping out of a can, watching with that stupid grin as Catherine circled the block in confusion.

With a sigh of defeat, Catherine slowed the car to a stop near Tai, who eagerly bounced over to her with a lopsided smile plastered on his face.

"So…" Tai tapped the roof of his car, clearing enjoying the moment as he looked on at the horizon of housetops. "Is it my turn to drive yet?"

"Shut up and get into the car." Catherine hissed as she slid across the bucket seats so she now sat at the passenger's seat, close to the window as she could get her body.

Tai opened the door and limbered in the vehicle. He gave a sigh that had thickness of a gloat. He beamed at her. She glared back at him.

"You know, after the shock wore off from being embarrassed in front of these lawn people, it was quite amusing watching you go around and around like that." Tai grinned at her, showing his pearly whites. "Seriously, I thought you would be gone after you made that right then left but nope. No, you just came circling back around."

"Just drive." Catherine smooth her skirt out of wrinkles, then fluffed up the base of her hair.

"Do you know what they think?" Tai asked her as he nodded his head to all of their personal audience.

"That you screwed up?" Catherine fluttered her eyelashes at him.

"Aren't you the cute one?" Sarcasm slithered from Tai's mouth heavily. "No they think we are newlyweds! Can you imagine such an idea? Us? Married, you and me! That's not all. They think that we are newlyweds looking for a home of our own."

"And that you screwed up." Catherine nodded her head, agreeing with herself.

"Why does it have to be me that screwed up?" Tai shot back, his brown eyes narrowing. "Maybe you screwed up? Huh. Guess that did not come across your mind. Maybe they think that I married a gluttonous, over dramatic, self center, spoiled, little rich Madonna."

"How dare you!" Catherine slapped him with a stinging force.

His hand quickly shot up to smooth his assaulted cheek with a snort. "Is that a love tap? Do we get to kiss and make up now?"

Catherine was furious that her slap only managed to amuse Tai. She made an unlady like growl, put both knees on the seat, and then proceeded with more rapid slaps against his chest and arms. She shrieked when muffled laughs came from Tai. To chase his laughter away, she took a handful of hair in both her hands and proceeded to crack his head against the window.

"Knock it off." Tai reached out to take her wrist in his hands. "You're going to poke my eye out with those nails. Have you ever thought of filing them down a bit?"

"I hate you!" Catherine voiced as she twisted her upper torso in an effort to release his grip on her.

"Can't say there is any lost love on my side either." Tai grinned, clearing enjoying her anger.

"What right do you have to speak to me about self centered? If I were, would I honestly be here right now? Hunting a home for a dear friend in a backward community with a Neanderthal as a tour guide? And do you really want to speak about drama because if you recall, I was not the one yelling like a gorilla nor was I the one throwing shoes at the back window of this campy, little, speckle of a car!"

"You …didn't….stop….the….car!" Tai hissed slowly as to make her understand. "I shouted at you to stop, I even said I was sorry. But noooo. You just kept on driving along thinking that you were the funniest thing on this side of the planet."

"Sorry? Sorry!" Catherine shrilled. "Your apology of sorry was to the old man your shoe had hit when it ricocheted off the trunk of the car, you bloody oaf!" Catherine pointed out.

"But I did say it. I said I was sorry." Tai sighed seeing Catherine cock her head slightly to the side. "Okay. Alright, I might have said it to the old man and not you. By the way his name is Thomas; he lives in the yellow house and had been married for forty years to the same woman." Tai motioned his head towards a well-trimmed house where an elder man sat watching the scene with the rest of his neighbors. "Still this is my car. You cannot just go around taking a person's car. It is illegal, you know. They'll throw you in jail or maybe just ship you back home and that ain't such a bad idea."

"Let go of me." Catherine tugged her wrist once more from his grasp.

"Are you going to slap me again or pull my hair?" Tai asked her as if he was speaking to a three year old.

"Of course. Then, I am going to slam my heel right into the side of your thick skull." Catherine spat at him. "Now let go of me!"

"That doesn't motivate me to let you go." Tai looked down at her pointed heels. "Nope, not in the least bit."

Sora pulled a cotton shirt over her head, her hair still wet from her morning shower. As quiet as she could so she would not wake Matt up, she pulled out a drawer and dug around until she found a plain black skirt. She turned towards the mirror, hating how vain she had become since her fashion career bloomed. She pulled her red hair back into a wet twist. Smoothing her hair down to plaster elegantly against her head, Sora's mirror image crunched up her nose and stuck out her tongue, then gave a buff of her cheeks. She stood still for a moment, her hand lowered to her belly with a frown.

Sora turned to the left, and then she turned to the right. She tilted her head as she smoothed her shirt over her waist with a heavy sigh. She placed a hand over her stomach and arched her back to visualize a bump that wasn't there.

"You look gorgeous." Matt muttered from under the covers of the bed he still vacated. "Scrumptious in fact."

"I look the same." Sora told him, turning to face him.

"Yes… you do." Matt said after a careful moment. Mornings were not his brightest moments with his mind still in a slight sleep coma but he was awake enough to know that he was speaking to his wife about her looks and caution must be used traveling this road. "You look exactly the same yesterday as you do today. Gorgeous and scrumptious, like I said."

"So I never change?" Sora grinned slyly, walking slowly towards the large wooden bed. "Always look exactly the same, do I?"

"Well…" Matt gave a yawn and allowed his eyes to drift shut. "Prettier every day."

Sora stopped at the edge of the bed and bent at the waist to peer inside the covers that Matt cocoon himself in, all except a small space he seemed to be using as an air hole. She slipped on her evil grin, dropped the skirt on the floor and pulled the blanket back so she could see all of her husband in his naked glory.

"Hey!" Matt's eyes shot open as he retrieved his covers.

"Modest?" Sora giggled, her slim hand covering her mouth to muffle the sound. "How precious."

"Freaking cold." Matt growled out and added one of his deadly stares, which of course Sora knew to be harmless.

"Matt." Sora sighed gloomily as she sat down on edge of the bed.

"Babe?" Matt's hand crawled out from under the covers and gently rubbed her arm. "What's wrong?"

"I have not gained any weight. I mean, look." Sora pulled her shirt up to bare her slim stomach, one that she kept so by their gym room down stairs. "I don't look pregnant. I don't feel pregnant."

Matt pulled himself up on an elbow to look at her stomach then up to her face. "You're disappointed that you're not fat? Lov, I don't think it happens over night."

"I know that." Sora rolled her eyes and gave him a slight push so he fell onto his back. She wiggled herself over his chest. She loved his eyes. The color, the way they lingered on her, as she was the only one that matter. Lifting her finger, she outlined his mouth. Sora smirked when Matt playfully snapped at her finger. "I'm four weeks pregnant. Four weeks, not a day not one week but four. You would think I should start noticing something."

Matt kissed her finger away from his mouth that curved into a slow grin. "Give it some time. I'm sure you will be big as a house in know time at all."

She playfully slapped her palm against his chest then with another sigh, she put her head on him, his heartbeat drummed in her ear. Matt's arms circled her, holding her close to him as one hand lazily slid up and down her spine, then over her rump. She just wanted something to feel that all this was happening. That she was carrying a child. With her index finger, she traced a heart pattern on his chest. "Do you know what I like about mornings?"

Matt shrugged his shoulders under her. His eyes drifted closed again and his voice started to become heavy with sleep once again. "Honey, I can't think of any reason why anyone would like mornings."

"Well I don't know about everyone else but for me mornings are a little bit different." Sora grinned playfully tapping her hand over his heart.

"How's that?" Matt asked her, prying his blue eyes open to look at her.

"Well." Sora slid the cover down once more and before he could recover them again, she lifted her leg so she could straddle over Matt's hip. "I get to see you naked every morning." She leaned down so she could kiss his lips, then his chin and down his neck. "And I love you naked."

"You know, I just might start liking mornings too." Matt lifted the hem of her shirt, throwing it over the side of the bed.

"You think you can get up in the mornings around this time for me? I do love to early morning playtimes." Sora whispered seductively, her tongue striking out from her mouth to trace his lips.

"I might need motivated but I think I'd be able to slither from sleep for you." Matt moaned when Sora pressed her bottom against his naked flesh and started to grind against him. "I'm motivated!" Matt growled, flipping her over on her back.

Sora laughed out as he nuzzled her arched neck while pulling her panties down over her hips. He groaned, feeling that laughter vibe in her throat. "I am so in love with you." He whispered as he pulled at her earlobe. His hands slid up and down her body, his fingers were everywhere at once.

"I love you." Sora whispered back, hooking her ankles around his waist feeling the heat of sex engulf her.

Tk watched his mother put a huge teddy bear inside the shopping cart. He reached over; pulling it, half out of the cart then looked at his mother. He wiggled the bear at her with amusement on his lips.

"What?" She asked him, taking the bear from his grasp to settle it back down into the cart.

"It would take the kid two years before it's the same size as the bear." Tk told her, scrunching up his face and holding up two fingers. "And it's pink."

"I think they will have a little girl." She tightened the bow on the bear with fondness. "I always wanted one more, a little girl. You know someone to have a mother and daughter talk with. To dress up in bows and ribbons."

Tk stared at his mother for a moment as she was an escapee from an institution people usually end up in once they seen aliens. "Well, I'm sorry Matt wasn't the girl you wanted but maybe we should hold off on the color scheme."

"It's never too earlier to start. You will find it out once you start having children. Once you find out that the special girl you end up with is having a baby, well the time flies from there." Nancy smiled in memory of her own pregnancy. Matt, much like now, proven to be difficult up to the delivery. She had swollen feet, heartburn almost every night and once he started kicking, she did not think he would ever stop. Tk on the other hand was more of an ease. With him, she could eat anything with just a little side effect. Lying on her side seemed to keep him comfort enough and reading, she swore she could read him to sleep even before he was born. Or humming, she would spend hours on the rocking chair humming and rubbing her belly as a way to comfort him.

"Mom?" Tk waved his hand in front of her. "Still with me?"

"Oh, of course." Nancy pushed his hand down and letting her mind come back to the present time. "I was just thinking about when I carried you boys."

"Let's not share the moment." Tk gave her a cold stone face that she knew he had no desire to discuss any pregnancy issues with her. "After all, I was there for mine at least. Wait for Matt to shows up and then you can tell him how much misery he caused you. For me, well let us move on and pretend the topic never came up."

Nancy rolled her eyes and once more started down the aisle of baby stuff. "I can't believe I'm going to be a grandmother."

"Really?" Tk asked, mocking a fake hurt. "You never expected that we would have kids? Us? I mean, we are hot. Girls drool over our golden god looks and you never thought that it would get us anywhere?"

"That's not what I meant." Nancy picked up a rattler.

"Did you think we would be gay?" Tk picked up a breast pump to examine.

"What? Of course, I did not think that. I never really thought of you boys in any other way then my babies, is what I mean." Nancy placed the rattler in the cart with a handful of bibs and took the breast pump from him, placing it back on the shelf.

"So…you thought our manly parts wouldn't work?" Tk started to reach up to examine a nursing bra. "Would there be reason to think our swimmers would do a dead man float or... OW!" Tk rubbed the side of his head where a plastic bottle bounced off just a moment before. "Quite throwing baby supplies at me, people will think you are a mean grandmother!"

"It's just hard to see you boys grown up." She looked at Tk from the corner of her eye. "Well Matt."

Tk retorted with a tongue sliding from his mouth that received a grin from Nancy.

"Yes, time does seem to fly." Nancy stopped at a baby toy that held a mirror. Her reflection shined back at her. She combed through her short honey blonde hair that was now starting to dull with white strains. Her hand fluttered to the wrinkles embedding at her mouth.

"You'll be the prettiest grandmother." Tk whispered, taking her hand away from her face to hold it in his own. "You already are the prettiest mother." He bent his head down a little to kiss the top of her head, something she had done to him when he was much smaller.

Nancy reached up and patted his cheek with tenderness. "I am so lucky to have you."

"Yeah, 'bout time you noted that." Tk winked at her and heaved the cart forward. "On wards as there are many other baby things you'll be picking up that the kid won't need until he's ten, no doubt."

"She." The mother reminded him. "You'll have a beautiful niece."

Tk laughed aloud. "I hope so. That would be great to see Matt getting his payback."

"His payback?" Nancy titled her head a little, something Tk noticed Matt does once in awhile as well.

"Well yeah." Tk grinned wickedly. "Think of all those times girls brought Matt home to meet their father. If he has a girl, well between him and Sora there is no doubt she will be gorgeous and guys…well." Tk shrugged, letting his mother finish the rest in her head. "Still, I'd like a nephew." Tk picked up a stuff soccer ball. "A nephew would be fun."

"Omigawd!" Catherine squealed with delight as Tai's small car slowly moved down the long driveway to the newest house on their list. A line of sycamore trees stood like soldiers along the driveway, one after another. The thick white barks were strong and straight. The branches were healthy and spacious barely touch the neighboring tree. The broad leaves allowed the sun to peek down at the car.

"I adore this already!" Catherine's eyes glimmered with excitement. She rolled the window down in order to get the fresh, clean air the area offered. "Matt and Sor are just going to love living here!"

"It's just the drive way." Tai mused. "For all you know, the house is a run down shack."

"With a lawn like this, no I highly doubt it." Catherine waved him off. "Oh do you smell that?"

"Smell what?" Tai panicked the thought of last night beans and onions jumped in his mind. He thought the pepto he drank that very morning would have helped.

"Water." Catherine gleamed at him. "I smell water!"

"Oh, well there is a creek that runs against the property. Just skirting around the yard." Tai moved his hand in the air as he spoke, to demonstrate the movement of the water. "Far enough to be safe in case of flooding. Unless there is a lot of flooding, like forty days or something then…" Tai shrugged, "I guess there are plenty of trees to build a canoe or something like that."

"Matt will love it. He adores fishing." Catherine frowned slightly. "Well maybe not but he uses it as an excuse to escape."

"Escape?" Tai looked at her then let out a howling laughter. "Yeah, I can see why he'd need to escape."

Catherine's mouth gapped open. "Are you applying that he is escaping from me? Why, I'm his best friend!"

"Yeah but you're well, you know." Tai gestured to her head down to her feet and back again.

"Know what?" Catherine looked down at herself then back at Tai. "Exactly what are you trying to say?"

"He's a guy and you're a girl." Tai said simply. "He probably wants to get away from all of that."

"All of me?" Catherine crossed her arms. "What about Sora? Are you not to be the best friend of her life? Are you not a boy and is she not a girl?"

"Well yeah, of course I'm a guy! I'm all man here!" Tai grunted, trying to sound a bit manlier. "But with me and Sor, well it's different." Tai smirked, enjoying the smooth ride to the house. He knew exactly what the house looked liked. Just yesterday, he swung by to do a complete check out of the place.

"How is it any different?" Catherine asked arching up her perfectly plucked eyebrows.

"Sora isn't like you. She's …well like less of a girl, while you are like really girly." Tai pointed out. "I can sit down and watch a soccer game with her. That is a guy thing and something that she enjoys. What does Matt get out of your friendship? Watching you put on eye stuff?"

"You are a piget!" Catherine growled. "For your information my relationship with Matt is not based on things that we share for entertainment but the support we give to each other and in knowing when the other needs it."

"Yeah, like I said you're all girly girl." Tai nodded his head. "Here we go. Home."

Catherine turned her attention away from Tai and towards the house, they were approaching. It was settled into the scenery quite nice with a wooden look to it. A garden landscape was growing along the wall with a turning pebbled walkway that disappeared into the back.

"There is also a tennis slash basketball court in the back." Tai grinned at Catherine. "For Sora of course because I'm sure Matt is somewhat similar to you and my dear friend will probably need to slam a ball around once in awhile. You know, to get rid of all that frustration."

"The frustration is due to the lack of oxygen your undeveloped mind is rooting up in all that hair!" Catherine made a circle around her own head. "Honestly, have you ever thought about donating for nesting? I'm sure it will keep the birds nice and cozy." She pulled the door open before Tai could reply and marched towards the house.

"Why haven't you showed me this house before the others?" Catherine asked as she stopped in front of the house to take in its structure.

"Well, mostly because of the distance. Thirty minutes away from my place." Tai explained quite seriously. "I'd feel better if Sora was closer."

"Yes but the other places were really a waste of time, now weren't they?" Catherine remarked a bit haughtier then she intended.

Tai rolled his eyes and dug into his front pocket to pull out a key that he was able to get from the current owner of the house. "The house was built in the twenties." Tai explained as he pushed the door open. "Remodel then again and again until it reached a more modern time."

Catherine stood inside the entrance room, the ceiling was high and a modest staircase rolled up in front of her. The staircase help divided the entrance room into two different directions.

"It started out as a two room home but as the years went by, rooms were added on until it reached it now state." Tai went on with the home's history as he followed Catherine to the left. "Small shower and toilet on the left…linen closet next to it, it's a walk in, you know."

Catherine stepped into the bathroom; nodding her head as to let Tai aware, she was listening to him. "The house has such beautiful lighting, so natural from the outside."

"Hmm…" Tai looked up towards the ceilings. "Yep, a lot of windows…hard to clean when they are up that high. But moving on." Tai turned from the bathroom, leading the way now towards the kitchen. "I remembered Matt could cook and actually liked cooking."

Catherine gasped at the huge kitchen when she entered. Wall to wall of stainless steel appliances shined back at her.

"Thought we could get a table and put over there for when they want to eat in here instead of the dinning room, which instantly is through that door." Tai pushed through a swinging door to an elegant dinning room. "It looks a bit plain right not, being empty but…"

"I have a perfect table that would go lovely in this room!" Catherine cut him off. "And curtains, thick and rich. Oh, just look at this view!" Catherine gushed over to the wall length windows that looked into the back yard and garden.

Tai stepped behind her to look over her head at the view. She was very aware of his closeness, his scent and an unbelievable magnetic field he seem to have surrounding him. It would be so easy to just step back, just one little step back and lean against him.

"See that oak out there?" Tai pointed at a tall tree that stood shadowing part of the yard. "I saw that tree and I could picture their kid, a boy, swinging on a tire swing that tied to that tree. He'll have Sora's smile."

"A boy?" Catherine asked, a bit skeptical.

"Sure, why not?" Tai asked a grin planted on his face. His voice was lower, sweeter, and much too sexy for Catherine comfort. "I'll be his god-father, you know."

"Hmmm…" Catherine took a deep breath and turned quickly away from the window and towards the hall. She went through a few other empty rooms, noting what the usage of each room could be used for and how she would decorator it for her friends. Then stopped at the last room on the first floor. Two sides of the room was nothing but glass windows out looking a quiet forest. The wooden floor was a rich and vibrant golden and the walls that were not window pained were stoned white. "This will be Matt's room."

"Matt's room?" Tai look inside it. "I thought it would be used as a lounging room."

"Matt loves open spaces." Catherine explained, swirling around the middle of the room. "He would be at total peace this room. His piano will sit there …and his guitar collections over there…and no doubt the band mates would be over so they can set up over there." Catherine pointed out each area with a well-manicured hand, plans spinning in her mind and the objects she spoke of appeared inside her mind. The room would be perfect. She had no doubt in knowing that this was the house that Matt belonged in. It called out for him. It fit his nature.

"I have an idea for Sora." Tai's voice intruded in her thoughts. He turned and headed for the staircase with Catherine following.

She followed him up the stairs, Tai still speaking about the house and giving his ideas of the house. Of course, he mentioned that decorations were not his line of expertise, which he said with a bit of a snarl, but pointed out how a few pictures of black and white art would look nice up the stairs. Catherine however kept her eyes focused in front of her, ignoring Tai's directions. She could not help but notice that he looked really good in those faded jeans he was wearing. They were not too tight and they did not hang on him. They fitted him perfectly and never had an ass look more appealing as it did now.

"Are you even listening to me?" Tai stopped his climb to turn and looked down at her.

"What?" Catherine tore her eyes from his ass to his face. "Of course I am. Pictures, black and white."

Tai rolled his eyes, not believing her entirely but not wanting another argument. Finally, reaching the top of the stairs Tai showed her the room he picked for Sora's office. It was large and a large, oval window seat was fixed at the back of the wall to over look the garden below. "Its over the kitchens so it's the same view, just higher up. You can see the pool from here, the courtyard, and the garden. Sora likes to look over everything. It is her way of keeping control of things. Not that she is a control freak but it keeps people safe. Plus she can open the window; take a break, read a book or something. And there is extra light in this room that will help with her stitches."

Catherine nodded her head as Tai spoke, agreeing with him entirely. She pictured Sora's office in her mind and transported the image into this room. Tai was right; it would be perfect for Sora.

"There is a room connected to this one." Tai walked over, opening it to revile a smaller room. "I'm guessing it was a storage room or something but it would be used as a playroom for their child and probably, they'll have more later on."

"Yes, with both of them working at him this would be ideal." Catherine stepped into the room. It was nice and cozy. The windows were high, far out of a child's reach and with the door open; Sora would be able to keep her eyes and ears on the child. It would make sense to be closer to Sora's workspace then as Matt, Catherine also thought, as he would not be able to hear the child over his music.

"And the bedroom…" Tai wagged his eyebrows and walked back out into the hall towards an end room that could not be mistaken for anything else other then the master bedroom. "Balcony room…ceiling window that even opens, they could put their bed under and look up at the stars…plenty of closet space…" Tai pointed to the double door closet. "The bathroom is interesting because it has no doors, just corners like a maze." Tai pulled her into the bathroom. "The shower is even open, floor drainage and the tub is huge! There are things they will be able to do in that tub that I would never be able to do in mine."

Catherine looked over at the huge tub and an image of a naked Tai popped into her mind.

"Of course if you shy when it comes to the toilet then there is a slight problem but eh, that's marriage." Tai shrugged. "Since it's inside the room, no one can accidentally march in on you, well 'cept for each other. Of course, there is another bathroom on this floor, but it is not as charming as this one. Simply actually. Tub, shower, sink, toilet. Very nice and very simple."

"I can not believe you did not show me this house first." Catherine looked around the bathroom once more before moving back into the more airy bedroom. "So much time would have been saved."

"Again, it was the distance that I had a problem with and I wasn't sure how the other houses were." Tai shrugged, stuffing his hands into his jeans. "Figured it was best to check out all the options first because just selecting this one."

Catherine nodded her head in agreement. "Well if they don't take it, which I doubt, then I will."

Tai stopped in his tracks and blinked. "Huh?"

"Seriously, it is a beautiful house." Catherine looked at him from over her shoulder. "I really am taking a liking to it."

"Did I mention how close it was to my own house? Like only thirty minutes?" Tai voice held a bit of panicked tone.

Finally dressed for business, Sora strolled glowingly into the kitchen. Matt was texting away in his boxers, leaning against the counter while eggs sizzled on the stove near him. Sora smirked; her husband was not much for communication but had a fondness of texting. Less words used, it was his ideal way.

"Eggs babe?" He glanced up at her as she settled down at their small breakfast bar.

"Hmmm…" She wrinkled her nose at the thought, she wasn't one for breakfast but with a baby on the way, every meal counted. "Oatmeal maybe."

"I called your office told Valerie you would be in later." Matt turned to get Sora's breakfast order ready.

"You called?" Sora smiled at his thoughtfulness. "Thank you."

"Well, I kind of left a message. Your assistance just rambles on when she's on the tel." Matt placed the hot oatmeal in front of Sora. "Do you want a banana with it?" Matt nodded at her bowl.

Sora smirked and lowered her eyes down towards Matt's groin.

"Should I call Valerie back and say you won't be in at all?" Matt whispered, leaning over to taste her lips.

"Mmmm, you are sooooo tempting." Sora spoke against his warm mouth.

"Give in to the temptation, lov." Matt moved his lips to her collarbone.

"I want too. I really do but…" Sora frowned when Matt pulled away from her, clearly disappointed. " I need to get everything in order before we move. I'm sure Tai already found places for us to look at and you sent Catherine there…"

"I didn't send her there." Matt said quickly. "She's not my aide or anything. She went on her own."

"You know what I mean." Sora let her voice show a bit of heat do to his own comment, just because he did not get to romp around some more. "We'll have plenty of time for us after the move." Sora pushed her half-eaten bowl away, it was nearing lunchtime now and she really needed to be off to the office. She wanted Valerie to take management at this location while she made a new office in her hometown. Sora was excited about moving back home and she knew Matt would fall in love with the small town area.

With out thought, Sora picked up her office phone from the desk. She tossed her hair off her shoulders to cradle the telephone. "Hello, Sora Ishida speaking."

"I have found you a house!" Tai smugly shouted into the receiver.

"Tai." Sora's eyes beamed just hearing her best friend's voice. "I knew you would find a place quickly for me. How far away is it from your own home?"

"Thirty long minutes." Tai sighed his words out in disappointment. "Tried to get you closer but no such luck. You'll love this place. Just need you guys here to make the purchase."

"Will the current owner be able to hold it until we arrive? It won't be for a few more days." Sora looked at her schedule desk calendar, thinking of all the things she needs to do before the move.

"Not a problem." Tai popped open a can drink from his side of the phone. "I explained the situation; the guy hasn't a problem with waiting on you. Not like anyone around here can actually afford the place anyways."

"What's it like?" Sora asked curiously.

'I'm telling you Sor, its perfect." Tai voices rose with excitement. "It's a place you both will be comfortable in and it has a perfect room for me when I come to visit and a guest house for Matt's friends."

"Tai." Sora grinned; she could hardly scold her dearest friend. "Matt's friends have as much right to stay with us as you do."

"Yeah, yeah I know." Tai had a bit of sulk in his voice that made Sora roll her eyes.

"So, did you and Catherine have fun house looking? Is she still with you? I hope it wasn't too much trouble." Sora frowned at the pause. "Tai, you still there?"

"That girl is impossible to deal with." Tai growled. "I dropped her off at the hotel. Couldn't get rid of her fast enough."

"She's not that bad." Sora couldn't help but defend Catherine. "She's the one that got me and Matt together, you know."

"Sora, she stole my car." Tai explained. "Drove it around while I chased her about half a block. Then she had the nerve to question my judgment like I'm some preschooler. She insulted me the whole time with that stupid accent of hers."

"What do you mean she stole your car?" Sora sat back in her chair, crossing her arms with the cell balancing on her shoulder while Tai went through his horrid ordeal with Catherine.

"I'm telling you Matt, the man in an ape!" Catherine gushed over the receive. Like Tai, she took a moment to call up her friend to tell him the good news of the house and its detail. "He's stuck in the stone age, makes grunting sounds all the time!"

"Hmmm…" Matt hit a piano key with a frown. Defiantly not the note he was looking for. He bit his lower lip and tried another key.

"The guy has no gentlemen qualities. At all!" Catherine continued. "Laughed at me when I slipped and fell. What kind of man does that?"

Nothing from Matt's end of the phone so Catherine answered for him. "A jerk. A jerk does that to a lady, Matt. He has no manners what-so-ever. Zero! He practically kicked me out of the car on reaching the hotel. I barely got out when he squealed away from me!"

Matt reached over to erase a note from his sheet book and replace it with a different one.

"He complained that I made him late. Then he wasted my time showing me homes when he knew a perfectly good one, which he thought it would be quite clever to save for last! Does that make sense to you?"

"Uh-uh." Matt answered while trying his key strokes.

"Nor does it to me and of course I spoke to him about it. Clearly someone that thick could even realize that we were not off to a great start so the clever thing to do would to end our misadventure as quickly as possible."

"Uh-huh." Matt frowned when the melody went out of sync.

"I had no breakfast because he rushed me this morning. Came up to my door when I was still in my robe and wanted to leave on the spot." Catherine turned the hot water on in the tub; she could really use a nice candle light bubble bath with some soft music. "He had me so upset, I didn't even want to eat lunch and I might just skip dinner as well. Lost my appetite."

Matt closed the lid on his piano keys and glanced at the clock. Sora should be home from the office in an hour.

"Grrr…I know. I know." Catherine rolled her eyes. "I should eat something. I shouldn't let the caveman bother me so much."

"Yeah." Matt agreed, picking up his music sheet and stuffing them inside a folder to view later with the rest of the band. Maybe one of them can see where he was messing up at.

"You are so unbelievably easy to talk to, Matt." Catherine sighed, letting the tension slip away as she slid into the hot bath. "You always make me feel better after such a ruddy day."

"Same here." Matt rubbed his eyes; it seemed later then it the actual time.

"I'm going to miss you when you move." Catherine pouted at the thought of her dearest friend moving so far away from her.

"Miss you too." Matt mumbled in the receiver as he walked through his house towards the kitchen. He was starving.

"So maybe I should make a habit of staying around once you and Sora move into the house. There is that guest house, which will probably stay vacant for long periods of time. Maybe it could be mind for the summer months."

"Sure." Matt agreed reaching into the refrigerator for the milk.

"I knew you'd see it my way!" Catherine squalled with delight. "So you speak to Sora to let her know of your decision, okay! I feel like I can eat now! Talk to you later Hun!"

Matt stared at the cell phone, the little icon blinked at him telling him that the connection had been broken. He was stunned. Sora will be furious that he didn't discuss that with her. She loved Catherine, no doubt about that and if Sora was here at the moment, she would have agreed. That's what always confused Matt. As long as they made the decision together, she was alright but when he made it with out her, it was hell. "Shit."

"I got up real early, like at ten!" Tai started pacing the floor. "Told her the day before when she called about her arrival that I would pick her up at ten forty-five. I was going to meet her outside the hotel. Just swing in, pick her up and out we would go, right?"

"Sounds ideal." Sora agreed.

"But she wasn't ready when I got there. I waited ten minutes then hauled my ass out of my car, into the freaking elevator to the third floor and knocked at her door." Tai ran his hands through his hair. "She barked at me when she opened it. Said she would only be a minute longer. She had me standing outside the door!"

"Well she doesn't really know you that well…" Sora tried to defend Catherine, that part was just practical for any women.

"Everyone knows me!" Tai threw his free hand in the air. "Anyways, so I waited for twenty minutes outside her bloody door before she emerged. I led her down to my car and she had enough nerve to remark on its size. Saying it's a bit small. She's what, five-three! I could stick her in a plastic Tonka truck and she'd still have leg room!"

"Tai, you have a pick-up truck." Sora loved his truck, it was huge and spacious and there was no where that thing couldn't go. "Besides, Catherine is taller then me. Like five seven or eight. Something like that."

"Whatever. The point is, I was being thoughtful and borrowed Kari's car." Tai sighed as he looked outside at his baby boy. It was black, freshly waxed. He even scrubbed the tires cleaned. "Thought her being so short, she might have a problem getting in and out. It's a good thing I did take the car too. She wore a skimpy dress and heels, would had broken her ankle trying to get out."

Sora grinned, the image of Catherine climbing in and out of the truck was amusing but no doubt the blonde would have been furious. "I'm sorry you had to a bad day. I was really hoping you two would get along."

"I'd do anything for you, Sor." Tai finally sat down. "Even if I had to put up with Miss Princess for the day."

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