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The Teen Titans were on the way to the T-tower after battling the H.I.V.E at a shopping mall in jump city. They all crammed into the T-car. Cyborg drove Robin sat next to him because Raven's powers had been on the fritz, Beast Boy wanted to sit by her and Starfire couldn't be trusted when she was in arms length of the car stereo.

Raven turned away from Beast Boy and looked out the window. "I'm fine."

"Because of you the H.I.V.E was beaten by a swarm of frogs and you said you didn't summon them." Robin said looking over the head rest.

"I'm fine." She said stubbornly.

"Well you did have ghost birds flying around the kitchen and the day before every thing you touched turned orange."She eyed Beast Boy "That was a small problem. I told you I'm fin-" Raven disappeared and only her cape remained hovering in the air.

"Eek!" Gar scooted on top of Starfire. Cyborg pulled over to the side of the road. Raven and another girl fell out of the cloak. "You said you were fine; this is not fine!"

She put her cloak on and looked the girl over. She wore jeans and a short sleeved orange hoodie. She looked around the car at the scared teenagers. "You're the Teen Titans!"

"Uh; yeah who are you?" asked Vic. He pulled off the side of the road. "She's from some other dimension; I just don't know which one." Raven scooted off of her.

The girl rubbed her fingers over Robin's hair, she acted like she was worried the spikes would cut her. Robin turned his head around as she jerked her hand away. "I'm Jade, Jade Chan."

"Okay Jade; what do you remember before landing in this car?"

She thought for a few seconds. "I was watching TV. Watching you on TV and I got sucked in, Robin" There was an awkward silence till Starfire broke it. "Watching us what?"

"We were cartoons right?" asked Beast Boy

Robin had Beast Boy show her, her room wile him, Raven and Cyborg talked. "Can you take her back home?" Asked Robin

"Believe it or not I didn't feel my powers being turned on. It felt like I was being sucked into something then I connected with some thing, something magical and we appeared in the car."

Robin was reasonably worried because Raven didn't talk about her problems much and she was talking about them in a serious tone. "Do you think someone sent her here?" She shrugged.


Beast Boy was taking Jade through the halls of the tower. She knew what way to go to get to the rooms. Jade came to a stop at Raven's door.

"No. Raven doesn't want anyone in her room."

"I just wanted to look; her room is so cool." She grinned

Gar pointed across the hall. "That's your room." Jade went inside and put an octagon shaped stone that had a black engraved rat on it under her pillow and walked out.

"Cool?" He asked

"It's cool." She gave him a thumbs up and ran down stairs

It was dinner time and it was Cyborg's turn to cook. He was making pizza for everyone a veggie pizza with soy cheese for Beast Boy, a pepperoni pizza for Robin. Anchovy and mustard sauce pizza for Starfire and two extra meat pizzas for him Raven and him.

Jade was helping him make her pizza. "Tomatoes, olives, bell peppers, and jalapeños…I'm forgetting something" She said counting on her fingers. Robin who was checking his e-mails; interrupted them. "Speedy invited us to a rave at 9pm. He told everyone we were all going."

"Allright, he finally came through!" Robin crushed his enthusiasm "One of use has to stay behind and watch Jade, Gar"

Raven raised a hand "I'll stay."

Beast Boy folded his arms. "It's no fun when your not around." He danced around the room.

"I don't go to clubs anyway, so why would I want to go to a rave?"

He grinned. "You owe me."

"No I don't."

"Remember when I did the laundry when you had laundry duty."

She rolled her eyes. "Fine but who's staying here?"

Beast Boy glanced at Vic. "Uh no way! Raven brought her here."

"You owe me…"

Even so he didn't want to stay at the tower. He was about to bring up and argument that lasted for three days stemming from a toilet paper maceing. Just to prove he didn't owe her.

"Why can't I come?" asked Jade. Cyborg looked over his shoulder. "You're too young and short and we wouldn't be able to see you in the crowd."

She sucked her teeth and blew her hair out of her face. "Can't we just leave her here?" Gar asked Robin.

He squinted at her. "I don't know... I guess so. Do you think its okay?" Cyborg and Starfire didn't have a complaint.

The Teen Titans were going down to the garage. Robin stood at the door with Jade "Remember don't touch anything and press the button on this communicator if there's an emergency." She took it from him and nodded her head. Robin ran out to the other members.

Jade stood at the window watching the T-Car leave. As soon as it was out of sight she rubbed her hands together and grinned. Jade ran to her room and took the octagon stone with her to Raven's room.

The door was locked. "Damn." She pulled out her lock picking set and tried to fool the locking mechanism. After a few minuets and breaking some of her tools the door automatically slid open. Jade opened a chest Raven put all her magic books in. "Alright lets see what kinda of spells she's got." She took a book and sat down on the floor.

She read the table of contents and turned to the section on powers; gaining and taking them. Unfortunely the instructions weren't in English or Chinese. "Rats." She looked through the other books but they all had the same problem. She decided to learn the basics of the language by reading the instructions to different spells.

I wish I could have flight and super strength but one of them is cast on another person in the spell. What's the word for 'me'…?" Jade read the instructions for one spell, the incantations, the words 'me' 'and' and the incantations of another spell.

She floated six inches above the ground. She took the books and floated downstairs to a copying machine. As she carried the books small objects started floating at her and circling. She ignored it and kept going. At the copying machine pens and pencils orbited her. "I wonder if I can lift this?" She rubbed her hands along the machine.

As she lifted the copier over her head the book and larger objects floated around her. "Crap!"

She copied the pages she wanted and flew back to Raven's room and turned the books the was using to the removing powers section. She managed to get rid of the super strength and gravitational pull but not flight. Jade casted other spells; one changing the color of her shoe laces another that did nothing. "Damn it I can't understand half of this." She had an epiphany and put the rat talisman in the book. It instantly came to life.

"Now can you tell me how to remove the power of flight in English?"

The book shook then growled seconds later it charged at her with sharp teeth. She ran out and jammed a paper clip between the connectors in the electronic panel locking the door. She screwed the outer panels on then went down stairs.

The rave was going quite well for the Teen Titans. Robin and Star were out on the dance floor. Gar and Vic were either trying to pick up girls or get Raven on the dance floor. Cyborg put Gar up to it; Raven would kill him if he approached her, she wasn't speaking to him since they got there.

Beast Boy wasn't stupid he paid a guy to ask her to go on the dance floor with him. The only thing on the floor was him after she elbowed him in the chin. He got up and ran; then so did everyone else near her. People kept running away till the whole section was clear. Raven walked over to Starfire; she ran along with 40 other people.

In five minuets the only people still in the abandon factory were Raven and Cyborg and he was climbing down a scaffolding cursing that Robin took the T-Car and left him there. Raven flew down to the bottom where he stood pushing the touch screen on his arm trying to find the quickest directions to the tower.

She walked past him sniffling. He watched her walk away before running up and talking to her. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I' am okay."

"Then why are you sniffling?"

"I'm not sniffling." She wiped her face. He pulled her hood of and steped back in case she might attack him. Raven glared at him through teary eyes.

"Do; did you think everyone was running from you."

"Yes. Why aren't you gone!"

He really didn't know him self but he didn't see a reason to run from her. "I don't know what's happening; lets just walk home."

As they walked west hordes of people ran from them. Even people in cars avoided them. She just kept her head down. Finally by the time they got to the Tower people stopped running from her.

Raven smacked Beast Boy over the head and went to her room. That was the only responds she had given since she gotten there. Mostly because Starfire and Robin were already asleep. She drifted off but woke up an hour and a half later. Something was bumping the bed
Cyborg was walking from the game room downstairs to his room when he heard noise coming from Raven's room. Bumps, thumps a crash and her mumbling and yelling. He opened the door; she was holding a vacuum cleaner defensively. Suddenly a book jumped at her. Vic blasted it with his sonic cannon blowing off the head of one of her statues.

"Oops- Ahhhh!" The book lunged at him; he went running down the hall. Raven plugged in an extension cord and chased him. Cyborg tried to dodge but the book bit him on the butt.

"Get'em off, get'em off!" He ran around in circles

"I'm trying, hold still!"

He ran back to her room. She pulled the cord in and closed the door traping the book and them inside. "I got it, I got it!" The book crushed the vacuum motor and jumped at Vic.

Robin dazed; stumbled out of his room into the hall.

"Stop moving!"

"It's on me…. get off, gerr!"



He was alarmed by the sound coming out of that room down the hall and rused to it

"Sorry I got it now."

Silence then a loud crash. "Aahhhg …my head, get'em away!"

Robin opened the door. Raven was sitting on Cyborg's shoulder with her cloak wrapped around the top of his head. He was bewildered and shut the door on them wile they wore embarrassed expressions.

My attempt at writing a carton teen titans fiction and make it funny. Oh this isn't all that Jade and her bad magic will do.