Let me write this now. Warning dirty! This is the end of the story

"Take a look at the kids on the street, no they never miss a beat, not they never miss a beat…."

Jade danced down the halls of the Titan's tower. She was dancing to the point of rivaling Raven and Cyborg's dance in the streets nights ago.

"What is the golden rule? You say nothing. It's coooool to know-"

She danced down to the rooms. Jade froze in position. Beast Boy was staring right at her. He looked at her in shock, awe, or surprise. She didn't care which reason he was staring and went back to dancing- in another area though.

She danced all the way to the end of the hall and then down the steps. She some how danced her self to the floor below the living room. And was approaching the lounge area.

"Television's on the blink. Nothings on it. I really wanna be…"

Starfire and Robin who were in the lounge going out as she called it; heard Jade singing.

"Oh crap she's coming this way. I think we should-"

"No I don't think she'll mind this."

"Starfire; she will freak out!"

Jade danced her self ever closer to Robin and Starfire's doom.

"Just put this on and she won't notice."

Jade danced past the door. They sighed in relief. She then did a double take and doubled back. She jaw dropped at the sight of Robin dressed as Beast Boy trying to hide what was not covered in the costume with his cape.

Her eyebrow arched when she saw that Starfire was wearing Raven's cape and nothing else.

"Ooh…..kay now." She dashed up the steps. This left the two titans to put their close on a fast as possible and get back to their rooms.

Raven sat up holding one of her spell books and blender. She had something for those turnips if they came out this midnight. I was really close to twelve too. "Dam, dam, dam, I should have just ran for it." Every little noise made her jump.

In the other room Cyborg has set his clock to wake up ten minutes before midnight. In his waiting time he tried to finish the statue or Raven. What was keeping him from finishing it was the difficulty of making sure everything was proportional. "I really should have been paying attention last night." He looked up at the clock. He held his breath as the clock hit midnight. Vic rushed to his door opened it and looked around. Nothing was in the halls and the alarms didn't go off. He was still too worried to go to sleep; so he went back to his clay.

Jade waited patiently in her room for the powers trapped in the Teen Titan's tower to come to her. She waited a good fifteen minutes before throwing a pillow at the door and trying to think about what she may have done wrong.

She decided to walk around the tower and see if anything magical was going on.

After a while Raven relaxed. She wondered if leaving the tower for one night stopped the spell. Or was it something else something that had to do with how she felt about the other members. Either way she was starting to feel calm. Soon she drifted off to sleep. The day had been stressful the, whole week had been stressful really.

"Did I cross the line line, line I need my role in this. Very clearly defined…"

Raven stirred

I see you left a mark. Up and down the skin, skin, skin .I don't know where I end
Or where you begin.."

She opened her eyes but didn't sit up. Everything was orange. She must have misted blue, green and yellow. The psychedela had already started, the dancing turnips, the music, the golden powder all over her and the bed.

"And you know…Once I start I cannot stop myself."

But Raven wasn't the first one to be visited by the psychedelic turnips. Vic was hovering over her on his hand and knees singing to the music, singing to her.

She looked at him. "Tell me this isn't how it all ends."

"I need your discipline. And you know. I need your help. Once I start I cannot stop myself. I need your discipline."

This time around Raven wasn't under the turnips spell and she wasn't getting the urge to dance. Dancing isn't really what the turnips seemed to be wanting her to do at all.

Jade danced past a table next to Starfire's room. It exploded just as Kory came rushing up the steps and running to her room.

Jade looked at the table then at Starfire. Starfire blushing looked at Jade. When she realized Jade wasn't staring at her because of their encounter in the lounge but because of the table she begin to pick up the pieces.

"Um….so I came up here and it was like this- when I got here" Jade said uneasily.

"It's nothing. I could have been Beast Boy or something-"

The lights on the ceiling went dark then exploded showering glass on them.

"Or not…"

Raven suddenly darted out of her room past them and down the hall. A second later Robin popped his head out the door. Starfire and Jade had dumb founded looks on their faces.

Vic stepped out oh Ravens' room singing and snapping his fingers. "And you know,
once I start I cannot stop myself. And you know, once I start I cannot stop myself..."

He walked down the hall after in the direction of the running Goth. Raven came running back in the opposite direction. The window she tried to go through wouldn't open or break.

"Vic, listen to me. Can you hear me?" she shouted.

"Am I, Am I still tough enough? Feels like I'm wearing down, down, down, down, down."

He replied licking his lips. To Robin, Starfire and Jade's surprise she turned tails and ran smacking into a wall. After the collision she stumbled down the steps with Cyborg following.

"Should, Should we follow." Asked Robin. Starfire's eye's seemed to be glazed over so Jade just said no and bolted to her room.

Raven tried several doors at ground level and many windows upstairs. She teleported only to find her self in the laundry room. Raven locked the door and moved one of the washers in front of it.

On the other side of the door down the hall was Vic. He was getting closer from the loudness of his singing. The turnips materialized near the detergent. Bright colors radiated from the bottle.

"Feels like I'm losing touch. Nothing matters to me. Nothing matters as much…"

The wacked out psychedelic colors and musical groves started to over take her. The washer shook as something on the other side was trying to push open the door.

Beast Boy was startled awake by the presents of Robin sitting in the chair next to his bed.

"Dude, what they hell you are doing in here." He looked at the clock on the wall. "It's 2 am!"

"No it's one am; your clock is broken."

He stood up and stretched. "So... Why are you in here?"

Robin gulped and shifted uncomfortably. "Look out side your window."

He looked out over the city only buildings with back-up power were still lit up. "There's a power outage…so what?" Gar said scratching his head. "There's no power outage-" He flipped on a light to see it wasn't working. "I thought we had back up generators?"

He looked at Robin who appeared like he was holding something back "Gar, random things have been exploding around the tower."

He blinked. "Is there something wrong with Raven." Robin shifted again and cleaned out his finger nails avoiding Beast Boys concerned look.

Beast Boy ran down to the living room. From there he could see Starfire in dim light guarding her melons and other fruit she bought. She removed items from the fridge and placed them on the counter. One of the oranges blew up.

"Starfire what are you doing."

"I'm protecting the fruit from Raven's stray powers."

"She isn't in control of her powers?" His voice expressed panic.

"She isn't when she and Vic are engaged in…How you say this in earth terms."

"CYBORG!!!" Gar screamed running through the tower.

Jade heard faint screaming but went back to sleep. "I need to cast a spell to get home in the morning"



Starfire, Robin, and Jade sat at the counter. It was Gar's turn to cook. He had made up his mind that he wasn't going to cook anything for Vic this morning. With any hope he wouldn't even come for breakfast.

"So Jade….Do have any ideas about how to get ho-"

The video game system in the living room blew up. Beast Boy turned an odd shade of purple as Robin tried desperately to keep the topic on Jade.

Raven stirred and smelt detergent and dryer sheets. She wiggled around and felt that some of them were stuck to her. She opened her eyes to a spilled bottle of the laundry detergent a few feet away from her. When Raved tried to scoot away from it her back connected to cold metal. She turned over and pushed some clothes out of the way. Underneath was Vic.

She quickly sat up revealing the horrors of the night. "Ga- Ahhhhhhhhh!"

Cyborg opened his eyes. Instantly realizing his clay model was proportionally correct. It took him another second to understand the whole scene. Before he could say anything Raven raced out.

By the time Beast Boy had served Robin, Raven walked in the door. She quickly took a cup from the covert and boiled water for her tea. And boy did she need tea today.

"So…How did you sleep!"

Even Starfire choked on her food. Raven turned her head slowly around and blasted Jade all the way to the other side of the kitchen. She strained and opened a portal to Jades dimension. Sweat dropped down her face. The amount of energy needed was quickly wearing her out.

"Raven, why didn't you do this before?"

"Just get in the dammed portal…" she pointed at Jade. "You've been messing with my magic and you don't know what you're doing."

"But, but,-"

"I've found out a way to undo what you did. I'll get your talisman back to you later."

With that Jade was willing to go through the portal. Her Uncle and her other uncle, Jackie were staring in to the TV. This portal had interrupted Uncles favorite soap-opera.

"Jade have you been messing with Uncles magic books again." Jackie said sticking his head out the portal into the Teen Titan's world. His thoughts were interrupted.

'Jackie…I'm sensing dark chi." By the voice of Uncle coming from his side of the portal.

"He, he, um just one little spell I lifted from one of you're books. That dark chi you're sensing is probably coming from Raven." As soon as Jade said that Uncle stuck his head out of the portal and looked back at Raven.

"Boo!" Raven said dryly


"Look I can't hold this portal much longer go and walk through."

The Girl jumped through into Jackie's arms. Raven closed the portal afterwards.

"Hay you know that guy she was talking to looks familiar…" Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire looked at Robin.

"Yeah that's true. Anyway Raven, where is Cyborg?"

She bit her lip. "I don't know-"

"Look its friend Cyborg." They all whirled around to see Vic eyeing the broken gaming system.

"Who did this?" Vic looked in the direction of Beast Boy.

"You did it."

"I did not!"

"Yes you did!" Gar jumped on him and started pounding him in the head. "I wouldn't do that to a friend. But you would!"

"Raven interrupted. "It was the turnips…I tried to tell you days ago."

Two weeks later

Raven is sitting up and looking at Vic statue of her. "It's about time we give that talisman to her."

"I know…"

"It's funny that you had the power to remove it by simply rejecting it."

"I'm not ready yet. These two weeks have been fun."

"If you don't do it soon she will come back, maybe with her Uncle."

He rolled over "Well okay but I want to wait till morning."

"I am not coming over there. Gar isn't okay with this." She looked over her should to see him sitting up.

"Come on, just until morning. I can say it was one of California's rolling blackouts."

Raven snickered "…You know you, you're going to have to avoid Beast Boy for two more weeks."

"It was worth it."

"Whatever just get that statue right this time around." She said sitting down next to him.

Yeah I wanted to finish this story.. I swear I broke away from that I was really trying to write. And that's what happens when you write while sick. I'm going to be kinda mad at my self for let thing it end this way. I was thinking no romance…no romance for me. There I am with the songs again. Google the Easter eggs in here and listen to the music. It's much funnier if you listen to the song while reading.