A young woman nervously clutched the flowers in her hand as she glanced over herself another time. She played with the tip of her veil then touched her white dress. She felt the delicate satin under her fingertips. She could smell the sweet fragrance that lingered around her. She grasped the flowers in her hand. Her heart was beating erratically in her chest. She reached up to touch a curled lock if her hair. Every strand was perfectly sculpted into a spiral. She inhaled a deep breath. The doors opened and in that one frenzied moment when she captured the attention of the entire crowd, her eyes locked with those of an angel. The soft golden pools of butterscotch lingered with hers. In that moment she floated down the isle, her eyes never leaving those entrancing orbs. She was faintly aware of a smile that graced the face of her angel. His eyes brightened with pure joy. She felt the edges of her mouth turn up in a grin. She was finally united with her beloved. His grin became more prominent. She glanced away, feeling a sudden wave of bashfulness overcome her. She felt the pink stain her cheeks. Her blush crept up into her face. Her angel put a marble hand to her face and lifted her gaze to his. She could smell the marvelous aroma that radiated from his cool figure. His hand slid from her face slowly. His intense stare never alleviated as his stone hands found hers. Long, white, perfect fingers clasped hers. He tugged at her. She stepped closer to him so that her shoulders touched his as they turned to the minister. Their eyes still were locked to each other's. In that moment Edward whispered in his velvet voice,

"I love you" and her fate was sealed.

Alice opened her eyes once again and smiled.

"That's better" She stated to no one in particular and danced out of the room.

This was the "Sweet Forever" story, I just changed the point of view. I hoped you liked the story, I cried while writing the first chapter. But I couldn't stand to just let Bella die so sadly so I just changed things up, I hope you liked it. REVIEW!!! thanks!