Ill Show You!

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"Blonde?" Donna whispered.

"Yeah! Trust him eh?" Martha whispered back.

"Wonder if she was as good as he says, well when I say that, I mean when he has mentioned about her, Jack seemed to be pretty head over heels for her too." Donna questioned.

"Well I think that's just Jack, you've seen him, goes for anything with two legs, well four...ok he might stretch to eight." She added when Donna gave her a raised eyebrow. "I wonder too, maybe she's a really nice person, we shouldn't be whispering about her, especially behind the Doctors' back, he wouldn't like it much."

"Your right, I wouldn't." came a voice from behind them, both of the women's' heads snapped round in alarm at the Doctor standing in the doorway casually leaning against the door frame, he didn't have a angry face on him, that was good, but his look was disapproving, he shrugged off the wall and came and sat with them at the table in the kitchen where they were sat.

"She was…is nice, better than that, she's lovely, grew up in the middle of London on a rough estate made her who she is, don't get me wrong they had some lovely neighbours, one of them, Julie, made the best tea, mind you don't tell Rose that! …If you ever see her…. "

"Rambling" Donna and Martha said together to him as his concentration was wavering a little.

"I'm talking!" not admitting he was wrong. " Anyway yes…Rose, well…oh now I have made her sound really rough! …She's not at all! Well kind of, but not rough in a bad way, rough as in tough rough like umm… you know what? I'll show you!" He said smiling that mad smile he has.

"You'll what? Show us? You mean show us Rose?" Martha quizzed him.

"Yeah! I mean how the hell ya gonna do that? Go back in time is one option, obviously, but we can't exactly watch her grow up, that would be…how many years?" agreed Donna.

"23" replied the Doctor.

"Right…yeah, 23 years!" She concluded her little speech, seeming sort of mildly triumphant.

"Well ill take you to parts of her life that I think are relevant, ya know when I say she saved my life, ill show you how she did that, and so on." He said beaming at the thought.

"Well…oh go on then who can disappoint such a face!" Martha beamed too, happy to see the Doctor in a lighter mood. Donna also smiling said, "Yeah should be a laugh, finally get to see you in all your glory!"

Euphoric at the thought of glimpsing at Rose again and sharing how he saw her with other people, he raced down the corridor followed by Martha and Donna, and into the console room, jumping around the console flicking switches and twisting and turning various buttons.

"Where shall we start? Hmmm." Silence as the jumping around ceased and quiet filled the room apart from the constant humming from the TARDIS. Donna and Martha waited impatiently for him to say something.

" AHA!" He suddenly shouted, finger pointing in the air, Donna giggled imagining a light bulb appearing on top of his head.

"I'll start with my 9th generation when she saved me and I changed into this scrawny git" bouncing around the console again he told them to hold on and to get their keys out.

With a bumpy landing but great by the Doctor standards, and also a few moments of jiggery pokery with the TARDIS keys so they wouldn't be seen, Martha then said that time lords could see through them, he just replied he remembered seeing himself once and knew he would come here some day, but also he had to know it had to be the right time and it had to be forgotten until the time was right for him to see him at the exact point, otherwise it would end badly causing the two universes to have a effect were the matters of in-between far beyond and near-by would be thoroughly destroyed all because of the timey wimey stuff going wrong.

Following Donna's and Martha's blank looks of confusion, " A big bang, everyone dies, my fault." Talking to them like they were five year olds he thought he had settled the matter until he got a stinging slap to the back of his head by Donna.

"Don't underestimate me." She warned.

"Right…well off we go! Space Station that broadcasts the future T.V programmes, it's like the BBC gone Star Trek on here, although the blue lady with wires going into her head apparently controls the station. She doesn't, she's being controlled by…guess who…the darleks, not just the darleks, all 56 billion of them and the big ugly squashed-up-looks-like-its-suffering-from-hypothermia-coz-its-blue-one-eyed-octopus-darlek emperor. TARDIS scattered the message BAD WOLF throughout time and space so Rose can get back to me, lucky that see as all of the darleks were coming to avenge me because of the time war. I sent Rose home you see to stop her fro getting killed coz Jack was already dead and so many other people were too, didn't fancy loosing her either so I tricked her into the TARDIS and sent her home. Her being the idiot looked into the heart of the TARDIS and told it to take her back to me, it worked and unfortunately she'd swallowed up the time vortex, not a good thing, no-one wants time and space floating around in their heads, seen as it would kill them. She destroyed all the darleks, cept a few, I took the vortex out of her and she then witnessed me dieing and changing into this handsome devil."

They started at him in shock, he hadn't taken many breaths and now he was breathing franticly with a euphoric beam across his face.

"She then had the nick-name bad wolf, bad wolf and oncoming storm, partners in crime! Off we go then!!"

Still speechless Martha and Donna looked at him, then their coats, and then each other, smiled and bounded out of the door after him.