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"This way" The Doctor whispered to the shadows behind him.

Not wanting to bump into any death crazed darleks; they kept to the shadows and followed the Doctors encouragements through the dark.



"What? You expect me not to be surprised when you stop suddenly?" argued Donna.

The Doctor had stopped and from what dim light they now had they could see he was listening at a door, his face screwed up in concentration. "Right through here, be extremely careful, my past self is surrounded by darleks, don't make a sound, you got that Donna? A sound!"

"Oi! Ill have you know I'm very interested to see what's going on, ill be quiet. Promise"

"Good, right ill lead the way, then Donna, then you Martha, single file ladies and try to keep to the shadows as much as possible, and try not to do anything stupid." Again he looked at Donna, but he had already dived through the door so all she could manage was a threatening dirty look.

Stupid Martian.

He ran out of the TARDIS and then stopped abruptly and slowly turned, anguish written all over his face.


Came the voice from the TARDIS. Rose.

He lifted up his sonic screwdriver and pressed the button down, the whirring sound echoed through his mind. He felt upset and guilty but it's was the right thing to do. I'm sorry Rose. I'm so sorry.

He had sent Rose home. She would be safe there; he'd made emergency protocol one so he could tell her what she was to do with the TARDIS. He went back to being a coward.

Then he heard it.

His ship. Returning. But how? How was this possible?

The TARDIS materialised when it had been only a few minutes ago.

Then the doors flung open, a bright light, smacked the Doctor right in the eyes, causing him to fall back and cover his eyes up, then through the swirling mass of yellow glow, Rose appeared, palms facing the Doctor and her hair blowing around her face. Most disturbing was her eyes, the same yellow glow flowing in them.

"Wow" Martha whispered.

"What has she done?" Donna whispered to the Doctor, he wasn't paying any attention even though he specifically said no sound, he was staring at Rose, the memories of her now fresh in his mind, before he new it traitor tears spilled down his face.

"Shhh" was finally all he could manage.

"Rose?! What have you done?" The ninth Doctor asked her.

"I looked into the heart of the TARDIS, and it looked into me." She said, in a voice that sounded distant in a way.

"No-ones meant to do that! Rose you've got the whole vortex running through your head! You're going to burn!" he pleaded with her.

"She looked into the TARDIS? So she told it to come back to you? Awww romantic" smiled Donna.

"Romantic? You think swallowing the whole of time and space and killing yourself romantic?" whispered the Doctor angrily, looks like he never forgave Rose for that.

"It's killing her, burning her mind."

"Well at least she killed all the darleks and ended the time war, and also gave Jack his life back. Handy having that thing in your head, even if its does kill you." Donna added.

"Have you no heart?" snapped the Doctor, then looking worried because he realised that that exclamation was quite loud. They were to wrapped up in there little moment, so they didn't hear.

"My head, it's killing me." She said, sounding like a small child when they are ill.

"Come here, I think you need a Doctor." He kissed her passionately, meaning every action he did next, taking the vortex out of her he set her down on the floor and let it out of himself, sending it back into the TARDIS. He gathered her up and took her into the console room. Not waiting for Jack.


"It was pretty amazing what she did, risking her life to get back to you, god she must care for you, no offence but I wouldn't of returned or even tried, I would of excepted it." Donna answered.

"Yeah! She's just as stubborn as you are!" Martha giggled.

The Doctor let out a small smile, it didn't reach his eyes though.

"I miss her so much."


"Right well forwards and upwards!" he bounded off to the console from were he was sat with the two women on the captains chair.

"What? Don't you mean onwards and upwards?" Martha corrected him.

"Oh yeah…" he said thoughtfully.

"Hmmm where next? 10th regeneration obviously, but where to start? I know! Queen Victoria! Lets how her side of determination!"

He flew around the TARDIS jumping and spinning around.

"Here we are, umm protection…protection?"

"Protection? What for? What kind of protection are we talking about here?" Donna asked suspiciously.

"Well silver bullets really, oh and a gun would be handy Oh and also mistletoe! Oh and the monster… werewolf" he replied all in one big breath.

"What? You're kidding me? A werewolf? Nahh you're just messing with us, right? Doctor? Right?" Martha asked, worried.

"You'll see " he said smiling.

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