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His Personal Dancer

Chapter 1:

"Naruto-kun! What are you doing this weekend?"

Bright blue eyes looked up from a ramen bowl and landed on the pink haired speaker.

"I have to work Sakura-chan. What about you? What are you planning?"

Sakura Haruno glanced at her friend in shock. It was almost the end of their junior year. After this week she would be going to visit her father for the summer.

"You can't be working Naruto! We have to hang out! You need to call in sick!!"

Her only answer was the slurping of beef ramen.

"Naruto! I'm going to be gone all summer! The least you can do is hang out with me! What sort of man are you anyways?!"

There was a clunk as the bowl was set down on the table and a loud skid as Naruto got to hit feet. Sakura swallowed loudly as a pair of furious blue eyes stared into her pale green ones.

"Who do you think you are, coming here to tell me when it's ok to hang out with you? I said I was busy, I have no time to listen to you try to decide my life for me! Consider yourself no longer my friend Haruno-san, because my life obviously means very little to you."

By the time Sakura realized she was crying Naruto was already gone.

Naruto Uzumaki was not very happy at the moment. His 'best friend' seemed to be like all the others in the end. He hated people like that. The selfish people that thought he was only there for them to amuse themselves with. With his shoulder length blond hair and his bright blue eyes, people only saw him as there personal Barbie. It was not something he liked being, at least not for free.

At 5'6" Naruto wasn't extremely tall, most of the girls he knew where actually taller than him. The most noticeable thing about him was actually the scars on his cheeks. Even though he laughed them off as his 'lucky fox whiskers' he knew everyone wondered if he was some sort of gang member. It was really rather disturbing...

His bad mood soon left him as he remembered what good news he had planned on telling Sakura.

He had finally got a call back on a dancing job!

The owner of the club had called him yesterday night and told him he was looking for a new dancing act.

With a small grin, the blond walked into his apartment complex, only 10 minutes from his favorite ramen bar. He had just moved here two weeks ago when he moved out of his guardian's home. It was not an amazing apartment. With 2 bedrooms and one bathroom, it wasn't supposed to be. The apartment, however, did suit his needs: a place where he could come and go as he pleased.

He had picked this apartment for a number of reasons. It was close to Iruka and his favorite ramen bar for starter. The most important however was the master bedroom. It was perfect to turn into a dance studio.

Naruto loved his guardian more than anyone he knew. Iruka Umino had once upon a time given him a place to stay, everyone else fighting over who would control his dead parents' assets. His father, Minato Namikaze, used to be one of the most requested bodyguards in the world. Some of the richer families still talked of the times when he had once guarded them. He was still spoken of as known as the 'Innocent Assassin'.

When Naruto was almost three years old, his father was killed. Iruka was the only one the custody judge had felt Naruto would have his best interest at heart. Naruto smiled slightly; Iruka Umino was the biggest worry wart he had ever seen. For someone that worked as a bodyguard, he was very soft-hearted.

Naruto walked inside his quaint apartment after unlocking it, taking off his shoes at the door. After throwing his keys in the key dish on the table in his living room, the blue eyed teenager pushed the button on his answering machine and flopped on the couch.

"Hey Naruto! Congratulations on getting that dancing job! I'm really proud of you!"

Naruto smiled at the ceiling. Iruka always seemed to know what to say to cheer him up.

"I know you're not sure of your schedule yet, but when you are Kakashi and Anko want to take you out to eat. Call me when you get in, Naru-chan!"

Naruto's eyes popped open at the good news. Kakashi and Anko were Iruka's oldest friends. Kakashi Hatake was never in town long. He and his wife lived next to Iruka, when they where taking a break from visiting far away places that was. Kakashi was notorious for being cheap, most of the time. The only time he ever bought anyone something worth anything was when he was in a good mood. When his good moods hit, Naruto usually got whatever he wanted. The only problem was when those moods would come. Kakashi was certainly unpredictable, if nothing else. Anko said they usually surprised even her when they happened. If Kakashi was in town and in a good mood, then Naruto was going to have to call as soon as possible. He really had been meaning to get a new car; his old one was about ready to fall apart.

A beep from the answering machine pulled him out of his thoughts.

"Naruto Uzumaki? This is Kisame with 'Tsukiyomi'. There has been a small problem and we need you to come in tomorrow. Ask for Itachi Uchiha at the front desk when you arrive. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Blond eyebrows furrowed thoughtfully as Naruto got up from the couch and walked into his master bedroom. Although he still called it his master bedroom he didn't sleep there. This was mainly his sanctuary. This was the room where he danced. After turning on his stereo, he fell into some simple stretches and warm ups.

As he fell into the simple routine, the blond came to his decision. There was nothing he could do if they decided he wouldn't be hired, anyway. That didn't mean, however, he would give up without a fight.

With another small grin, the blond finished his warm ups and changed the CD player to a song with an Arabian beat. After hitting the repeat button, Naruto headed for his closest to pull out one of his dancing outfits.

Although he usually did his most basic warm-ups in his street clothes, to be able to focus completely on what he was doing, he had to be wearing one of his dancing outfits.

After putting on a loose pair of basketball shorts, the blue-eyed young man began to practice his latest dance. He wanted to make sure he had this down by tomorrow.

"Mr. Uzumaki, would you care to tell me your answer?"

"Sure, the square root would be 5, right?"

Mr. Fuuto stared at Naruto in shock. Naruto sighed; apparently he wasn't allowed to get the answer right.

"T-thats right, Uzumaki-san. Can anyone tell me how he came about that answer?"

Naruto went back to staring out the window; the sooner math was over the better. After all, why would you want to stay in this dreary classroom when he could be in P.E.? This month the theme seemed to be dodge ball. The blond's bright blue eyes lit up in childish excitement.

The redhead sitting next to Naruto poked him in his side and startled him out of his dodge ball fantasies.

Gaara Hokuto passed the blond a note. With a quick glance around the room to make sure Mr. Fuuto wasn't paying any attention to him, Naruto unfolded the redhead's note.

I need to talk to you, sit with me at lunch. I'll buy.

Naruto smiled at the redhead and grabbed his stuff as the bell rang. After packing everything up, the blond stood and joined Gaara just as the other boy was leaving the classroom, walking alongside the redhead, both heading to the gymnasium.

"You can't tell me now Gaara-kun?"

"I don't want anyone to know."

Smiling at Gaara, the blond continued on his way. No one rushed Gaara, not if they wanted to live to see the next day.

Although Gaara was only about 2 inches taller than Naruto, he had a somewhat scary aura about him. The fact that the slim junior preferred to wear all black all the time was probably another reason. He even dyed his P.E. clothes black.

As the boys got ready for their class, Naruto told his friend about the day before and about Sakura's little snit.

Gaara's old reply was "Everyone else has known she was annoying forever."

Even though Naruto pouted as they walked out of the locker room, he knew it was true. Sakura only cared about herself.

The sharp whistle from the teacher distracted the blond from his thoughts.

"We will be playing dodge ball again today. I will be splitting you all up into two teams," Ms. Naraharu stated loudly.

Naruto was bouncing up and down in his excitement. Gaara let out a low 'Hn' at the whole thing.

"So what was it you wanted to talk about?" Naruto asked round his chicken sandwich. Gaara, who was checking his eye makeup in a small hand mirror, glanced around the room to make sure no one was near their table.

"You know how on Wednesday you told me you got hired at 'Tsukiyomi'?"

The blond gave a confused nod.

"Well I heard that some strange stuff happens there. Temari told me a friend of hers said the owner was involved in that murder than happened a couple years ago," Gaara continued in his soft, bland voice. "She said that his brother won't even talk to him."

Naruto looked at Gaara skeptically.

"Since when do you gossip, Gaara-kun?"

The redhead's eyebrow twitched and Naruto laughed.

"Come on, Gaara! Nothing like that is liable to be true! If you listen to everything you hear, you would be a vampire and I would be your sex slave."

Gaara glared at him, not amused. "You really are annoying, Naruto-kun"

The blond laughed louder and polished off his sandwich. The redhead went back to his reflection.

"Do you even know who the owner of the club is?"

Gaara looked up from his compact thoughtfully.

"I've met him, but I know his brother better."

"Who is his brother?" questioned the blond.

"That one prick that you where drooling over last week. Sasuke Uchiha."

Naruto snorted milk through his nose in shock.

"Eeh?! You mean that fine ass senior that is on the swimming team?!"

The redhead calmly handed Naruto a napkin and went back to his compact.

"I wouldn't know. I don't look at his ass."

"But, if Sasuke looked that good, what does his brother look like?"

After putting away his compact, the redhead shrugged. "I suppose they look a lot alike. I wouldn't ever fuck an Uchiha so I don't spend a lot of time looking at them."

"Damn it, Gaara! I gotta know! Could you imagine getting screwed by someone as hot as Sasuke?!"


As the bell rang and everyone headed back to class, Naruto could help but think about Itachi Uchiha. The man was gonna be his boss! And if he really was as hot as his little brother, Naruto hoped he would be getting over time. Just as he was about to ask Gaara another question about his mysterious boss, Gaara started talking again.

"Just be careful Naruto. I don't trust anyone with the last name Uchiha. All of them are sneaky."

Even as he laughed off the redhead's warning, Naruto couldn't help but wonder why Gaara seemed so concerned. He rarely talked this much at school. It was disconcerting. Ignoring the feeling, the blond started telling his redheaded friend a joke he heard the other day involving a 3 guys and a gay bar.

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